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I saw one once for acne, and it was a horrible experience. But later on, I talked with my primary care physician, and they prescribed me Differin, and that cleared up the majority of my acne. So, my one experience was horrible, but I recognize that (well, hopefully) it was a very extreme and rare type of dermatologist that I met.

— Christine

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So many of them n so many times… I’m v fussy about my skin n I don’t trust salons for it.. Only a dermatologist will do..

I’ve seen two. The first one prescribed Differin and something else I’m blanking on but when I combined them with my face wash my skin became really red and irritated and peeling, so I had to stop using everything and switch to a gentle face wash. The second one prescribed something called Acanya, which is supposedly gentler than the Differin, and it worked for a while but I stopped using it. I should probably see him again and ask if I need anything; my skin was behaving for a long time but has started acting up lately, probably due to the changing weather and I’ve been slacking on my skincare routine.

Saw one in my tweens for my acne. He was a fantastic guy, always pleasant, always had some bit of scientific knowledge to impart. Took through puberty and low-dose hormones to get myself straightened out, but it was completely worth it.

Yah i did before but stopped because I noticed that the more I go to the dermatologist, the more pimples I get. My skin is better now with just leaving them as is.

I’ve seen a few. I’ve had eczema my whole life and trying to get that under control is generally ridiculous.
One was a little too focused on inappropriate parts of my body when the main issue was my scalp (and I was about 14 at the time).
One told me I don’t even have eczema and I actually have seborrheic dermatitis, which doesn’t make much sense with my very dry skin.
And the next one who kept trying to walk out the door as I tried to ask her questions. She was literally standing there halfway out with the door open trying to escape. She didn’t even look at anything and spent less than 5 minutes in the room before trying to leave.
My general impression of dermatologists is that they don’t care about your skin condition unless they can get money from it. And that means they won’t pay attention to you unless you have acne or want Botox.

Fortunately, I’ve never had to. I’ve never had any serious skin issues, other than the occasional pimple, my skin has always had an even tone, and has never been too dry or oily. I don’t have perfect skin, by any means, but unless someone comes up with a solution to shrink pores, I see no need.

When I was in High School, I was a bit self-conscious about my skin during a brief period in 11th grade, and did consider it, but by the time I got around to seriously looking for a good one, my skin had cleared up on its own; looking back, it really wasn’t that bad, although I do have a few tiny “craters” on my lower cheeks. Some type of dermbrasion could probably help it a bit, but not entirely, and since it really is minor, I don’t think it’s worth the expense, pain, time, etc.

Yes, when I was thirteen to fifteen! He prescribed me Roicutane, and it cleared up my acne. Ever since, I had a normal skin… until six months or so ago. My skin became prone to break-out again, no idea why. I managed to get rid off most of it through skin-care, but it’s still not ideal, so I might come back.

I went once in high school. It was a waste of time and money, IMO. The dermatologist walked in and without so much as asking or answering a question told me what he was going to prescribe. WTF?! Not even joking, the entire visit was one minute long!! I tried asking questions about what he was prescribing, but got very little from his responses. Before I left, I tried to ask another question about the bumps on my arms and legs, which was something I mentioned when scheduling the appointment, and he told me I would have to call and make a totally separate appointment just to ask that question. In the end, I ended up with products I used once and tossed. I don’t think I’d ever go back. Heck, I’m still looking for a primary care physician that doesn’t piss me off.

As a medical student, this makes me very sad to hear. I’ve noticed that with dermatologists, the appointments are often very short, but I’ve never had a derm prescribe me something without asking me *anything* about my medical history. That is ridiculous! I hope you find someone better!

only once because i had those annoying skin tags underneath my armpit, and he burned them off right then and there.

Wear sunscreen and/or stay out of the sun. That’s all you need to know really! But yes, for moles and freckles I have. I had mild rosacea at one point (but my beauty therapist told me it wasn’t rosacea because it wasn’t lumpy, she gave me some non-irritating products and BOOM cleared up) – as well as anxiety meds lol pretty much every time I’ve been there they’ve been pretty useless actually…

No, but my Dr prescribed me some topical acne medication as a teenager. I’m not sure what brand it was, but it worked!

No, and i don’t plan too! My Aunt did though for adult acne and his only “answer” to it was chemical peels! my mother and i strongly pursueded her to not get it.

As with any type of physician, there are great ones and there are those who make you say to yourself, “How the heck did you become a doctor?” It’s always best to do as much research as you can before seeing a doctor, but even when you’ve done your due diligence, you can still have a horrible experience.

have seen a few dermatologists over the years. I have very fair skin and quite a few moles, so I like to get checked often because skin cancer is a concern. I am grateful I have not had any terrible experiences.

Recommendation: If on the first visit you feel uncomfortable with any doctor (for whatever reason), just hear what they have to say and kindly tell them, “Thank you for the information. I’d like some time to consider what you have told me.” You’re always free to leave without committing to anything. 🙂

Yeah, I’ve had some real clunkers (doctor who did a crappy job on a punch biopsy such that it was quite painful and left a big scar), some great ones (looked at my skin for two minutes and was able to discern that salicylic acid would RUIN MY FACE, which it in fact had a history of doing). I’ve also had a lot of in-between people who weren’t great but work out fine if I advocate for myself.

Two of them actually. One of them didn’t really listen well, rushed me through the process and gave me some horrible advice (but was nice about it). The other one was a robot woman who only laughed at her own jokes, then stopped abruptly as if her programming told her the appropriate amount of time had lapsed.

Yes I have, several times. It was worth it to get rid of my acne and of my acne scars. It was also necessary when I had to get rid of a mole that was getting bigger. It was however not worth it for eczema – there only homeopathy worked, albeit slowly.

I’ve recently felt the need to see one to treat my mild acne, she prescribed me Differin too, along with Benzac AC. i’ve been on treatment for a week and a half, my face is drying out like crazy, i just hope it works out and clears my acne.
My question is, do these creams and gels clear acne for good or just gets rid of the current acne i have?

I’ve tried both of those before, and as long as you keep up a good skincareregime after you use up each tube/container, your skin should stay clear. I’ve had periods of time where I got lazy and didn’t wash my face every night and my skin started breaking out again.

I have and I really Ike him, he had a great disposition. I had a large mole removed it was right around where my bra strap went so it was really irritating. I like the doctor a lot so I went back for two other mole removals, it was so quick and painless. I’ve taken my son to one also.

I have seen a dermatologist many many maaaany times! I have always had bad skin. As a teen I was troubled by acne and really bad oily skin, and even in my early 20s I still suffered from terribly oily skin and acne. I visited several dermatologists on and off for about 6 years. But my last derm was by far the best I ever had. She advised me to go on Roaccutane, and it has really changed my life. Not only did it drastically improve my skin, but it also improved my emotional well-being. So thank you, Karina Philips, for having changed my life! 🙂

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