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I found a great cleanser and sunscreen! beyond that, i’m kinda stumped. My skin’s apparently combo with an oily t-zone but if I don’t moisturize my t-zone with rich stuff I flake out hard core and then get super oily. Any recs for a combo moisturizer?

I have a similar problem- dry cheeks, oily t-zone that still gets dry and flaky if I’m not careful with it. Lush’s Imperialis moisturizer works really well for me. It’s got a light texture but it moisturizes well, and it has natural extracts that are supposed to help your skin balance out its oil production. When I use it, my cheeks are comfortable and not dry, and my t-zone feels less oily, plus it doesn’t break me out or cause blackheads.

Well, I HAD found my perfect routine but my skins been changing on me and I have to find something new.
I was using pro-active until my skin got better and now instead of being oily my skin is normal to dry! So I’m phasing out proactive (only using it in the morning) and testing out new cleasers and toners.

Christine, I don’t think this even goes in this section but here we go..

I have such a hard time with foundation. They always say, “make sure your neck and face match,” but that definitely hasn’t worked for me. My neck and body are about 2 shades darker than my face (brows to chin.) But then, my forehead is like 3 shades darker than my face! Whenever I get a foundation that matches my forehead, I look way too dark and not natural at all. When I get a foundation that matches perfectly with my face, my forehead looks gray and ashy. Then, there’s the whole problem of my neck not matching.

Basically, I have no idea what color to choose when it comes down to it because it’s either been the choice of forehead looking ashy or the face looking way too dark. Any suggestions?

I’ve been stuck with tinted moisturizer because of this. I love tinted moisturizer and rarely need foundation but I’d like to have a set “face” for days when I need to be made up -special events, weddings, parties, etc. Please help if you can or if anyone else has suggestions, please let me know. =)

i have the same issue. i take the foundation that is the color of my face (pale with pink undertones) and mix it with a tad bit of foundation that is closer to the color of the rest of me (a couple shades darker and olive/yellow). i use that on my face and then i use benefit’s hoola bronzer around the perimeter of my face and where the sun would hit. that way it doesn’t look weird and fake. hope this helps.

i pretty much have the same skin care routine that i’ve had since i was… 15? 12? lol! i RARELY use soap or any kind of cleanser on my face (unless i’m wearing makeup, and even then… it has to be a lot of makeup). i wash my face with warm water and my hands – sometimes a washcloth and moisturize almost every day. that’s about it.

i think skin is 90% genetics, 15% how you take care of yourself (stress, sleep, diet, drugs & achohol, exercise), 5% what you actually put ON your face. i’ve never been a firm believer in most skincare routines… it just doesn’t meld with the way my brain figures common sense (i often compare what products tell us with what nature does, and nature usually wins – she’s got more experience afterall).

the last year i started doing a deep exfoliating scrub once, maybe twice a week though, and i like how it makes my face feel – very soft 🙂

I think so. My skin is dry and sensitive, but also acne prone. I’ve been using a Dove face wash for sensitive skin in the morning w/ Murad’s Pomegranate Moisturizer that has SPF 15 in it. At night, I use Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser. Sometimes I use the Skin Perfecting Lotion afterward. I also use Atopalm Moisturizing Face Cream on red areas. I use Murad’s Gentle Acne Treatment Gel in areas where I might break out. Sometimes I use the Exfoliating Acne Treatment instead. If I have a zit, I use the Spot Treatment during the day and dab the Clarifying Mask on it at night. Can you tell I like Murad products? I think I could switch out the gentle cleanser for just about any drugstore cleanser for sensitive skin, though. I just avoid using the acne cleanser twice a day so that my skin doesn’t get too dry.

yes i do (i have very oily skin), in the morning i wash my face with the clinique mild cleansing gel, and then i moisterize my face with la roche-posay effaclar duo and then i put my make-up on. in the evening i just wash my face with the clinique cleansing gel so that all the make-up is off my face but i don’t moisterize it again. this face routine is what my dermatologue (don’t know how you say this in english) recommended, and it works great!

Partly. I have found a few products that I always use or come back to, like Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing cleanser and toner and EL Advanced Night Repair, but I do use different eyecreams and moisturisers to see what’s best for my skin (at that moment).

No, not really. I’m trying to find a good cleanser that gets rid of my blackheads and blocked spores, and I also have some acne under my chin that doesn’t want to go away. 🙁

Yes, I have. For reference, I am 55 years old and have normal skin.
Morning and night, I cleanse with Cetaphil
Morning, I apply sunscreen SPF 55
On alternate evenings, I apply Renova or Alpha Hydrox Souffle
I use Cetaphil moisturizer as needed in winter.

Yes. Finally! My dry, sensitive, rosacea skin has been the bane of my existence. But I have finally found a system to keep my rosacea at bay, keep my skin moisturized, AND keep break outs away.

I use Dermalogica. I use the ultra calming cleanser, then the daily microfoliant, then one of the moisturizers, shit, can’t remember the name. Expensive, but I hardly use any of each product per day! Plus,when I feel a pimple coming on, I dab some Tea Tree Oil on that area.

almost! i only just started my skincare routine! but it looks like i am on my way to using several korres products, i love what their pomegranate moisturizer has done for me skin. dior’s mattifying toner has been amazing as well, as has l’occitane’s brightening exfoliator. i am going to return/exchange two other products today for some more korres stuff!

today i got korres white tea cleanser, it is lovely thus far! so happy with my new skin routine!

Definitely not! I have the whole large pores/blackheads things going on, with a couple tiny whiteheads here and there (which are mostly hormone related)…I use neutrogena’s pore refining products, which are ‘eh’. I am excited for when more comments come up so I can get some tips!

I change my skin care depending on what my skin needs. The one staple that I use every single day is Philosophy Purity Cleanser and my Clarisonic!

I am really happy with my current routine. I have tried many other brands in the past, but lately, I am stuck on MAC.

1) Remove eye makeup with MAC wipes
2) Wash face with Lightful Foaming Cream Cleanser
3) Spray face with Fix+
4) Apply Prep + Prime Skin Brightening Serum, avoiding eye area
5) Apply Moisturelush Cream all over, including eye area

For me, yes!! Finally, after 28 years 🙂 I have an oily t-zone and my cheek area is pretty soft, normal, not dry at all. I break out mostly on my forehead and chin plus I have some blackheads. I use products in Shiseido’s Pureness line – the foaming cleanser, softener, and mattifying moisturizer. After I wash my face (focusing on my t-zone), I swipe the softener all over, dab Clinique’s All About Eyes serum roller underneath my eyes, dab Philosophy’s On A Clear Day all over acne treatment on my t-zone, massage in Murad’s Active Radiance Serum on my cheeks (to brighten and get rid of sunspots), and then finish with moisturizer all over. Admittedly, none of these products have an SPF, and so I’m still on the hunt for a moisturizer with SPF that won’t irritate my skin.

Um, that was a long comment. haha, sorry.

Yes I beleive that I have finally found (maybe not perfect) great skin care for my face. I have very dry skin in the winter and dry/normal skin in the summer. I am now using LUSH skincare and it’ll take something pretty huge to change from that. I have been using this routine for a few months now.

Makeup Remover – MAC Wipe/Professional Eye Make-up remover
Cleanser – Ultrabland
Toner – Eau Roma Water
Moisture (night) – Skin Nanny/Skin’s Shangra La
Moisture (day) – Hope in a Jar

My skin has never looked better. My dry patchy places (my entire forehead) gone.

The night moisturiser is really heavy and sits on the skin but by morning you skin is amazing.

Pretty simple:

1) MD Forte I Cleanser
2) Green Cream Level 6 (night)
3) Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 (morning)

I’ve had to stop using my Kate Somerville Exfolikate and Clarisonic – it’s just too much exoliation with the retinol. I just started using Shiseido Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 32 for added protection.

Getting great results with my stubborn clogged pores and pigmentation. I’m able to use the Green Cream every night with minimal peeling. I just turned 40 and the retinol is making a huge difference in the texture of my skin!

Mary Kay basic skin care is the ONLY thing that didnt make me break out and got rid of my cysts.

I can say that the products I have been using for the past weeks have been WORKING for me. That’s big for me since I never really gave it much thought since my skin is so problematic (eczema/rosacea issues) I just used the ointment my dr. prescribed along with drugstore cleanser/moisturizer. I was given a sample of Philosophy’s Help Me retinol cream to help fade my acne discolorations. It hasn’t completely faded yet but I do notice a very subtle lightening on my skin. I tried a myriad of moisturizing samples but the two that really hit it out of the park are the most expensive (for me) – Chanel’s Hydra+Max gel cream and serum. The serum really made a difference even with it under my Olay day moisturizer it keeps my skin soft. I have been using samples because the serum alone is $135 but because of what it has done for me and my super sensitive skin I am sold. The Chanel moisturizer is great too but I just wished it had an SPF, therefore I only use it as a night cream and use my Olay w/SPF for the day. The cleanser I’m using is the Aveeno foaming pump cleanser. I guess it’s can be a dupe for the Philosophy Purity cleanser which I have never tried but that’s what I’ve read it compared to.

For the first time in a very LONG time I am pleased with my skincare! I just wished it wasn’t so pricey…

I think I have it down because I rarely break out anymore but that could just be because I’m older too.

Morning: Cetaphil with Clarisonic, mix of Purpose cleanser & Head&Shoulders for seborrhea, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, EltaClear sunscreen.

Evening: Sonia Kushak eye make-up remover, Cetiphil, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, Differin (prescription).

The H&S mix made a huge change in my skin. I was getting red, flakey patches by my nose but it wasn’t dry skin,it was seborrhea. Also, the Differin keeps my skin from looking dull.

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