Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

Have you found makeup products that claim to have skin care-like benefits to be effective? If so, share!

Temptalia's AnswerI find that certain cream/liquid foundations might work in such a way, if one uses them regularly and wears them for prolonged periods of time. Anything that actually stays on the skin for hours may be effective, but it really depends on the potency. Nothing really comes to mind, though.

Thanks to Fitrah for today’s question!

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34 thoughts on “Have you found makeup products that claim to have skin care-like benefits to be effective?

  1. Miranda

    I havent tried any because im worried that they will be mediocre in terms of performance in both the makeup and skincare aspect.

  2. Tania

    What was that Almay foundation that claimed to heal blemishes? I haven’t seen it in a while… I think that was the slightest bit effective, but not really overly noticeable. The one for drier skin that I used in winter was better for blemishes, ironically. I don’t use it any more because my skin has changed from oily, blemish-prone to dry, eczema-prone (go figure).

  3. Perhaps the Korres Quercetin Concealer. I’m not sure if it helped though, I didn’t take pictures so I can’t say for sure, but I really liked it as a concealer and supposed day time eye cream

  4. John

    Nope never. But this is an easy aspect to check. Just look at the ingredient list and treat it like a skincare product. That’s all there is to it.

  5. I had some skin improvement when I used to use mineral makeup. At the time, I was fighting blemishes and mineral makeup actually helped to clear and soothe my skin. But I would never say, “Use mineral makeup, it will cure all your skin’s ills!” as I just don’t believe that to be true.

    Other than that… I honestly don’t believe that cosmetics have skin care benefits. Just my personal opinion. :)

  6. Denise F.

    Smashbox Healthy Fx High Def.Foundation– I love it!!! Vitamin C for brightening, skin energizers. Spf 15. So good!!!!

    • John

      You do realize that vitamin C is the last ingredient on the ingredient list, meaning that it’s the ingredient with the lowest amount in the actual product? Thankfully this does provide UVA and UVB protection, however you should not rely on this product alone for sun protection.

  7. Christa

    I’ve had the same experience w/ liquid foundation. The one I use claims to have some sort of skin-enhancing properties, though that’s not the reason I use it b/c I don’t usually buy into such claims. However, I have found that, after some bad (foundation-less) skin days, if I do wear foundation for a day or two, my skin improves dramatically. Haven’t quite figured out whether that’s because the ingredients in the foundation are beneficial for my skin, or because wearing foundation compels me to avoid touching/aggravating my face and protects from potential environmental irritants.

  8. Krista

    I’m a bit skeptical but I have to admit that I use some like BB Cream.

  9. Maureen

    The Clinique repairing foundation, I found no difference in my appearance. I started using Yes To Blueberries anti-aging serum and eye moisturizer, and I’ve noticed tightness (in a good way). I’m 20, but I use it because I rub my eyes more than I’d like. A friend of mine had good results with an Olay product. I don’t know if it’s actually working or if it’s induced by a placebo effect, but… either way, good with me. :)

    • John

      Assuming that you’re talking about the Clinique Repairwear Foundation, that shockingly contains ingredients that have substantiated research behind them in regards to anti-aging (and I use that term loosely.) It includes decent amounts of Vitamin C, E and various plant extracts like barley, birch as well as some bacterial and fungal ferments. Now the fermants and plant extracts, which are present in larger concentrations, only have limited research behind them, but on the other hand, Vitamin C and E obviously backed by decades of irrefutable research. So the improved appearance of your skin is most likely due to the combination of your skincare and foundation. So don’t stop using them! Good for you Maureen!

  10. Amanda

    clinique’s anti blemish solutions foundation works wonders…i often use it when i feel like my other foundations are clogging my pores and i need to give my skin a bit of a rest. It is lightweight but full coverage and actually does clear up any breakouts.

    • John

      Actually the Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup only has 0.5% salicylic acid, which is on the low end of the threshold of efficacy when it comes to this BHA. However, that can still be effective for some people, however the pH of this product is too high to allow for exfoliation. Furthermore, the alcohol content in this product can make your acne worse. Therefore, whatever positive effects you may be experiencing is probably due to the placebo effect and/or the actual skincare products that you’re using in your routine. But hey, don’t let that stop you from using the Clinique product, because it is still a great foundation.

  11. ruru

    Not really… I think it’s just a marketing gimmick mostly because those so called “benefits” are usually at the bottom of the ingredients list which means the concentration is not as much. The only one that I came close to seeing results was BRTC Perfect Recover Blemish Balm. Now with the right skin tone (cool), that foundation would give you a certain glow in pictures and my acne would heal a tad quicker than usual.

  12. No… I think u need to use at least six months to see if it works or not… But I never used a foundation for that long!

  13. It’s not a skincare product, but I used Korres Rice Bran mascara every day for a year until it ran out and comparing picture of my lashes before and after, there was a noticeable different. They used to be short, stumpy and point straight down and now they’re so much longer, thicker and even have a natural curl. I’m like a missionary with this stuff – I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen. I’ve got my mum, sister and a few friends using it religiously now. It’s so good.

  14. Coco

    I have always wondered if the La Mer foundation/concealers work like they say they do but not keen enough to spend the money to buy.

  15. Yazmin

    Nope havent yet come across one.

  16. ID

    mac studio careblend pressed powder,its a powder but works very well on my dry skin,makeup with skincare :)

  17. Nerina

    The Clinique Acne Solutions that contains salicylic acid worked for me! It can be a tad drying which is perfect for my oily skin and it really cleared me up!

  18. Shalimar

    Nope. In fact it broke me out even more and most of the time the shade is off because it is ashy, weird undertone, too oily, etc.

  19. Jessica

    bb cream has improved the texture of my skin. No matter what foundation I wear I seem to break out. When I wear BB cream I usually find my big zits actually reduced!

  20. olay night cream – the funny thing about it is that i dont think it claims to do a lot of things except moisturizing, and yet it clears up my skin from the night i apply it to next morning

  21. Saskia


    in Germany, there’s a brand, i think it is by Maybelline, the foundation of it has a creamy consistency and it shall reduce bumps etc. I’m using it these weeks and i think, it really helps. It’s anti-bacterial and without oils etc.

    Greetings from Germany!

  22. Lisa

    I have had excellent results from Clinique Even Better foundation. It is HG for me, and after using for a while I do think that the overall appearance of my skin did improve.

  23. BP

    Other than some moisturizing properties, I think most makeup that advertise skin care benefits are highly overrated. The problem with the ones that moisturize is that in my climate, which is very humid, they also tend to get greasy and slip somewhat.

  24. Totally in LOVE with MOTIVES COSMETICS!!!! They feel awesome!!!
    I would compare them to MAC, but healthier!! 😉

  25. Kat

    Jane Iredale, a bunch of their products that I’ve tried seemed to actually help my skin. I would says their best are: ALL of their Concealers…which are so smooth and don’t make me look cakey or old. I also love the liquid foundation, and the mineral powder seems to cover without settling like bare minerals did. So far so good.

  26. Aleeya

    I totally agree with you on that. I thought it was all in my head because I never heard anyone claim mineral makeup to do that lol. My very first foundation was Mac Studio Tech and my skin looked horrible. Then I switched to Mac Mineralize powder foundation and my skin was looking so much better. I didn’t change anything in my skincare routine so maybe it was the minerals.

  27. Mimi

    BB CREAMS!! they mainly target asian skin..but i’ve been using it for two years…and my skin has never been this clear.

  28. Erica P

    Clinique’s Acne Solutions Foundation worked for me as well. It won’t do wonders by itself, but I do notice an improvement between my normal skincare routine with any other foundation and my normal skincare routine with this one. It’s a nice supplement.

  29. Alexis Boyle

    Pleasantly surprised by Clinique’s Even Better Make-up. Although as a stand-alone product, without the corresponding serum and moisturizer, I’m not convinced of its efficacy.