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I’m very lucky that nobody has forbid me to wear it, but certainly there are looks that are more or less appealing. For instance, I know my dad isn’t keen on makeup/nails (especially red nails!), but I take it in jest rather than mean-spirited. If someone had a serious problem with it, I would try to explain how it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

— Christine

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If I ever tell my mom about new products that I’ve gotten or about a new look that I’ve tried she always rolls her eyes and says I should focus more on finding a man than on thinking about makeup. Which maybe is true, but I don’t really care.

Tell her it’s an investment toward men. It’s an assumption about makeup that I don’t necessarily approve of but maybe you’ll get less flak.

My mom doesn’t like the “weird” makeup I do, aka anything other than red/pink nail polish, pink blush, or any bright colored eyeshadow, but that’s just her personal taste…she doesn’t “forbid” me.

My dad has a problem with my make-up habit, in a sense he does not understand why I buy it, why I blog about it, why it is so important to me etc. He is not disapproving of me wearing it though. I know if I am going to dinner with him, I better not wear a bright neon lipstick because he’ll say I remind him of a clown.

my boyfriend is very similar. a few weeks ago, he was like,”aren’t you getting a little obsessed?” This coming from the man with $30,000 worth of tools in the garage to work on cars. His excuse is that cars have “a purpose” lol.

OMG I hate that! My husband is the same way with his autograph and sports card collection- he calls that an “investment” and says it’s going up in value while he spends tens of thousands on it! Men just do not get it LOL

My mom doesn’t really have a problem with it, but she thinks that I have a problem because of how much makeup I own. She constantly tells me I have “enough” and that I need to stop buying new things. She’s also not a huge fan of me wearing a lot black near my eyes. I don’t live with or near her anymore so I just ignore her when it comes up since it isn’t a frequent thing. /shrug

I know my parents aren’t really fond of the fact that I wear practically every color of the rainbow on my nails except for reds, but it’s more in a head shake “I don’t get it” kind of way. They know it’s removable and they know I’ll wear an “appropriate” color if the occasion calls for it so they let it be.

My dad also occasionally raises an eyebrow at some of the brighter shades I wear on the weekend, but again it’s more “I don’t get it” than “don’t ever wear that.”

I consider myself lucky 🙂

My dad hates it. Won’t hear any of the happiness explanation. My mom is sometimes annoyed but also impressed. My younger sister is scared of yet fascinated by it xD

My mom just rags on me for spending money, but she has no issue with what I buy…so I just don’t share my spending habits with her much (although I do post blog posts on my Facebook…). I’m an adult with a job and a family so I brush off her “concerns” though, usually.

My mum hates my makeup. And makeup in general. She wears powder, and lipstick and that’s all. Anything else is “unnecessary” to her. She accuses me of “hoarding” makeup because I have more than a few items. My dad says my makeup is “slutty”. My boyfriend and roommate both like my makeup though and say its cute n_n

yeah thats the same for me. my parents dont like my makeup espcially bright colours.. but i wear minimal makeup during the weekdays and more on the weekends.

Im feeling kinda old here cause all all the comments so far are coming from the beautiful ladies talking about what their mom and dads think – in my case, I AM the mom! Lol 🙂 Im the 34 yr old mommy and my hubby thinks my love for make-up is cute, my 12 yr old daughter is absolutely fascinated by it (I luv that her favorite past-time is watching me do my make-up), and the one time that my mom did see all my make-up, she nodded her head very dissaprovingly. 😉 Well, my daughter wont ever have to worry about that!

I really appreciate your view, Angie! I’m in my twenties now, and I *still* wish my mom would appreciate my makeup. If I wear or put on any makeup around her, she just lets me know that I would look better without it on. She’s been disapproving of “unnatural” beauty for as long as I can remember. Your daughter definitely won’t have any of those problems, that’s wonderful!

Oh my gosh, that reminds me how I used to watch my mom do her makeup when I was little! She only puts it on for special events, so watching her was a real treat. I thought it was magical. To this day, it’s one of my fondest memories with her (I’m 26 now). I’m glad you and your daughter get to share that too!

Not really. But a few weeks ago I wore Haight on my crease and my mother told me to take it off because it was too bright.. Luckily I complied because we ended up going to a low-key place that day. 😀

I remember my mom used to always get on me about black nail polish. Black lipstick no problem, but for some reason on my nails it really bothered her. Now she says I’ve earned a free pass on my hair/makeup/clothes/almost everything, because I’ve proven myself to be more responsible than she is.

One grandmother thinks that any makeup over one lipstick is “worthless junk” and hair dye is throwing money away.Plus she always says that people will never respect me or take me seriously.(She also thinks that Jurassic Park is garbage because dinosaurs aren’t real)
The other grandma is a psychotic control freak, and seems to look for any excuse to trash me.

Me and my mom both have the same makeup obsession and i got her started on it so thats not a problem. But my boyfriend hates that i wear makeup. He wishes i would just go without it. And especially when i spend like 15 mins at the drugstore looking at the makeup and nailpolishes he gets annoyed. But i guess thats not too bad. He may not like it but he lets me do it anyways.

They may not necessarily like the looks I do (although some they love), but ultimately, people say they like how I dare to wear it.

My mom thought Illamasqua’s Kontrol lipstick looked badass.

Mmm…my parents are weirded out by nail polish other than pinks, reds, pearl white or clear. If I wear anything blue or green, I’m generally asked to take it off because it looks “whorish”. Dark reds are generally misconstrued as black. I can sort of get away with reddish purples. In regards to eye makeup, I generally keep to neutrals or some color that pops but goes well with my warmer skin. My mom actually likes what I do with my more neutral makeup.

My boyfriend doesn’t really get my enjoyment of makeup and thinks it’s a little weird. He’s more likely to poke fun or just simply say “he doesn’t get it” when I point out that I’m wearing eyeshadow or something. I’ll usually only wear neutrals or played down makeup with him.

Around my female friends though, I’ll wear something a little more fun. :3

My mom doesn’t HATE anything, but she always shudder when I do my nails in red, especially when I had long square nails. She calls them “ghost claws” in Chinese!=P

I think my family’s kind of gotten used to it. I used to bust out with bright looks all the time but I’ve been embracing more toned-down colors (browns, nudes) over the past few years and have gotten a lot better at blending out colorful looks so they’re not as harsh. It used to be that their comments were pretty negative and even harsh – stuff from “eew,ugly” to “you look like a hooker.” But now they’re pretty much indifferent or I’ll get an occasional compliment “where are you going all made up like that? :)” Even things like colorful nail polish used to bother them, but just last week I was wearing a bright, glittery lime green polish and my grandma (who usually disapproves of anything makeup-related) went “oooh what a flattering color that is on you” I think the only complaint I hear nowadays is that it takes too long for me to get ready (makeup can take me upwards of 45 minutes for the whole face) but I don’t wear makeup out as often as I used to, if I need to get ready quick and I don’t have any major breakouts going on, I usually don’t bother. Although, if I can put makeup on, I do – it’s something I find to be incredibly fun.
I’ve always tried not to take any negative comments about my makeup/style too personally because I like to be able to express myself and, in all honesty, when my mum thinks something is really awful – like feather earrings or bright red hair or even the lime green nails my grandma liked (xD) – I get a kick out of it and like whatever it is even more.

my dad prefers I wear neutral colors, my stepmom hates when I wear bright lip colors or have green or blue eyeshadow…sometimes she says my makeup looks like s**t but whatever I just ignore her all the time anyways haha.

my boyfriend likes my makeup but he hates that I wear anything on my lips because every time he kiss me he’d end up having bright pink lips and not notice haha

My mom thinks that bright nails look like “Halloween”, and my boyfriend doesn’t like orange lips. While I respect their opinions, I keep rockin’ both. 😉

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