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I’ve looked once or twice, but never bit the bullet. The last straw for me personally though was the scandal over Lynderella giving her relative product not available elsewhere for the sole purpose of charging ridiculous amounts of money for it. It left an incredibly poor taste in my mouth and has pretty much completely turned me off of even thinking about overpaying in the future.

If I can’t get my hands on it through initial release, then sucks to be me but I move on 🙂

MAC Delineate; I paid somewhere around $70 USD on ebay. I bought it because red eyeliners at that time were really a rare find. It’s a PITA product to apply, but it’s so pretty, I’m willing to put in the effort. I didn’t search for it directly, but it turned up in a search for red eyeliner. I don’t think I’d ever pay more than retail in the future, though; there really are too many products available on the market that are just as good as LE, and from brands who actually want my money…

I do buy a lot of Korean and Japanese beauty products, and though I don’t know how much they cost originally, I’m sure I ended up paying a lot more than that.

I have, mainly for discontinued or LE shades. But what takes the cake was me paying Australian retail for Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #14. It’s technically retail, albeit way more than US retail price, but it was so, so painful. (totally worth it, though) >’:

I haven’t paid more for products I can get in the US, but I just bought a bunch of Korean cosmetics (Thanks to the Muse) and I’m fairly certain that while what I paid was surprisingly reasonable, it was still more than I’d have paid in Korea. (Shipping was only $2, though, so I didn’t get gouged there. If my products arrive when they should and they’re what I ordered, I’ll recommend this seller wholeheartedly. So far all I can say is they have a good selection and shipped out my items almost immediately.)

No never. Too afraid to buy makeup from eBay stores. I have paid less but never more…like sales at the drugstore and The Cosmetic Company…would never do it…
Christine, didnt you buy this one Armani Eyes to Kill pressed shadow #14 that you paid almost double and had it shipped from Europe.

I sell makeup on eBay and all of the stuff I sell is authentic, fresh and perfect. If you check a sellers feedback, you will know if they are legit.

Actually, I’m doing that a ton recently. I was out of the makeup world for a few years, so now I’m back with a vengeance and find myself on Amazon a lot getting discontinued stuff, mostly MAC lippies. Note – make sure the buyer has a good rating; lots of makeup frauds on there, especially with brushes and liquid stuff. Just be careful…

This week I paid 32€ for MAC Lightscapade. Retail 28€ and 4€ shipping. I couldn’t wait for the Paramore collection. Limiteds are so hard to get in the Netherlands. And I was lucky.. it was the last item.. 😀

My awesome boyfriend bought me My Dark Magic eyeshadow from MAC Venomous Villains on Ebay last month, he snagged it for £26! It’s crazy the prices MAC can get up to on there, especially LE :/

No… I don’t think anything makeup related is worth paying more than retail (I actually try to buy high end makeup from Dillard’s because I get a 25% off discount). There hasn’t been anything (i.e. LE items I missed out on or discontinued items) that I felt I needed that much… At least not yet ;).

I never have, but I don’t rule it out entirely: paying an unreasonable amount is absolutely out of the question, but if I stumble on a holy grail I can’t repurchase elsewhere, I might shell out a couple of euros above the retail price. It’d have to be exceptional, though.

Yes, paid $50 for Mac’s Queens Sin lipstick on eBay. Can’t believe that shade has never been repromoted!!

No I haven’t, nor would I. My own wariness about ebay fakes manages to cool my jets for me when I do stumble across a product that I have been itching to own. And then I’m able to remind myself that “it’s only makeup and there are probably lots of dupes”.

I can reassure you that there are quite a few legit sellers on eBay. All you have to do is check their feedback and that will tell you if they sell authentic product. And you are always covered by buyer protection!

I bought Mac Parrot eyeshadow online for $45US, which to be honest is only about $9 more expensive than the regular Australian price anyway so I figured I might as well just go for it. Totally worth it! Also I rationalized it (and some other purchases, hehe) by factoring in the $50 I saved by buying NARS Cap Ferrat online instead of paying $89 for it in Australia.

That’s how I justified MAC Delineate-I also stumbled upon a Lancôme liner (also red), and it, along with the silver, was 1/2 of what I paid retail years before, so it all kind of “averaged” out, LOL.

Yes, the original Bobbi Brown shimmer brick when it was limited edition. Bought it on ebay for $20 above retail (so annoyed because it was released as a permanent addition to the line shortly after). I also bought a discontinued shu uemera blush on ebay. Total impulse purchase based on a blog. Didn’t love the product and felt dopey because even if I did, what was I going to do, it was discontinued!!!!

No…I’ve never wanted something so badly that I was willing to pay more than retail for it. I would like to think that I wouldn’t do it, but who knows! If it’s a product I know that I need and it had suddenly been discontinued I might end up doing it, but it would have to be something I felt like I couldn’t do without or couldn’t find a replacement for.

There are three or four MAC LE lipsticks I paid double for on Ebay. It’s annoying and now I am more on top of the releases

Just once! I purchased the Maybelline Limited Edition Fall 2012 Fashion Week Color Tattoo Eyeshadows (all 4 of them) from Ebay for about $10 each. The Walgreens’ and CVS’s around me were either sold out of these items or never had them to begin with. But lo and behold, a week later after I got the color tattoos in the mail, the Walgreens closest to me finally put up the collection with all the color tattoos plus they were buy one get one 50% off. Goes to show that I should have been more patient 🙁

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