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Me too!! Lol it’s fun at mac, iv had my makeup done there quite a few times. Mostly I just walk in when Im having a bad day and il ask one of the girls to make me up. It’s amazing what getting pampered does for a girls self esteem.

What counter do you go to? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a mac store with the possibility of dropping hundreds of dollars only to be told they were all booked. Or I get someone to do my make up and they do a terrible job and I feel so embarrassed to be walking around in public with this shitty make up job.

the problem is you went to the MAC counter… go to the Urban Decay counter next time!! Their artists are super nice, and won’t make you look like a MAC’d out hooker!!

No, but I think it would be fun! Especially if you had someone to do it everyday. You could just tell them the colors and look your wanting…LOL! Ok well I can dream 🙂

I paid a local makeup artist to do my makeup on my wedding day and also on my brother’s wedding day. My makeup looked awesome both in person and in pictures. My makeup did not look cakey or over the top.

Yes I have I got my makeup done by a door makeup artist by the name of Kevianno. I looked in the mirror and I looked like a freak.

Yes, I have, many times. I model so I’ve worked with many professional makeup artists. Its really fun and pampering. They do everything and they usually do it so well! 🙂

Never! I’d like to get it done at a makeup counter for fun, but I don’t want to be pressured in to buying products I don’t want.

Twice, I had an artist from Laura Mercier (he does circuit tours of the Laura Mercier counters around my area) do my makeup. He was absolutely phenomonal and on a completely different plane than the other SAs at the local counters. The difference in skill completely showed on my skin/foundation and the two makeovers involved in-depth skin prep with non LM products. Shocking I know! And he actually knew his skincare facts, thank God. I was actually agreeing with what he was saying instead of just nodding (out of politeness of course) at random ridiculous claims that the SA girls and guys would typically blab about.

Yes, I have had but mostly at counters/stores. I regularly get invitations from counters and of course I don’t miss the chance to go and try something new. But I would like to point something that will maybe stir reactions: at the counters the men who did my makeup were always better than women,as far as technique and communication go. With men, if I asked them for “a natural look” , I got a great natural look. With women, I got a heavily black-rimmed eye and the wrong shade of foundation. I always chat with the artist, and it was impressing to discover how enthusiastic the guys were about their job and products they were using (and I ‘ve met a couple of them who were fine arts graduates). The women on the other hand didn’t even bother to say what products they were using (hello?! keeping it commercial?!). And is it so hard to find the right shade of foundation? Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve also hired a makeup artist twice (ok, yeah, another guy as well) and I was very satisfied with the results but he’s very experienced and quite well-known here so it was guaranteed 😉

The only MAC artist in my city I let touch me with a ten foot pole is Sam, a very lovely gentleman who knows how to not only LISTEN to you, but how to talk you through what he’s doing so you can (maybe:-) do it for yourself back home. The girls, yeah, MAC hookers. It’s a thing with them everywhere from what I’ve seen.

I have had artists from MAC and other beauty counters apply my makeup for me. I haven’t had any good experiences though because they usually apply makeup with what they think looks good in mind and not so much if I am going to be comfortable with it or not.

Yes. A beauty store here in Cyprus does this little “events” where you go to the store and there are a couple of makeup artists that offer to do your make up for free, to tell you some tips about your skin type etc, etc.And after that you can buy the products that the artist used on you(if u want) . I went there last year when I was 17. I wanted something neutral and wearable. Instead I had pink eyeshadows on my eyes (pink? i said i 17 not 7) and an orange lipgloss. I asked for a nice shade of red for my skin tone and he said that I shouldnt wear red, even If I go to the president’s house (that was ironic). My mom loved the make up so we bought the pink eye palette, the pink blush ( which after a couple of uses I realized It was a pink highlighter 😛 and the gloss (everything from dior for a reason I dont knw). I ended up never using the pink eyeshadows. Conclusion: never let your self take advice from Cypriot makeup artist. They dont even know what highlighter is 😛

When I was younger in my teens, I was more daring to let the traveling makeup artist touch my face and do whatever. And I think they were nicer back then encouraging me to sit and let them do something….not at the very least concern that I needed to buy something…even though I always bought something. Much as I like UD’s shadows, the sales associate tell people they will not do a makeover unless you buy a certain amount. Not that I want them to touch me anyway, because no one knows how to do these Asian monolid eyes….I always end up looking like I got two black eyes.

Yes, I’ve had my makeup done by artists from MAC and other counters. I like to have it done by people who do their own makeup well or who I know do good work. I like to learn new tricks!

Yes, at the Dior counter of my local beauty shop, and on my wedding day, by an freelance makeup artist. I looked gorgeous in both cases 🙂

Yes I have before when I wasnt so into make up yet but I would like to have my make up done by someone else for a change now that I know a lot more about make up. Its bound to be interesting

Yep! I used to work for a makeup artist. I have my makeup done professionally for special occasions. I love it!

I got my makeup done at MAC for prom and regretted it. She spent a total of 10 min on me, even though they told me it would be an hour, and I came out looking orange! My eye makeup looked like I was out all and I didn’t wash it off or anything. I took it off the second I got home!

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