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Yes – when a brand reacts poorly to a negative (or a not-so-positive) review, then they’re off my list. e.l.f. is a brand I don’t use, feature, etc. because they used one of my eyeshadow looks in their newsletter and led their subscribers to believe it was a look used with e.l.f. products, and then they used three of my other photos on their website without permission. It takes a fair amount to annoy/frustrate me enough to write a brand off.

— Christine

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Yes! I bought a Jane Tinted Moisturizer and when I applied it, my eyes started to burn, and I had a very bad allergic reaction.

I had to go to the ER for treatment. When I emailed and called the brand about it, they never replied (email), and they had nothing to tell me (phone).

Yeah, after that it took me months before I could really look at what I owned by them again. (I finally told myself, “Look, they already got your money, it’s only hurting yourself not to use something already bought.”)

I’m still on the fence about purchasing anything else, which is a shame because I like their lipstick formula…but they royally messed up and didn’t really own up to it in my opinion. The only really important thing is I’d been using their clear mascara as brow gel, but I have to order clear mascara online anyway, I’m sure I can find a substitute without much trouble.

Yes! After that, I couldn’t use their products for a while. Once I use up the items that I already own, I don’t plan on buying anything from NYX again.

I also won’t buy from NYX again after a bad customer service experience that pre-dates the infamous bait & switch. I’m not convinced that they are a legit business. I was treated pretty horribly. Maybe they’re better now, but I won’t spend another dime there to find out.

Christine, that is AWFUL what elf did to you! I don’t think I have tried any of their products, but will make a point NOT to now.

I just read up on that…I will no longer buy anything from NYX or ELF again. That is just plain WRONG.

Never used NYX but after hearing that I will never use it. And as far as E.L.F goes, I’ve never used anything by them either but redundantly, never will.

Bare Minerals!
Their foundation gave me cystic acne. I always had mild very small acne but after using this I would develop huge zits. It took me forever to figure out that the Bismuth oxychloride ingredient was the culprit.

The same thing happened to me. I’m STILL having a hard time getting rid of the acne scarring their products left me with. When I hear my friends say that they want to get it, I cringe.

I don’t use bare minerals because I had an allergy reaction to their foundation. That has never happened before and if it was any other brand I probably would still try other stuff but it annoyed me that the brand is stated as being for people who have sensitive skin. It also annoyed me that when I contacted them they knew about the problem and said that it happens.

Bare Minerals made my skin burn – very unpleasant. I was disappointed because I thought it was specifically *for* sensitive skin too 🙁

I had the same problem! “Perfect for sensitive skin” – yeah, not for me. I wanted to scratch my face off, it was so irritating. I’ve never tried another Bare Escentuals product (gloss, mascara, scared of it all.)

wow about elf! There are a couple brands I don’t feature, support or talk about because of how they treat bloggers and/or the people behind the brand are dishonest and shady. They are Julep and Ginger + Liz.

Wow…Had heard about your beef with…I think it was OPI, and how they didn’t like your reviews, I think I read about on here a long time ago…but hadn’t heard or missed the part about e.l.f.

How creepy that they would use your face on their website with products on it that weren’t theirs. That REALLY freaks me out for some reason, although I am sure you have seen worse, being in the business for some time now.

Do you keep a published list on here soemwhere like some other sites do of a ‘burned’ list or a ‘do not recommend’ brand list?

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When OPI did their Burlesque collection, whether because OPI had just hired a more robust legal team (at the time, they were also several pending lawsuits against various etailers, so it made them seem “sue-happy”) or their big partner Sony (I had heard it both ways) pushed them to, they had their lawyer send out notices to many bloggers to take down OPI fall and Burlesque collection images. I had a couple of calls from other bloggers who were freaking out over it and thought they were being sued, which really is what frustrated me. Instead of OPI’s PR team emailing bloggers asking for images to go down (which, in itself, was highly unusual as OPI images had always been released 3-6 months early and nobody ever said anything), they sent lawyers after bloggers instead. It’s a rather strong-armed tactic for a group who is often doing it for the love of it, as a hobby. As far as I know, there was also no apology issued over it. I have never been in contact with OPI’s PR team, not then and not now, as I had simply reposted the information from another blog who had originally posted it (which was out on many, many other blogs).

The final straw was when OPI told a Temptalia reader via their Facebook that they had apologized to me that made me have no soft spot for the whole situation, which had been badly played but could have been fixed with a simple apology and acknowledgment that they do appreciate the blogging community, but the lying about an apology was too far. Before, I didn’t see any reason to spend money buying OPI products to give them, what they would regard as free promotion/advertising, when they didn’t seem to appreciate the very nature of blogging. The lying just made it that much easier to make that decision stick.

wow! did not know about this! it’s always been a toss-up for me btwn essie and OPI but this just tips the scale over to essie all the way!

Yes – I had an awful allergic reaction to a Royal and Langnickel foundation brush, followed by an absolute horror story with their customer service (asked me to send it back for a replacement at my expense, never sent another, ignored ally emails…). I would never, ever use one of their products again.

Holy shit- I had no idea about e.l.f. Thanks for the heads up! I will for sure stay away from their products now.

There’s an elf ad right next to this post, lol.

I go on and off brands every so often, but there’s not been one I’ve stopped using entirely.

It’s funny you mention E.L.F., because I always see ads for their products when I visit this site. I never gave it much thought but i think, subconsciously anyway, I assumed you liked it since I see them so often. I suspect that this is probably google ads doing, though.
using other people’s photos is bad enough, but stealing a photo AND claiming the look was made from their products is just so shady. How could anyone possibly trust their products knowing that.

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The ads you see are likely just a result of what websites you’re going to, what you’re searching for, etc. There are definitely some advertisements that everybody sees, but overall, the advertising mix is huge. Like after I’ve visited Orvis to look at dog beds, I’ll see Orvis ads on Temptalia 😉

Do you know if you can ban their display ads from showing? I feel like it should be possible through the ad network, if you don’t want to support them in any way.

Me too for the ads! This is the only site where I see e.l.f. ads and I’ve never visited their site before.

Wow, I’m shocked to read that e.l.f did that.
Personally, I will not buy a Chanel product anymore. I got the Rouge Allure in Genius and dries my lips, like crazy. I was really disappointed.

Lancôme used to be my go-to for mascara and other cosmetics but I developed a sudden and severe allergy to their mascara (which I loved and wore for more than a decade). Not sure if they changed the formula or my body decided it didn’t like it anymore.

Since mascara is their standout product (IMO), I just moved on to a different brand. I now wear MUFE Smoky Lash and have discovered many wonderful products that do not irritate my über, ultra sensitive skin.

I have to say e.l.f too. When they’re bad, they’re really bad… and even if they are low-cost, it adds up.

I don’t blame you. I would boycott any company that does this. Julep is a perfect example. They used blogger photos and REMOVED the watermarks! When confronted, they said they would never intentionally remove watermarks. So they removed themselves, huh? The photos (with watermarks) are back up on Julep’s blog, and now link back to the original blogger, but between that and the Julep Maven drama, they’re just too weird for me to want to support them.

I also refuse to use Lime Crime because of all the craziness surrounding that company and the owner. Doesn’t seem like I’m missing out on much anyway.

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Wow – that is pretty impressive in how far they’d go! I’ve been hesitant to work with Julep because I knew there was some drama, but without time to sit down and research it, I hadn’t really made a call either way.

Wow, pretty shady of Elf, Christine. Glad you keep an eye on your hard work so it’s not abused.

e.l.f. has never been on my list, but now they are unequivocally OFF my list. Shady, shady business practice!

Lime Crime, due to A) their blatant repackaging of eyeshadows and B) their atrocious business practices. The actual quality of the products themselves aren’t that great, either, and overall I’d be an incredible idiot to ever buy from them again after all they have against them.

This. A friend of mine is so obsessed with this brand lately and I just want to shake her and go YOU KNOW IT’S NOT WORTH IT RIGHT.

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