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Haaaah, I took two years of Japanese and I still second guess myself when pronouncing double vowels in it. Which is silly, because it’s a really consistent language phonetically.

I still get Guerlain wrong on occasion, if I’m not thinking about it. And I confess I’m not quite sure how to pronounce Le Metier de Beaute…surely I’m not alone?

LMDB is pronounced “Le Meh-tea-yay de Bow-tay” with a “bow” as in “bow tie,” if that makes sense! πŸ™‚

Oh gawd I NEVER even attempt to pronounce that brand! Maybe its a good thing we don’t have it in Australia then! All of the strine in our accent would just make it sound atrocious…How DOES one pronounce it? Anyone?

I agree with Le Metier de Beaute, I used to think it was pronounced ‘beaut’ but I heard someone else say ‘beaut-ay’.

I also had trouble with Illamasqua (-ca or -qua at the end).

I think it helps that so many big French brands do a lot of advertising! You can just go by what the brand tells you to say. Initially I had trouble with Illamasqua– whether it was ‘kwa’ of ‘ka’ at the end. I watched a few of their videos and discovered that even their own artists pronounce it differently, so I guess it works either way!

All the time, English is my second language so sometime I don’t even know how to pronounce people’s names. lol

The first one that comes to mind is Givenchy, LOL. I still don’t know what the proper pronunciation. L’Occitane, Guerlain, and Yves Saint Laurent are some others that come to mind. Those are the one’s where I’m fairly sure I’m pronouncing them correctly, but I still feel self conscious saying them out loud, haha. I also thought NYX was just N-Y-X for the longest time, but I’m used to saying “nix” now. The other brand is LORAC…I say it Low-rAHk. So, I’m not super fantastic out writing out how I pronounce things, but since it’s Carol backwards, it seems like the O would be a long O and the A would be a short A, but I could be wrong. *shrug*

If anyone knows the legit pronunciations, LET ME KNOW! Please & Thank you! πŸ™‚

The proper pronunctiation of Givenchy is jee-vahn-shee, the first ‘g’ being pronounced as a typical french ‘j’, so without the ‘d’ that English speakers naturally add to it. I don’t really know how to explain this properly, because it’s a sound that doesn’t occur in the English language. I hope my explanation makes any sense πŸ˜€

Oh thank the Lord I’ve been saying it correctly, LOL! Thank you! You explained it wonderfully, Chiara! I took a couple years of French many years ago, but I still always feel like I’m butchering the language when I attempt the pronunciation of some words.

so Guerlain is a tricky one. without the letter e at the end, as in “guerlaine”, there is nothing to nail that letter n down. so in french this is another one that’s gair-lehh–, the last syllable being tossed off snootily implying the n without really pronouncing it, take another drag off your cigarette, look off into the distance looking glamorous and troubled.

I hate to say it and sound like a snob but… I always known that it should be pronounced “nix”. Look, I have an interest on Greek mythology long before I had an interest in makeup (since I was in elementary school) so when I first heard of NYX, I immediately thought “Hmm… Isn’t that the name of a Greek goddess?” Sure enough on the company website it said “goddess of the night” at the time. It confused me why other people would call it N-Y-X in the first place.

Anyway, I mostly heard of makeup brands from youtube videos and commercials. I merely copy how they pronounce the brands.

It’s a Polish brand and Polish is pretty easy to read, because you read exactly how the word is spelt. So it’s Inglot πŸ™‚

At first, when I was younger, I always thought Givenchy was pronounced in English. (im from the netherlands). A few years ago I started following blogs that made youtube clips and said Chi-ven-chi.

Other french names are not so hard f or me, we learn french on school for several years and I go to france almost every year on holiday.

Until now i always thought NYX was an english brand so I was always spelling it. Looks like all the noobs in holland got it right after all saying nix.. Haha!

I might be wrong, but I studied French for 13 years. And I believe that Chantecaille is pronounced shawn-teh-kigh.

In that caille rhymes with the word “high.”

except for here, since we have a double-l and an e at the end we get shahn-tuh-kigh-yuh. same as how tortilla gives us tore-tee-yuh or ratatouille gives us ra-ta-too-yuh. but since this is someone’s family name they may pronouce it any which way. who knows…

I won’t even horrify you with how I’ve been pronouncing it in my head, but I have to say I am sincerely impressed by my failure to get even a single syllable of it pronounced right. πŸ˜›

L’occitane is still a mystery to me. Saw a seqment on QVC before Christmas and I think I heard it pronounced LAW-SIT-TAWN…. Can anyone shed some light on that one?

Pfft, just cosmetic brand names? I learned most of my vocabulary through reading. Let me tell you about my phonetics fail. πŸ˜›

Yves St. Laurent is the one I still puzzle over, which is strange because I’m quite fond of fashion and know most of the big brands fairly well. I’ve still yet to hear somebody pronounce it, too, so I usually just use the initials if it comes up in conversation, haha. Looking through the comments, I just realized myself and most other Americans say Givenchy wrong. πŸ˜› Guerlain used to confuse me until you did the video showing off your collection, at which point I realized the second part of the word should be pronounced with a short vowel and not a long. Surprisingly, I got L’Occitane more or less correct the first time, if a little long on the ‘a’ sound.

Me too! I got many of my first “big words” from romance novels read on the sly, which absolutely didn’t help with my pronunciation. I still remember the quizzical looks I got when I trotted out my (wrongly pronounced) five dollar words. Priceless.

NYX and Nuxe… hmmm. I also thought that Loccitance was pronounced Lockitann, but it shall be pronounced Loxitann as far as I know. French is hard. Clarins shall is pronounced ClarΓ€ns (swedish letter Γ€ is almost like ai).

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