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Yes! I just got Smashbox’s Studio Pop Ultimate Palette (at Shopper’s Drug Mart, using their points program, so I got it free!). Anyways a few years ago I got the Eye Wish Palette and it wasn’t very good, so I wasn’t sure that this palette would work out. But, it is amazing! The quality is great (especially for a holiday palette when quantity seem to come before quality), and the selection of shades is absolutely perfect, with just enough neutrals and bolder colors.
Even the packaging was perfect, it isn’t chunky and large, like big palettes can be, and it has plastic covers to go over the products, so you don’t get powder and glitter mixed in with lip gloss and product all over the mirror.
I’m completely surprised, it has surpassed all expectations and more!

Interesting. I haven’t been impressed with Smashbox shadows (admittedly, I’ve only tried one Quad and the Click You’re It holiday palette) but I have heard that they changed their formula recently. I have been tempted to try the new formula so it’s good to see another great review!


It’s definitely worth checking out. Like I said I wasn’t too impressed with them before, but now that I have this palette I might have to make more purchases from them…
I’m even thinking I could travel with this palette (even when I clearly don’t need to have 45 shadows, 6 blushes, 9 liners and 6 lip glosses…)

I think it happens to everyone at least a few times. I’ll only list the most prevalent to save time. Chanel’s Black Pearl is my favorite nail polish, and at the time I knew I’d like it but the price freaked me out. I know a lot of people hate Chanel polishes, but on me they last a good four days without chipping with no base or top coat (which is monumental-I babysit daily and play tennis, backpack, rock climb and kayak regularly. I’m always using my hands and nail polish practically falls off of them) In addition, it is the only shade like that that doesn’t make me look weird. another one is MAC’s Satin Taupe, which I thought I wouldn’t use much but needed it for a particular occasion, and now it is my favorite eyeshadow.

Only once has this ever happened. About two years ago, when I first got into skin care and then makeup (and was of course clueless), I made an order off of Bobbi Brown online. For some reason, I wanted to use one of her Long Wear Cream Shadows as a cream contour product (after watching one of Wayne Goss’s videos for men’s makeup). Technically, I really wanted the Matte Bronzer because back then, it had the highest rating on MakeupAlley, and just got the cream shadow to get free shipping. I figured, I might as well.

It turned out that the bronzer was too red for me, and the cream shadow just didn’t work as a facial contour product. So one day, again out of nowhere, I decided to use it to fill in my eyebrows. And lo and behold, I was absoulutely smitten with this product! It was the color Ash. The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ash has since become my HG brow filler; nothing compares.

And of course, last year it was discontinued. So I scoured the entire department stores of Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, Macys, and Sephora, to find a dupe. I must have swatched and tried 100+ shades of different products. I have yet to find an acceptable dupe, though the new shades of the MUFE Aqua Brow come close. However, the pigmentation is very strong, so they take a lot of work. The Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Shadow in Taupe has a similar, though drier texture. However, the color is off, making it less of a desirable choice than the MUFE; the former is too gray almost having a dark eggplant undertone. It looks very awkward on me.

Anyways, I will never again purchase a product without loving it first, but I’m glad I did that one time.

I used to be a mascara, lipstick and powder gal. In early 2012 I decided I wanted a more polished look. After some research i selected MAC as my go to brand. I know – not everyone likes it but i really wanted a brand that didn’t discontinue popular products every 3 minutes. I had that happen with Loreal, Clinique and Revlon and was just annoyed with it. I realize MAC discontinues items but not as commonly.

Long story short, I bought a large amount of permanent products. Out of everthing I latched on to staple products and slowled down on trying items. For some reason I came across the the following and couldnt believe it took me soo long to work them into the rotation: ( for reference I’m NC40, hispanic, olive-skinned)

1) Lips
A. MAC Mocha amplified lipstick
B. MAC Love Necture lipglass
2) Cheeks
A. MAC Coppertone
B. MAC Blushbaby
3) eyes
A. MAC All that glitters eyeshadow <3
B. MAC Coffee eyeliner

I owned these for months before i wore any of these and just can't get enough if them.

I took a chance on a lipstick from Mally in the shade Wild Orchid, and I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued now, which is a shame. I got it because the GWP (from beauty .com) was awesome and it was one of the cheaper items that would qualify, but it’s now one of my favorite lipsticks. It’s so smooth to apply and it’s such a flattering color. I constantly get compliments on it. I love how hydrating it feels on my lips without feeling heavy or sticky.

I most definitely have done! MAC Brow Duo is one of them, I bought it on recommendation from the MUA, and for years I only used it sporadically. Now I use it everyday and feel naked without it. It’s long LONG since discontinued; I’ve had it for more than 5 years and haven’t hit pan. Another is palettes with matte shadows, I used to just not use the matte colours, now I LOVE them.

I’m pretty new to the make up scene so I didn’t really know what products to get, and which brands to buy from. So during my school break, my family and I went to South Korea and I had money to shop. And of course, I decided to splurge on make-up!

Since what got me into make-up was MAC, that was where I headed off to at first. I was happily swatching some products and then I realized I did not have my passport (since it’s Duty-Free). Plus, the MUA’s were pretty intimidating so I felt that they might be annoyed if I stayed any longer.

I ended up venturing around the department store, and somehow ended up in Benefit. It was probably the pretty set-up and packaging that attracted me to it, but also the saleslady was soooo friendly and much more helpful than the one at MAC. She had managed to pick out the right shade for their Oxygen Wow Foundation and Hello Flawless powder. Thing is, I wasn’t sure if I should get it because I never really researched on them or heard of those products. And, I didn’t really want to buy foundation because the last time I wore any, it felt cakey and hot (especially where I live) and I got a headache from the heat that I felt it was unnecessary. But the packaging! And it really felt so light which is fine for me because my skin’s pretty okay so it does not need much coverage. So I bought them.

In the end, no regrets. I wore it to school once and my friend complimented me! It doesn’t feel heavy or cakey at all so I like wearing them. And though my skin gets oily or sweaty from all the humidity, it still manages to hold. Really glad I bought them. 😀

Burberry blush and eyeshadows. I thought it was just the hype, but I found out how much I love it that I want to own the entire collection of blushes and eyeshadwows by Burberry now.

I was stuck at a shiseido counter being forced to try on products by a sales associate that I couldn’t leave. The only way i could get away was to purchase something. I bought a lipstick in pk307 and I was going to return it the next day, but now i love it! everyday lipstick

I purchased olay pore minimizing cleansing scrub. I loved it! Makes your face feel amazing and smells great! Wasn’t sure at first because I’m sensitive to smells but works very good, no complains!

Believe it or not, Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. I had read lots of good reviews and lots of scathing ones as well, and when I bought it I really thought I would end up returning it within a week. (I also found it REALLY expensive. I’m a drugstore/Target girl and I’ve never had anything that pricy unless it was a gift from someone.)

But I tried doing my makeup with UDPP on one eye and none on the other eye, and I (a girl with oily, oily, OILY lids) went 8 hours without creasing. Needless to say, the little gold tube is staying in my makeup bag for a long, LONG time… 🙂

No not really. I pretty much only purchase if I’ve read reviews so I have an idea of what I’m getting when I buy. I guess I just don’t like taking chances.

Revlon’s Kissable Balm Stains. I bought one originally, but hated the color – it was a weird bright pink, almost fuschia – and kind of tossed it into my lipstick bag and forgot about it. But I kept hearing raves about them, so I went back and tried to find a better color match for me. This time I was lucky, and I fell in love with the formula. I ended up collecting all of them, even though there are some I doubt I’ll ever wear.

Recently ? The Vice Palette ! I never thought it would be so great. On the Internet it didn’t sound so good but when I saw it in person I purchased it. And I am not disappointed at all, glad I have it here now !

My Kat von D palettes; I have all but 2, but only because the colors don’t work for me.

I walked into Sephora @ Downtown Disney, and at the time, the display was pretty much in a direct line from the front door. Being a bit of a fan of Kat’s style, I decided to have a look. I swatched all 3 (Ludwig, Beethoven, & Gypsy), and was actually surprised at the quality, since they were a Sephora brand, and my past experiences weren’t so good at the time. I picked up all three, but when I got them home to play with, they didn’t “wow” me. A few weeks later, I decided to pick up the primer, and that made *all* the difference. Now, these are my favorite palettes.

interesting.. I tried a Kat palette a number of years ago when makeup wasn’t a hobby and I was disappointed in the results. Of course, I had no clue about the benefits of a good primer. It can make such a huge difference

I originally bought them in ’09, I believe, and I hadn’t tried primer before, as I thought they were only for longevity & anti-creasing, which I had no problems with. Then, I got UDPP with my Naked palette, and realized it made a huge difference with color intensity. I decided to spring for the KvD primers, and they are my HG. UDPP is great, but I much prefer KvD for color intensity.

Actually Kat von D palette without the cream shadows are a great buy! I use the Satin all the time and are very comparable to Urban Decay shadows.

Both of my products are from Geek Chic Cosmetics, an indie makeup company. On a whim I got their blush in Rotten Miracles and eye shadow in Viking King.

At first I thought Rotten Miracles was way too shimmery and I just stuffed it away for awhile in a drawer. About a week ago I picked up the blush again and using a MAC 130 brush gives me the perfect application for it. I love wearing it for sultry looks when I have a smokey eye and strong lip color.

Viking King was a surprise since I only bought it because it’s named after Eric from True Blood (lol!) but it’s actually a great color to wear everyday.

The one item that comes to mind right away is Mac Morange lipstick. I remained unconvinced for about a year that a redhead can actually wear that color. Now, it’s one of my favorites!

I know it sounds crazy since almost EVERYONE loves this palette but for a fair skinned cool toned girl like me, warm colored eyeshadows just don’t DO much for me. With that being said, my answer is the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I almost didn’t buy it because I don’t use the Naked palette a lot but I find the Naked 2 palette much more wearable for my coloring. I have been pleasantly surprised and find myself reaching for it quite often.

I actually had the same reservations as I found the Naked 1 palette was getting a much love as I wasn’t useings 7 of the shades in it. But the Naked 2 palette is much more workable palette for fair skin girls.

MAC’s Lord It Up Pearlglide eyeliner pencil. A sales woman used it on me a few months ago and I thought it was okay, but I wasn’t wowed. She talked me into buying though and it has become my favorite eyeliner. I love how it is creamy going on, but once it sets, it stays put all day.

Thank you, EM, I’m going to have to check this out! I confess… I have been avoiding the Pearlglide liners (hangs head); I’m not huge on pencils.

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