Friday, February 8th, 2013

Choose or Lose

Have you ever worn makeup to support a sport's team?

  • Nah! (63%, 1,602 Votes)
  • Oh, yeah! Go team! (36%, 918 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,538

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49 thoughts on “Have you ever worn makeup to support a sport’s team?

  1. Taylor

    All the time! Anyone can wear team apparel, but I always like to go the extra mile and add the team colors to my makeup look. It almost never fails to get a compliment or two!

  2. Laura

    No way…the only team I support is the Atlanta Braves, and I’m not about to go around sporting red, white, and blue makeup. Red lips would work, but not when you’re eating messy foods at a baseball game.

  3. Tuva

    Yep, we’ve painted flags on our faces for events, but I haven’t made a make-up look for anything. Perhaps I’ll try it someday, but I don’t have any red eyeshadow. 😛

  4. Mariella

    No, and frankly, I honestly don’t understand this fairly recent (or so it seems to me) “trend”.

    • Kat

      It probably branched off from the “face-painting” trend – Seinfeld did a hilarious episode about face-painting for the New Jersey Devils years ago :).

  5. Amy

    Zoya Raven for the Superbowl!

    I don’t know much about football, but I know what I like!

    And I like black nail polish. :)

  6. Nicoco Chanel

    I’ve thought about it, but I am lazy and I don’t have a good enough white for it.

  7. Nicole

    Of cause. While the European and World Champoionship I wore the colors of the Germany flagg on my toes.

  8. mirian

    Penguins! Black and Gold :)

    • nacacijin

      YES! Makeup, nails, hair…I go all out with the Black & Gold to support my Pens. Next challenge is finding an eyeshadow that comes in Vegas Gold. That color just does not exist outside of our team! :(

  9. Lizzi

    Black, gold, and dark green is what I’m always wearing when I go to a Dallas Stars game.

  10. Robin Manrique

    Steelers black and gold eyeshadow for sure (part of the reason I bought Theodore – spell will be great for that)
    Alabama crimson and white no – those colors don’t work for my eyes at all and red lipstick is too high maintenance.

  11. I only do nail art for cycling races! 😀 Is that considered make up too?

  12. I am not very into sports, so nope.

  13. Summer

    Must have Mac Russian Red for every Alabama game!!! Roll Tide!

  14. Megan

    I’ve painted my nails (when Serena had her OPI shades out) for each tennis Grand Slam.

  15. VernaBee

    Gold eyeshadow and red lips. Go Niners!

  16. Marisa

    Every game! When else am I going to get to rock all of my green and gold eye looks? I think it’s fun. Boys get to paint their faces, surely we can enjoy a little creative eye makeup! :)

  17. I have. It’s not as difficult as it may seem…even with those whose teams use some pretty out there colors. The key is doing it where you don’t look like a clown lol.

  18. Crystal

    Yes, black and gold for the New Orleans Saints..Who Dat!!

  19. Susan Nevling

    I haven’t been to many games. Rather watch on

  20. Andrea

    Cowboys blue and silver every Sunday in the fall!

  21. Shea

    I love doing red lips and nails with black eyeliner for my Nebraska Huskers.

  22. chiara

    I am a huge fan of formula one racing…i try to tie my nail colour into my team on race weekends!

  23. Sam

    Only occasionally. When Falcons were against 49ers, I wore black and red. And every year when Braves play Cubs, I switch back and forth. (grew up in atlanta, originally from chicago… so I support both.) lol

  24. Monica Lewiis

    I also enjoy doing my makeup for colorful holidays…. St. Patty’s day, 4th of July, etc

  25. I’m a season ticket holder for the Phoenix Coyotes hockey club, and I friggin LOVE wearing all sorts of red nail polish to games!! I did some nail art during the playoffs last year, and pretty much only wore red nail polish while they were still in it. It was my way of “supporting” the team. Also one time, during a closed event where season ticket holders could meet the players, I showed a few of them the nails I did, and they seemed to enjoy it.

    Sometimes I’ll bust out the red eyeliner or red lipstick, but that’s about it for stuff other than nails. Can’t really detract from the jersey, you know ;P

  26. Erica

    I’m a native New Yorker, the mega center of professional sports (and over priced tickets) and I have never heard of this. This must be a new trend.

    • I’ve been to a lot of games at Yankee Stadium over the years and it’s not a new trend by any means. I’m not talking clown-face makeup or face painting. But wearing eye shadow looks inspired by the Yankees colors isn’t unheard of at all. Same thing with games I’ve attended for Jets or Giants…a few women do some variance of the face painting thing (maybe the logo on their cheek), but a lot of women wear looks inspired by Jets Green or Giants Blue. Nail looks also are pretty normal.

      • Erica

        Thanks for the update Kesha. I guess I was too busy watching the court – I’m not checking for other fans and their makeup (lol). When I go to the Garden next month, I’ll pay closer attention….

  27. Courtney

    Only every time I go to an Angels game!

  28. Jenn

    Just nail art.
    *My swim team
    *All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team)

  29. Kacee

    My favorite football teams are the Eagles and the Ravens. I always did a green smoky eye for Eagles games! And for the superbowl I did a Ravens look using my Urban Decay deluxe palette. I also coach cheerleading and do their makeup for their school colors with sparkles all the time. I think it is so fun!

  30. Joli

    Of course! Everybody looks better in teal! We’re Sharks hockey fans in this house, my husband even bought me a white “away” jersey because he thought it would bring out the eye makeup better. It’s a fun excuse to wear brighter makeup outside the house. We don’t go to clubs or concerts very often, so I don’t get a lot of other chances to really get wild.

    I also have a teal wig, but that’s a whole other ball game. ( and usually reserved for playoff games)

  31. Amy

    I would wear a makeup look inspired by both the colors and mascot of the team I’m supporting, but I’m not very into sports so I never had to xD

  32. Lorrie

    I play roller derby and my team colors are black and purple so I usually wear a kind of purple/dark purple/smoky look with black eyeliner and some coordinating nail color. This month I wore black nail polish with a purple glitter on top. Go Brawlers!

  33. Lark

    Being interested in sports has nothing to do with it. If somebody got tickets to either Death Valley or the Superdome for a game it’s a major American cultural/ social ritual, and you’d better show up in team colors on your eyes. Even a big house party demands rah rah. It’s a bit naive to go to any big sports event without the effort. But purple and gold/ black and gold are easy so apologies if your colors are tough.

    I’ve met lots of interesting people and laid a lot of groundwork in super fan mufti at sporting events. NARS makes an ES duo in LSU colors. Why would I not do make up?

  34. Catherine

    Just wore orange eyeshadow last night to Flyer’s hockey game (Go Flyers!)

  35. Jade

    What a polarising question this has turned out to be! My answer is yes, but I’ve never gone all out with it. I want the Bareminerals Duo in The Grand Finale – blue and gold are my teams colours 😛 go the Otago Highlanders!! I’ve also worn black to support the All Blacks… yeah nothing unusual about that LOL. I’d love to go all out and paint my face one day haha

  36. Caroline

    Here in the UK people go rather OTT when it comes to supporting their teams & make up, IMO; for example, English football fans will paint their faces completely white then paint a giant red cross from the top of their forehead down to their chin, and across their cheeks, then top it all off with a silly curly wig. It would give the Ronald McDonald clown a run for his money, methinks …

  37. Chritina

    Abso-FRICKIN-lutely! It may be just a little concealer set with powder, some tight lining, mascara, filled brows and gloss or tinted balm though. ALWAYS go for the polished and/ or natural look. That’s just me though :-)

  38. daylami

    I sometimes match my nail polish to the silks carried by my favorite racehorses, or to the horse’s name if applicable (like Goldikova). NYC makes a fast-drying royal blue that I bought for about $2 to wear for a Godolphin horse and I expected the stuff to be useless, but it glowed through a week of my blue-collar job and building a retaining wall.

    They’ve got to be pretty silks, though! I don’t fart around with clashing checkerboard schemes and the like.

  39. KF

    It helps that red is already my favorite color, but I always sport a cardinal manicure in the lead-up to college bowl season (Go Stanford!). I got some white rose-shaped nail stickers for the Rose Bowl this year, it was a lot of fun!

  40. amanda

    I’m a huge soccer fan, and I like supporting my city’s MLS team (Columbus Crew). Their colors are black and yellow so when I got to games I’ll occasionally wear bright yellow eyeshadow (aromaleigh rocks shadow that I bought a looooong time ago!) with black cat eye liner. Nothing too crazy haha

  41. Becky

    Of course! I keep a similar look usually but amp up the colors to support my team. Only time I dont wear make-up to sports events is when i’m playing.

  42. Cate

    I’ve been known to sport black & gold from time to time. Go Bruins!

  43. Mel

    Definitely during college football season I’m doing a purple and gold variation on a smoky eye on Saturdays for LSU and it’s always really fun to rock some of the more sparky shades that’ll really stand out. I also remember doing a sweet black and gold smoky eye when the Saints were in the Superbowl. So yeah, I love to support my teams with make up.