Thursday, September 20th, 2012

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Have you put anything on your holiday wish list yet? Share!

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55 thoughts on “Have you put anything on your holiday wish list yet?

  1. Elizabeth K.

    I’m terrible; I think about what I want as gifts all year long!

  2. Dominique

    Yes definitely ! Chanel, Dior, Nars, M.A.C, OPI, possibly Two Faced : eye palettes, blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes and beauty or illuminating powder. I’ll go high and middle end this year as always.
    I really love the Chanel collection, Dior Grand Bal is classy, Nars Andy Warhol well I have not decided what to buy yet, OPI the entire James Bond collection, M.A.C probably 2 lipsticks, much more than last year ( I purchased from Chanel, M.A.C glitter and ice and Nars for Joyous red ), my wishlist for 2012 is WAOUH !

  3. Sam

    Like you wouldn’t believe! Lol my family believes the longer the list the better. So I normally start my first draft some time in August 😉

  4. Sara

    Yeah, Ocho Loco, mostly because of Mushroom and Rockstar, though I liked the idea of a backup Perversion and some of the other shades seemed nice, too.

    But I actually just received today as a birthday gift from my mom so that was a great surprise.

  5. Jade

    Chanel Coco Noir EDP – LOVE

  6. The Urban Decay Vice palette

  7. Agata

    Yes, Tarte holiday set from Ulta.

  8. Nicole

    No, not yet.

  9. PoetrysTruth

    Bath and Body Works twisted peppermint body soap. Last year they only sold the HAND SOAP! I wanted to cry! I’m hoping they start making it again this year…I plan to STOCK UP . My kids ran out of soap in their bathroom and my husband gave them the LAST of my twisted peppermint soap to use…I’d much rather they stayed dirty! LOL!

  10. blueraccoon

    Ocho Loco, Vice Palette, some stuff from Chanel, and possibly Burberry depending on what they come out with. Whether I’ll get any of this is unlikely, but you never know.

  11. MIRIAN

    The Chanel Holiday 2012 eyeshadow quad and nail polish in malice!

  12. GUSnail

    Not yet, but I’m thinking a it’s the perfect chance for me to dabble in some Tom Ford. I really want the Shade and Illuminate compact.

    • Abbey

      Oh me, too! I love cream products and had high hopes for the MAC Face and Body contours, but they just don’t look anywhere near as nice.

    • The tom Ford – Shade & Illuminate in Intensity One is on my list but have yet to find a store that will sell the line in Canada. :(

  13. When Tarte released some of their holiday set earlier this week, many of them were added to my wish list!

  14. Abbey

    Yes! It’s mostly pieces from different holiday collections and some skin care. I also have Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate on my list. It looks so lovely!

  15. There’s a Fresh Sugar lip balm set with minis of all the colors! It’s for sure on my wishlist :)

  16. yes!

    lots of new tarte’s stuff and the balm jovi palette (i’m impressed with your review LOL)

  17. Haven’t thought about it yet. Will now, though, lol :-)

  18. ChynnaBlue

    I love the Philosophy holiday scents. I’m looking forward to some of the Tarte holiday sets and maybe the new Chanel eye quad.

  19. Yellowlantern

    A Guerlain Meteorites highlighter. Either the limited edition or the original. I admit I like them most of all for their boudoir-esque glamour factor.

  20. The MAC holiday collection is shaping up nicely but that about it as IMATS Toronto is in November that eats up my makeup money. But this year I might not get as much. I’ve found my shade cap for Naked Cosmetic and only want the new gemstone set. 😉 That said the new Royal Revolution brushes are going to be calling me….

    Things of interest however:

    Urban Decay Ocho Loco and Vice Palette.

    Tarte Fantastic Foursome 4 Piece Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Enthusiast Set & Eye Catchers 6 Piece SmolderEYES And Skinny SmolderEYES Collector’s Set.

  21. Most people find this bizarre, but we do not exchange any gifts. I haven’t purchased or received a holiday gift, a birthday gift, valentine’s gift etc in over 15 years. The holiday time for me is all about the get together and the meal. That being said, we typically buy something big ticket for ourselves during the course of the year. We discuss and decide what that will be together.

    • xamyx

      That’s not weird, at all (at least, not to me); my friends & family don’t exchange specific, “obligatory” gifts at all, but instead opt to pick up random things throughout the year we think someone may like. I find it more personal, and it’s easier on the wallet, as I don’t have to save or put money aside at the end of the year. My family puts what we can together, though, for my daughter, as she believes in Santa Claus. She wants a printer (for the computer) & a tablet this year, and she’s only 6!

    • Miss J

      I don’t find this weird at all. The quality time and the meal is my favorite part, and just the spirit of the holiday season in general feels great. We still exchange gifts in our family, though; it’s not that any of us care if we get gifts from other people…we just all end up individually deciding that we’d still like to do something or get something for others, so it just kind of ends up happening. We’ve also been partaking in adopt-a-family, which is a lot of fun.

    • Zarah

      Sounds like a nice idea to me. Buying gifts for everyone in my family gets tiring since there’s so many people and I don’t even know what half of them like. Honestly, the get together is the best part for me too, I should just pitch the no gift idea this year…plus, my wallet would thank me.

      • Jaz

        I only buy for a few people-my mom , grandparents , spermdonor , myself , grab bag person, mentor at church , and a few of the little kids that I really like. This way I can focus on getting gifts that they like , versus having to get a gift for everyone.

      • It is far easier on the pocket book and MILES less stressful. You can always do things for people to let them know you care without spending money. It’s difficult for some people because they feel they ‘have’ to buy.

      • I know and sometimes, I think it is pure insanity! Have you suggested a lottery? You set a specific amount of money and buy for one person who you draw that year. That’s a great way of eventually phasing the whole buying thing out too ;0) I just feel it’s terrible that society spurns people on to buying more and more things..larger and larger items.. cars, freaking kitchen appliances.. People going into debt for Christmas makes me sad. I feel it’s so wrong and puts far too much stress and strain on individuals. Some people feel it’s a big competition as in “well MY husband got me this” etc.. like buying something once a year proves someone loves you. I’d rather have my ‘husband’ treat me well all year long than spend a bundle of money on me at Christmas in some pathetic symbolic attempt at love. Just sayin’.. *doh* off on a rant again :) Glad to hear others feel similarly!

  22. Nicoco Chanel

    I’ve had mine written for a couple of months! My mum’s really anal about knowing what I want for Xmas (of course, I’m also notoriously choosy about my presents so I don’t blame her).

    But the main ones are a load of indie brand stuff – Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, etc – and a bunch of stuff I want to try but haven’t gotten around to buying for myself yet.

  23. Melissa


    Dot by Marc Jacobs (the bottle drew me in, but I really do like the fragrance), Vice Palette, Ocho Loco, Return of Sexy Palette.

    Probably some of the other holiday sets as well, although nothing in particular as of yet.

    Chances are pretty good that I’ll just end up getting the items that I *really* want for myself.

  24. Court

    Ugh! Too much!

    I definitely NEED that chanel holiday quad harmonie du soir, the holiday blush joues contraste in stardust, and maybe a glossimer (need to see swatches of those first).

    I also want the Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3R multi-corrective rejuvenating cream and eye serum because the evil dept store clerk gave me samples and that stuff is magic. But sooo expensive!

    I also need a nice pen style liquid eyeliner. Maybe the MUFE Aqua Eyes, since that seems get good reviews (I’m open to recommendations though!)

  25. Amanda

    I may ask for the Vice palette, but it’s kinda pricey. I think my Mom may buy me a Kindle if I ask. I feel bad putting stuff on a list since it’s only my Mom who uses it (my dad sends me a check and my sister sometimes buys random stuff she thinks I’ll like), and she’s on a budget.

  26. Absolutely! The holidy Bath & Body Works candles are utterly enticing and decadent!

    Not to mention that I’m gearing up for the Sephora Annual Friends & Family sale. Gotta stock up on the daily essentials!

    These two sales are almost a tradition for me. :)

  27. xamyx

    I just want to focus on some permanent NARS items, but they’re on my “regular” list, so I’m focusing on those. We don’t really do the gift-exchange thing, so I’m pretty much on my own. Besides, my friends don’t really have it in their budgets to indulge my tastes for more expensive makeup, and my family absolutely *refuses* to feed my beauty addiction.

  28. Oooh yeah…
    UD Vice palette, a nail polish from Dior, and the 4-blush set from Tarte. At least.

  29. Jaz

    Makeup/Beauty: Marc Jacobs Dot , UD Vice and Ocho Loco , Tarte set ( sephoras edition), Forever Red from Bath &Body Works .
    techie: Ipod touch or purple , pink , yellow or turquoise ipod nano, marc jacobs cover for my macbook , new kindle fire case
    Clothing Ugg Slippers , new Coach bag , and more Kiyonna dresses.

    I probably will end up with most of it LOL. Even if I dont get it for Christmas , I will pick it up eventually :)

  30. I have some items from Guerlain Holiday, including Turandot quad and Dragon Meteorites. It’s a small list for the moment, but it may increase as days go by.

  31. Jackie

    Yes! So far, the Tarte Carried Away Collector’s Set and the 4-Piece Blush Set. I’m sure this list will only grow…

  32. The Vice palette and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance!

  33. Danielle

    Right now my Christmas List is basically a list of blush. I’m not super into those limited edition holiday gift sets. I always think they look nice, but when I break down the individual items, there isn’t much I would actually use. I tend to focus more on permanent items so if I don’t get it, I can always buy it on my own after the holidays.

  34. Heather Reid

    Inglot eyeshadow palette and Sleek blushes and contour kit :)

  35. Monica

    The Dragon Meteorites by Guerlain!

  36. Lana

    Urban Decay Ocho Loco 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set

  37. Mariela B

    1. Makeup Forever eye primer $22 (Got tired of the urban decay, & not repurchasing it ever again)
    2. MAC Glamour Daze holiday collection
    3. Too Faced Le Creme Lipsticks
    4. Forever 21 Little black dress
    5. Bath & Body works Fall & Winter candles
    6. Neutrogena Shine control Foundation
    (I want so many more things lol) …

  38. Mayra

    The Lipstick and Polish from the Chanel holiday collection :)

  39. Abbi P.

    I really want a bottle of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum, I haven’t smelled anything so wonderful since I got hooked on Givenchy Haute Couture like a decade ago so I’m pretty excited!! And I’ll definitely be picking up some things at Sephora’s big sale, that’s always fun!

  40. Tracy

    My wishlist is basically a list that I will buy for myself. It’s just an excuse for me to splurge. So far, MAC’s holiday collection sure looks adorable. and Stila’s eyeliner set is a sure thing. Maybe Lorac’s Unzipped palette too. And Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Achiote. And Nars eyeshadows !

  41. lily

    im drooling over the chanel holiday releases, especially the eye shadow quad. I also want more red lipstick (Chanel, Dior and NARS)