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My lashes are pretty pathetic, so I’ve thought about it, but same here, worried there might be some unknown side effects down the road.

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I pamper my lashes with a mixture of pure oils coconut almond castor olive I wrap in warm cloth before apply at night I mix into a mascara tube and apply with wand. My lashes are beautiful! Any of products where people have adverse reactions scare me. I like to strengthen them naturally. Talika lipocils conditioner is only safe one. I use on/off with the oils. Maintain fallen lashes. Keep full. Very long. Recommend! I was taught treat lashes like hair so I do.

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Or I use only Camelia oil pure cold pressed unrefined. This oil maintains and grows hair like weeds. Keeps glossy and color healthy. It so totes is a HG item in my life for skin an hair etc.

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I should have stated that I have very long thick curl lashes naturally. This is why I maintain them. There are no life cycles of growth and fall out for me. I use nothing invasive. I researched. It’s a job. I’m fortunate to work where I do with connections to reports from side affects people aren’t allowed to see by the FDA. Talika is most effective and safe. For any to work, must have live follicles already. Nothing will grow otherwise but conditioning them with nutrition feeds them and can make follicle health improved! I try not get technical but I work in the industry for the reason of what bad things FDA causes and people don’t know to teach and help find alternative means for their care. I’d not bash anyone for their choices. I respect what they choose. After reading comments I felt this type of disclaimer about my comments necessary. I don’t want to give wrong idea. We have a team that works synergistically with the body and looks at everything regular docs don’t. We have to see people in person to make recommendations. We are only allowed to give examples of situations if asked outside. Many are skeptics yet what they do is harming them more than they know. It’s hard to see so many suffering. Research research research further than YouTube and blogs into medical files and documentation that is real. Safety first. Not all prescriptions have side effects percentages down correctly. We are fighting that for those who believe if it prescribed it must be safe because that is not true. Google prescription truth.

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If good ol’ pure castor oil counts, then yes I have. That was the only one I ever intentionally used during 3-4 different stints in my life. It did work, but took time.
Now for the unintentional! An eyedrop I was prescribed for glaucoma made my lashes bloom like mad! The first year or two, it was the name brand, but when that got replaced by a generic, I began to have severe itching, redness and burst vessels, so I stopped it. And I also noticed that my weird gold flecks had become darker, like a honey shade? As far as I know, only those with hazel or with a mixed shade iris get darkening, but not 100% sure.

Hi Nancy, (I’m a regular lurker here). I just wanted to comment on your mention of stopping your prescription for glaucoma when you did not like the side effects of the generic version. I’m hoping that means you went back to the original prescription, not that you stopped using the drops altogether. Glaucoma is a serious medical condition, and untreated can most definitely cause blindness! If you DID stop them, have you consulted with your doctor about this? It’s really important. Sight is one of the most precious senses we have. All the best to you.

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FDA approved ones have caused most terrible reactions. Larisse is the worst. Talika is 100% safe and works never side affect reported. The FDA does what makes them money not what’s in best interest. Research further than fda approval. Research fda. That’s why I work where I do. It’s saving people who are sick from following FDA medicine and getting sick.

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Yes! It’s part of my night time routine! I use just a cheap drugstore product (that happens to be discontinued just now, so I went looking for another one that’s even cheaper, lol) and it does wonders! I am blessed with long dark lashes, but with this product they grow even a bit longer. With this stuff I do not need to use mascara unless I want to go glamourous. For every-day-fast-in-and-out-looks, I use a lash gel from the Body Shop. I’ve been using it for years now and I haven’t experienced any negative side effects.

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Hi Sandy, first I used the one from Etos (a local drugstore chain) and now I have one from Catrice (wich is more international I believe), and I think this one works as well for me.

I tried the revita lash and it really worked! I would say that my lashes got about 50% longer and much darker. It took about 4 weeks until i started to see results. I feel like you need to stop using it after about half a year and then take a break for a month or so. After that you can start again.
I just applied it in the evening every day and after about 8 weeks i sometimes misses a day or two, which i think is not bad at all.

Only downside of this product is that your lids and waterline might be a bit more red than usual (i have veeery pale skin, so i don’t know how obvious it is on darker skin tones).
My eyes needed a couple days to get used to this product. But after a week or so my lids were a lot less red and so i continued using it.

Highly recommed!

Not yet but I’m seriously thinking about trying something like that. My lashes are tiny and very straight and my lower lashes are so sparce that you can’t barely see them. I don’t know anything about side effects. I’m curious.

Profile photo of Renè

Yes I have. The only thing I trust and that surly guaranteed to work is Latisse. I do not trust or believe that a non prescriptive lash growth serum or a lash growth mascara actually works. For Latisse you need a prescription for it, it’s expensive, and must be applied at night. The results were amazing and I got long and thick lashes from using it. But, the lashes have a life cycle and fall out, that is normal even when using a growth serum thus, you have to keep using it. When you use the product, get the lashes you want, then stop, your perfect lashes wont last forever. Overall it’s a hassle to purchase and use.

I dont use the product anymore and will never use a lash growth product ever again because I am content and peace with my lashes even if they are not the longest. Nothing that a pair of false eyelashes or curler+mascara can’t fix.

Profile photo of jade

nope, not really into that kind of stuff. my mom’s gotten eyelash extensions before and she wasn’t the biggest fan of those either.

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Yes. I am using one currently called Neulash. I was skeptical. It wasn’t cheap. But it works! I noticed a difference within a couple of weeks. I am now at the 2 month mark and It’s rather remarkable.

Note: I have terrible lashes. While not exactly short, they are super straight and worse, pointing downwards. They are taupe in colour and have only become sparser and ashier as I have aged.

I now have enough length that the ends curl.
I have to apply my mascara slowly in layers so I don’t end up with mascara everywhere.
I’ve begun to notice lashes on the insides of my eyes which used to be practically invisible without mascara. My outer corners have taken on a fluttery look.
They hold a curl much better than they used to.
I can actually use a curler on my lashes without losing them.

I too use Neulash. It is amazing. It has made my lashes stronger, longer and more flexible. It is pricey but north it.

Yes, I’ve tried Rapid Lash, and while I think that it did give me slightly more lashes, it tended to give me a reddish stain over time wherever I applied it. Both my brows and my lash line. So I stopped.

Profile photo of Nicole

No. But, I have thought about it lately because I have been loosing lashes form a medication I am on. I would like to get off this medication or lower the dosage. I’m not sue if Latisse or the other lash enhancers work if the loss is from medication though. I will see my doctor next week and go form there. As far as brows, I think not plucking works well.

Profile photo of Sarah

I’m in the same boat as you, Christine. However a friend of mine used an over-the-counter one from Europe years ago and it really did make them longer, almost extension-like but they were natural.

I use Latisse and have done so for years–no side effect issues. Because I wear glasses, I go in for a comprehensive eye exam every year so I feel confident that if a problem were to arise, it could be nipped in the bud.

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