Friday, October 5th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Have you found your perfect nude lipstick?

  • Nope, still looking! (70%, 1,625 Votes)
  • Yes! (You better share what it is in the comments!) (30%, 685 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,310

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239 thoughts on “Have you found your perfect nude lipstick?

  1. Joey

    Still looking, have had a little success layering, but never anything on its own!

  2. Anjie

    I LOVE Kat Von D’s Celebutard.

  3. Kristabelle

    For me, it’s more than one. NYX Pumpkin Pie is my perfect natural nude lipstick, theBalm Mai Billsbepaid is my perfect cooler toned nude, and NYX Pure Nude is my perfect super light nude (needs gloss on top, though).

  4. Shiseido Baby, a pinkish nude, is the closest I’ve found, but I’m definitely not 100% settled 😛 I don’t know. I guess I’m not really a nude-lip person. Maybe I look just fine in whatever nudes out there–I just never quite like it!

  5. I am certain I have, but it doesn’t stop me from buying more!

    Two of my current favs:
    Guerlain G Gillian
    Tom Ford Blush Nude

  6. MAC’s Creme D; Nude. Being soo fair I can’t do beige tones but this one a subtle pink tone works well with my lips.

  7. Sarah

    It’s no longer manufactured, but Almay’s One Coat Lip Shine in nude is absolutely perfect on me.

  8. Petey

    Mac Myth, Fleshpot, Honeylove
    I know some people think myth and fleshpot are too light, give them “concealer” lips, but i love them and love the look it gives.

  9. Em.

    MAC Taupe lipstick. It lasts forever and is the perfect shade.

  10. Giorgio Armani #108. Perfect darker nude lipstick.

  11. no, but i’m not looking either..
    i just don’t like nude lips on me, it makes me feel like a gohst (i’m very pale)I prefer a my lips but better kind of lipstick. (or just a lipbalm :P)

  12. Eboney M

    Mac’s pillow talk and Cle de peau #109.

  13. xamyx

    I *love* nude lips, so needless to say, I’ve found several. My favorite, in terms of color, is a blend of MAC Empowered & Archetype (both LE) with a coat of LORAC Vintage gloss. However, this is alot of work. I’ve also blended the perfect shade using my MUFE Flash palette (coral, white, & brown), but again, too much work, LOL. For something quick & easy, I just grab a random L’Oreal nude, or Rimmel Airy Fairy.

  14. Courtney

    I’ve learned that I need a brown-based nude to work for me. Peach and pink nudes just look terrible on me. Probably cause I’m pale with some yellowish undertones. My favorites have been MAC’s Call My Bluff and Fresh Brew (both very similar), and MUFE’s Aqua Rouge lipstick #1.

  15. I’m still looking, actually. My lips are very cool-toned and are pretty pigmented, so it gets a bit tricky! >.<

  16. Aida

    It’s funny you should ask that today of all days, because I think I just found my perfect nude lipstick, when my Burberry order was delivered this morning :). It’s English Rose lip cover. I love it and it’s as nude as I’d go. My lips are very red naturally, which I actually like, I think it suits me, so a lot of times I don’t even wear color, just balm. I don’t like the blanked out look at all and I don’t like beige toned colors on my lips. Burberry’s English Rose looks like a very soft, muted mauve-y pink against the red in my lips and I love it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s my perfect nude lipstick :).

    • blueraccoon

      I *love* English Rose! I wouldn’t have considered it a nude lipstick, just a MLBB, but it is very close to my regular lip color as well, so it’s great for days when I just need a little something. If you like English Rose, you may like Peony Rose from the Lip Velvet line – it’s very similar, only matte. #302 for reference.

  17. Lee

    There needs to be a “I don’t like nude lips” option.

  18. Mirian

    NARS Velvet Gloss pencil in Buenos Aires! I’m on my second one. The first is down to a little nub. I also like using MAC A Perfect Day from the Naturally Collection…I have three.

  19. MAC – To The Future! Mattene. love it!

  20. Belinda

    Yes! MAC Marquise d’… but it was LE and mine was stolen at a conference in Las Vegas. Who would steal from a pregnant lady?!?

  21. Marina

    I haven’t quite found my perfect nude lipstick, but I HAVE found that using MAC’s Viva Glam Gaga II with Urban Decay’s Lip Junkie in Naked over it does the trick :)

  22. Jennifer

    Benefit’s Full-Finish Lipstick in Lady’s Choice

  23. GUSnail

    I’m halfway there. I like the color of MAC Freckletone, but I don’t like the formula-so not HG.

  24. ChynnaBlue

    MAC’s A Perfect Day is mine.

  25. MAC A Perfect Day. And yes, it is just my luck that my perfect nude is L.E.

  26. It was actually the first nude I tried. A MAC artist suggested it when I first did a Back 2 MAC and had no idea what to buy and she put MAC Spirit on me. It is my lips but better. Sadly I never use it really as I’m not into nudes!

  27. Laurence

    It’s MAC Velvet Teddy

  28. Revlon Rosey Nude it is amazing!

    • Maggie

      Agreed–though I would consider it more of an MLBB color rather than a skin-tone nude. I’m NC20/NC25 and beige tone nudes would make me look dead (I already get comments about how tired I look when I don’t wear lipcolor).

      My MLBB lippies for NC20/NC25:

      Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Rosey Nude
      Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushing Nude
      Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Pink Truffle
      NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

  29. L

    I’m so pale, so nudes make me look sick or deathly. D: I find even cremecup from MAC make me look a little strange. I always go with bright lips.

  30. MonicaP

    Nope and not looking. I have no appreciation for the nude lip .. lol. I look dead in a new lip and love color .. which can be from a light pint to a berry.

  31. Silka

    Yes, NARS Vendanges

  32. Ashley B

    MAC Creme De Nude. It is perfect for me because I have a lighter complexion and it doesn’t wash me out.

  33. Kimberly

    MAC Velvet Teddy. Looooovee it!!

  34. For me is creme de nude by MAC. I’m 15C

  35. Ana

    MAC A Perfect Day, I also love MAC Hue, MAC Creme de Nude (but I apply that lightly since it can be a bit too frosty)

  36. Elle Jaye

    My complexion is MAC NC50 and I have two nudes that I love, MAC Hug Me and MAC Touch!

  37. Inge

    too faced centerfold and too faced totally nude…both of which are being discontinued…but I bought back ups

  38. Caryn

    Yes! MAC 3N lipstick has been my HG perfect MLBB shade. So sad that it’s limited edition, but thankfully I have a few backups incase I run out

  39. Kate

    Oh, this took me years to find but I finally discovered Ilia’s Nobody’s Baby. It. Is. Awesome. For reference, I am very pale with cool (pink) undertones.

  40. Mitzi

    I’m not 100% sure if you would considered it nude but I kind of do…My favorite nude lipstick is the limited edition of MAC wonder-woman Lustre Marquise D’. It looks amazing on me…

  41. Yumi

    For me it’s VG Gaga II!

  42. Katie

    My perfect nude is MAC Fleshpot. I absolutely love it. I know a lot of people don’t, but it looks fantastic on my skintone. It’s extremely harsh directly out of the tube, but if you blot it, you’ll love it. I get compliments on it all the time :)

  43. IndigoXX

    I had 2 favorite nudes, but one was discontinued :( If you’re warm toned, and around a NC 43-45 try MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy.

  44. Sami Alford

    It’s Mac Blankety…I know not everyone can wear it but I am very pale and usually add a gloss over the top.

  45. Debby

    MAC Jubilee is my fav nude!

  46. Ellen

    Love Chanel Boy!

    • Sarah

      Another vote for Chanel Boy. Matches to all kinds of eye make up for me since I am usually heavier on the eyes than the lips.

  47. Melissa Clendenin

    I love Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Creme Brulee. I think it’s my perfect nude. I also like Fairest Nude by Loreal, but it’s a little more satin finish, and needs a gloss. Another MLBB shade is MAC Cosmo, not quite nude, but enhances my lips.

    • Meiya

      I agree about the Revlon Colorburst Lipbutter in Creme Brulee – it’s really pigmented and blots out the color in my lips better than almost anything in my collection.

  48. Marian

    NARS Barbarella is my perfect nude.

  49. Melissa

    I found 3! Aren’t I Lucky? Ok these are for African American Women (I am a MAC NC50/NW45 and a MUFE HD #177):
    -Mac liner in Cork (lately I have been using Rimmel liner in Cappucino)
    -Mac Half and Half lipstick (for a shine use Spite lipglass)
    -Mac Cherish lipstick (more of a satin finish but full color )
    -Mac Velvet Teddy lipstick

  50. Valerie

    Rita Beige from Dior!!!

  51. karen

    I have a few great ones, hope a lot of girls with NC15/NC10 find this helpful, peach tone: MAC’S Peachstock lipstick, rose nude: Jordana Cosmetics matte lipstick in Matte Nude

  52. Seagulls

    No, nor do I intend to. It’s just not a flattering look on me!

  53. Mikaela

    Estee Lauder – cystal baby! Perfect nude for my liking.

  54. Nina Van Jacob

    Macs creme d’nude:)

    • Lisa

      Thats mine too! I put Mac’s Prrr over it and it’s PERFECT! It’s my “go to” color when I do a smokey eye and it’s gorgeous every time. You should try it! :)

  55. Ellie

    Close, MAC Creme Cup… still not perfect, though.

    • Laura H

      Same here, I really like it, but it’s not my perfect nude shade. Sadly it dropped out of my pocket while I was on the bus the other day. :(

  56. becca

    mac hue for a pinkish nude and tom ford blush nude for a peachy nude

  57. I’m MAC NC43/MUFE 160
    My perfect nudes are NYX Pumpkin Pie and MAC Blankety!

  58. Lily

    Mac Freckletone, Mac Cherish and Nars Bilbao

  59. Meagan

    MAC’s Ruffian Naked! So sad it’s limited edition :( It is my PERFECT nude lipstick, so I’m stocking up while I can!

  60. Carolyne

    The first and only nude lipstick to not clash with my skin tone or make me look like I’m dying: Tom Ford Sable Smoke. It looks just as good on me when I’m NC30 in the summer as after my summer tan has faded and I am NC20. I never hear any love for this particular shade.

    Failed attempts that currently rest in the makeup graveyard drawer: Tom Ford Spanish Pink, MAC Crème d’Nude, Revlon Lip Butter in Crème Brulée, Revlon Matte Nude Attitude, Revlon Color Burst Soft Nude, MAC Hue, Nars Belle de Jour, Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Beige 107, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Nude Beige…amongst so many others that escape me at the moment.

    HG nude lipgloss: Tom Ford Naked and MAC Naked Space

  61. Nora

    I really hate nude lips on me, but sometimes I need one, like if I’ve done really a dark eyeshadow look. My favorite one by far is MAC’s Way To Love.

  62. Sunny

    Nude is definitely not my favorite look but when doing really heavy eye looks..I like MAC lipliner in Oak + MAC lipstick in Cherish + MAC lipglass in Beaux

  63. Chelsea

    My lips are naturally quite rosy, and I’m very fair/freckly – nude lips look terrible on me, and never look right over my naturally rosy lips. So, no perfect nude lipstick, and I’m not looking.

  64. Kristina

    Dior extreme in Incognito.

  65. Monica

    Yes! Estee Lauder Crystal Baby is the perfect nude for me. That “my lips but better” kind of color.

  66. Carole Eisemann

    for me, it’s Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in SAVVY.

  67. blueraccoon

    I’m not really looking for one – I have fairly pigmented lips normally and I’m very pale, so nude lips aren’t a look I can pull off. I have Dior Incognito, which is close, and a few MLBB shades that are *really* close to my regular lip color (Chanel La Distinguee, Burberry English Rose, Burberry Peony Rose) but I don’t know if they’re “nude” lips, just very neutral lips. But mostly I prefer more color :)

    • anna

      I have the same problem. I can’t do a true “nude” because they tend to be way to orange/beige on me but I finally found a color that looks “natural”, which I’ve decided to call “nude”. But I prefer a red lip, to be honest.

  68. Emily

    I love MAC Fleshpot because I am SUPER pale. Most other nude lipsticks look too brown or orange on me.

  69. Lauren

    I’m NW45 and my perfect nude lipstick is Touch by Mac. I also like Revlon’s Mink.

    • Denise

      I’m NW45 as well, so I’m going to check this lipstick out! Christine if you decide to develop a lipstick , make it various shades of nudes, we need more options out there!!

  70. Kelly

    MAC Cusp of Dawn

  71. Ana

    I’m not really a fan of the look, but I have found one shade that I really love and that is NARS Tzigane. I love this color so much, I have several backups.

  72. Scarlett Warnke

    Burberrys lipstick Field Rose, lipgloss Rosewood and lippencil Rosewood. The combo perfectly accentuates my natural lipcolor. Won’t leave the house without it

  73. Nikki

    Mac NC50 – My perfect nude is MAC Touch!

  74. Beckie

    Mac Innocence, Beware!

  75. Erin

    HG:Tom Ford Sable Smoke and Revlon Soft nude (nc35-37)

  76. Lauren

    Mac Patisserie!! MLBP

  77. jessik

    For me is Mac Perfet Day.. Is too perfect for me ,such a nice color

  78. Brenda

    Mac Patisserie or Nars Cruisin. Also Rimmel Naked which has long been discontinued. All three are super reliable, natural looking and work for me no matter what colour my skin is (summer tanned or winter ghastly lol. I don’t look good pale)

  79. Miss J

    MAC Bare Slimshine/MAC Bare Again Sheen Supreme, which is a MLBB kinda nude, but for a more traditional nude I opt for NARS Honolulu Honey. I recently ordered OCC Marion, which may also become a favorite.

  80. Niicheska

    Tom Ford Lip Color Blush Nude

  81. Ana Ribeiro

    MAC Velvet Teddy!

  82. Bailey

    Lancome pale lip! It is not too light and not to beige/peach!

  83. Marilyn

    NW35 – MAC Freckletone

  84. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo!

  85. Anthony

    Mac Half n Half

    I just purchased it today! I’ve been looking for the right nude for about 6 months now. glad I found it! I’m about a shade or two darker than Rihanna.

  86. Flavia

    Revlon – In the buff

  87. Kay

    NYX Soft Matte Lip Color in Antwerp

    It’s a brownish nude that works as a great staple in my makeup collection. Use less than you think you need and rub it in with a finger. it also works great as a soft natural blush/contour if you’re in a rush. I use most of my products for multiple things, and this one is a Holy Grail product for sure. I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.

    I’m Blonde with grey eyes and pale neutral skin tone.

    • Kay

      !!! CORRECTION !!!

      The color name is Abu Dhabi. I also have Antwerp though, and it’s also a great color which I will repurchase, but it’s definitely a bright coral/peach color.

  88. blanca

    for me (NC20) is VG GAGA II
    is just perfect..

  89. grlnxdor

    I don’t think I can pull off an actual “nude” lip because I’m in my 50’s. That being said I do like Clinique Tenderheart with theBalm Cocoa My Coconuts gloss over the top. I’d say that I am a NC15(slight warm undertones)

  90. kdrake31

    I may have stumbled upon a perfect nude, but I can’t be sure. Here is my complete stash of nude lipsticks: Mac-Pillow talk, Spice, Touch, Empowered; Revlon-Rose Velvet, Sandalwood beige, Fleshtone, Mink, Nude Velvet, Pink Truffle, Brown Sugar, Fig Jam; Covergirl-Mocha Locha; ELF-Bare brown & Rustic brick. And the hunt continues!
    For reference I am NW 43 in Mac.

    • Tralonda Berkley

      These are some of my faves too: MAC Touch, Revlon Mink, Pink Truffle and NYX Tea…(NC 50)

      • Pamela

        Hi. I’m also a NC 50 woman. And looking for a nice pink lipstick. You mentioned Pink Truffle. Who’s that by? And is it a mid-tone pink?

  91. Rafaela

    Oh, I love MAC Cherish, it’s my favorite. Honeylove is also great, more pinkish. Looking forward to try Velvet Teddy and Kinda Sexy

  92. Jennifer Lee

    I’m an NC 35-40 with very golden tones. My perfect nude is Sandalwood Beige, by Revlon. It’s technically DC’d, but you can still find it on ebay or Amazon! It’s MLBB with a hint of coral!

  93. Rebecca K

    MAC Blankety, Benefit Lady’s Choice and MAC Mattene Lipstick in Naked Bliss

  94. Carmen

    I found It. Nars Dolce Vita is unbeatable.

  95. anna

    I’ve been looking for years but Chanel Rouge Allure Secrete is finally the nude lipstick I’ve been looking for, I finally understand all the fuss over MLBB.

  96. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable – Honey

    It almost exactly matches my lip color. Glides like a dream, moisturizing, and affordable! I love the slight minty tingle it leaves on my lips, but that’s a bonus at this point.

    FYI: MAC C2 is a tad too yellow for my skin color but it’s pretty damn close.

  97. Chrissy

    MAC Yash is my favorite nude.

    • Ellen

      Where did you get it? The SA at Macy’s told me that collection was only available online. When it was reviewed here I got the impretion that those 4 brown shades were going to become part of the permanent collection, i.e. be available everywhere.

      • Kathleen

        I thought it would be available everywhere as well, but my local counter looked it up and saw that it would be available at all FREE STANDING MAC stores. I bought it from my pro store, and they do also carry it online, but normal MAC stores carry it as well. Just not the counters.

        My best nude lipstick is MAC Jubilee, or when I want more pink, Revlon Colorburst Rosy Nude. (I’m MAC NC 30- 35)

  98. Anneliis

    I love MAC Creme d’Nude and Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Soft Nude

  99. Mac I Love Winter and NYX Milan!