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Thank to CNDC0618 & Ashley for today's question!

Have you ever participated in project pan?

For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, project pan typically involves using up products you already own – e.g. you have to finish your foundation or five lipglosses before buy more of that type of product. Much like a low or no-buy, it can be set-up however works for your stash, but the premise is really to encourage you use to use things you already own. I have not!

— Christine

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Profile photo of Nancy T

I’m down for finishing a pan of my homemade lasagne or brownies!!! ?
That’s a project pan I understand!

Okay, getting serious now. Only mascara, foundation or skin products. Those 3 categories I always use up what I have before buying more or a new version of the same, unless it starts causing problems with my skin or around my eye area for an eye cream. Although usually reactions happen during the first few weeks. Then I’ll return them.

Lasagne anyone? ?

Profile photo of kate

Ha ha, it is funny how we can hit the pan with edible consumables but not make-up! I must try harder!!! But there is always something new that catches my eye and doh, here we are again!

Profile photo of Nancy T

Same thing here, Kate! I have zero issues when it comes to food being devoured, but it takes me FOREVER to finish an eyeshadow or lipstick, even blush!

Oh my gosh, your comment has made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve had lasagna. Now I have a craving for some!

Profile photo of Joy

Haha! I’m with you! Skincare and food! Your project pan is hands down the best ever. ? ? I’d love some lasagne and brownies! ? Thank you! On board project pan now. ?

Profile photo of Cat

Lasagne sounds good! I haven’t had homemade lasagne in at least seven years. I’m going to make some within the next week! My family loves it so they’ll be more than happy. I’ll tell them that they have you to thank! =)

I haven’t, but I’m probably going to start 2 projects soon. I have a bunch of glosses that I want to use up before they go bad, so I need to start wearing gloss everyday instead of my usual lipstick. I also have a lot of Colour Pop shadows, and their website says they last 1 year after being opened. Some of mine are over a year old and still look good, but I don’t want to push it too far

Profile photo of Áine

I almost always only have one foundation or primer open at a time. I’ve never put that kind of limit on myself for other products, though.

Profile photo of Anne

I personally haven’t. I know some people count skincare items in their Project Pans, and for me I try not to have extra skincare items lying around (aside from seasonal stuff which hasn’t gone off), though currently I’m on a no-buy for Face Masks until I use some of mine up, and hand/body moisturizers as well as I was inundated with them over the holidays.

I try to not have too many of any particular beauty item at one time (aside from lipsticks at the moment, but that’s partly due to lipstick being the thing I can wear even when I feel too sick to do the rest of my makeup so I could it as a self-care/mental health thing).

I particularly limit the amount of cream/semi-cream products, so currently I can’t buy any more ColourPop eyeshadows until I use up the ones I have, and I think I only have one cream bronzer (The Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson one) and one cream blush (also Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson) and I think 2 ColourPop blushes and a bronzer, though I’m technically holding on to those for my mom as she mostly lives in the tropics where they’d get moldy very fast, and she uses them when she’s up here.

I think things like Project Pan are a great idea, though for me it’s more I limit myself to a particular number of items per product type, and can’t buy another until I finish/pass on/toss an expired item in the same category.

Not normally, but I’m saving up for a huge move from Canada to Australia so I have been for a while…it’s harder than I thought!

Profile photo of LindaLibraLoca

I set myself my own “Project Pan” goals numerous times, but never managed to see them through completely. Currently I am on one regarding red lipsticks, because I have so many, it is just ridiculous. After one month in, I have already received two other reds for Christmas. I guess that could be considered cheating, as I had specifically asked for them….
LindaLibraLoca Recently Posted: Rituals Samurai Collection – The husband tests

I’ve usually done it in a more general way, like I have to use up 5 products before I can buy a new one. I’m pretty good at using up things like cleanser, eye cream or non-SPF moisturizer before buying more, but it’s more difficult with everything else. My backlog of foundations and brow products are largely due to shade match fails.

Profile photo of Nicole

No, not intentionally! There is just no way. I’m not even trying at this point. That would be straight torture for me. So forget it. 🙂

I see people do this, and they often complain that they want to get this product that they do not love out of their collection. I do not understand that. Why use something every day that you do not like? I thought about doing a project like this, but it discourages me when I think about how long it will take. Imagine, what would it take to finish a full-size blush? 40 years? I just cannot do it.

I did inventory my stash lash week with the intention of getting rid of all of the sample sizes and identifying which makeup is old and should be used more frequently though. It was eye opening.

I inventoried by Bobbi Brown stash due to a large turnover at my local counter and wanted to have a snapshot of what I have and used (and what I dislike). I was shocked at the length of the list. The good news is that I use what I buy but it also suggested that I had enough BB eye shadow palettes (I refuse to buy any more until the sparkle/metallic is improved).

I have a Physician’s Formula blush that I don’t love and that takes up too much room (no more PF for me; their packaging is way bulky!) and so I decided to use it up at the beginning of the summer. I used it four or five times a week from July until about a month ago, and while I’ve hit pan, it would probably take another six months of as frequent use to use it up. I’ve finally decided that it doesn’t make sense. I have so many beautiful blushes I’ve never even tried, and I’m forcing myself to use that one. Enough is enough.

That is a VERY big blush. I could not ever complete one of those. I have some expensive ones and some NYX and Cover Girl Cheekers. Sometimes I like the powdery formula versus the expensive blushes. My theBalm Instain for example…goes on so heavily.

You ladies understand my sentiments exactly. For example, I put some heavy focus on my Chocolate Bar recently. Then, one day last week, I was just tired of using it. I am not going to get rid of it, but it is getting put away for awhile.

I also learned I have an excessive amount of Bobbi Brown things! I am going to sell my rose shimmer brick for example, I won it recently, and it is just not a good color for me. During my inventory I also decided that I do not want my Naked 1. I like the quality in general but there is just so much glitter. So, that is one I will destash.

Profile photo of Maggie

I think I should do this. Inventory my stash and try to understand why I do or don’t use a lot of it. I should love what I keep. As they say, kondo my stash!

Profile photo of Kelly

Yeah I don’t at all understand using a product you don’t like. I have a ton of makeup so if there’s something I don’t use I’d rather re-home it, or toss it.
I try to rotate through my stash as much as possible, and not buy more if I have a lot of a similar thing, but I won’t hang on to stuff I don’t use, and I won’t use something I don’t like just for the sake of using it up, especially if someone else can enjoy it.

I tried it for a while as a way to use up products I’d bought and not finished, but I didn’t like it because a lot of those products (especially foundations and powders) weren’t used up in the first place because they weren’t the right shade.
I think there’s always too many new and interesting things coming out to do a no-buy/no spend/project pan. How am I meant to find my HG stuff if I can’t try them? Haha!

Profile photo of Aj

I’m going to this year, I plan on finishing at least 2 lipsticks, a lipgloss, the only bronzer I have, and a browbone shade that I’ve hit pan on. I plan on hitting pan on another browbone shade, a powder – which is more likely to happen during the warmer months than now, 1 or 2 eyeshadows and maybe a blush.
I’m trying not to buy any lipsticks until I’ve finished the 2 I planned on, but it’s hard. Lol. At least eyeliners and mascaras aren’t a problem. 😀

And, really and realistically, how could you? But didn’t you knock off one Burberry Trench? Even that is amazing.

I have not but I should! With all the makeup I have, that would mean never buying anything new again and I know that’s not going to happen.

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