Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Choose or Lose

Have you ever gone into debt because of beauty/makeup?

  • No! (65%, 2,898 Votes)
  • I've come close! (20%, 884 Votes)
  • Yes, I have! (15%, 675 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,474

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63 thoughts on “Have you ever gone into debt because of beauty/makeup?

  1. AnGeLwInGz

    Maybe not debt but I have wasted thousands of dollars on cosmetics that I’ve rarely used over the years. Having worked as a sales associate for companies like Chanel and Dior I had access to the stuff right away and of course felt compelled to buy it. Believe me, at $56 a pop for eyeshadow palettes and $23 for nail polish and $25 for lip gloss and $27.50 for mascara and $26 for eyeliner (these were the old prices back then) it adds up FAST! I’d buy them just to have them, even if I didn’t particularly like the color or texture. I was also a total sucker for LE items and most of those are easily in the $80 range. So yeah, I still have an arsenal of expired high end cosmetics that are unsafe to wear but I can’t bring myself to throw them out. These days I try to limit my purchases to basics, such as mascara and lip balm, that I’m guaranteed to wear every day.

    • Pink Provocateur

      Do you really find your Chanel makeup to be unsafe to wear? I don’t have significant knowledge about other brands, but I have been collecting Chanel for 30 years. All my blushes, powders, and eyeshadows, as well as the vast majority of my lipsticks and glosses, and even eye/lip pencils are in fine condition. I wear them all the time, and they perform as well as they did when new. It’s why I keep buying Chanel.

      I’m so sorry that you’re not having the same experience. :-(

      • Ellie

        You’ve been lucky. Makeup after a while expires, no matter what brand you buy.

        • I haven’t had anything for 30 years (not sure if PINK PROVOCATEUR is saying that either) but I have a lot of makeup that is well beyond the “safe” time frame that we’re told to go by and all of it still performs beautifully. I know I have some shadows that are 10 years old that I was about to toss because of age…but when I sat down and went through the checklist of how to tell when a product has gone bad none of them fit the bill. The only things I have ever HAD to toss were old MAC lip glasses that had separated and MAC paint pots that had dried out. Anything else I’ve ever tossed was solely because I didn’t want it anymore and I didn’t feel comfortable giving makeup I knew was several years old away to anyone.

          • Lisa J

            I’m the same way. I have products that were bought 5+ years ago and are still perfectly fine. The only items I tend to toss regularly are mascaras and lip glosses. Mascaras usually dry out around 3-4 months and lip glosses never last more than a year for me. I don’t share my products, always use clean brushes, and clean products I use frequently with alcohol on occasion, especially lipsticks. I’ve never had an experience with a bad product causing an eye infection or anything like that, so I usually don’t worry too much about expiration dates. Plus, I think those dates are just safety precautions anyway. Or they probably protect the company from any liability in the rare case that something goes terribly wrong.

      • Jessica

        I too have chanel lipstick and eyeshadow that I have been using for over 20 years. They still perform beautifully and smell nice. I use them for special occasions. I think they are called Premier Rouge and Premier Or.

  2. Janelle

    If I cannot buy it outright with my Debit Card I do not buy it. I was debt when I got out of college and I never want to experience that again. I will sometimes use a credit card if it is going to get me points (Nordstrom), but if I cannot pay for the item I do not buy it! I probably do not want to add what I have spent on makeup, but I know that it is a nice splurge for me and I use my products.

  3. Kristen

    No. I went into debt for other things long before I actually got into makeup so I learned my lesson about over spending. I never buy anything I don’t have the money for and sometimes, that means not getting everything I want. I see girls with HUGE hauls costing hundreds of dollars which looks amazing, but if I don’t have it in my bank account, I’m not spending it. Lesson learned the hard way.

  4. Malinda Jane

    No. I try to buy dupes of things in shades that I don’t wear often and only splurge on the most important things like foundation and the lipstick/eyeshadow shades I wear on a regular basis. If the price outweighs the use value then I don’t buy it.
    I’m not really concerned by what brand it is as long as it does what I want it to.

  5. xamyx

    I’ve used credit cards to purchase items, but not to the extent that each charge was in the hundreds, just to pick up one entire collection, and not to the point that I can’t make payments. I also don’t do huge hauls on a regular basis, or every season, and I have “cooling off” periods, where I really buy nothing, or really budget & only pay cash (I’m currently in that phase), and in a year or two, I may “binge” again, but only after I pay things off.

  6. Ana

    Well, not really debt but I wasted money in some stuff that didn’t work for me (like high-end foundations) the good thing is I can back 2 MAC them and the Chanel foundation was used up by one of my best friends.

    I just buy makeup that I know I don’t have and will be used! :)

  7. Erin

    No I don’t spend more then i can afford.
    Funny now that i can buy more makeup i’m more selective in my makeup.

  8. I have never gone in debt, full stop. And I wouldn’t go in the red because of a beauty product, ever.

  9. Prisci004

    There’s has been time when I really want something and don’t have enough and have consider going into the negative state but I’ve only done it once and it was by accident!

  10. Mrs.Ej

    Not debt but I have sacrificed lunch money for a new lipstick or two lol

  11. Mrs.Ej

    I try to save in advance when I know a collection is coming out that I really want to splurge on. Like now I havent brought any MAC since December 26th (Strength Collection) saving all my money for the fashion set in April.

  12. redshift87

    Thankfully, no. I’m young with no kids AND have a great job, so I have plenty of play money to throw at my makeup hobby. I use credit cards for the rewards points, but I always pay my balance off in full at the end of every month.

  13. Julie

    MAC Archie’s Girls nearly did. If I was able to grab more of the MAC Marilyn I would have been in trouble.

  14. Marie

    That just sounds ridiculous. Assuming the question means for personal use (rather than a business based around makeup sales, artistry, whatever), I just can’t imagine.

  15. Allie

    Debt for makeup? No way!

    I have, however, overspent on entire nail polish collections or hair care products where I go “Okay, no dinner out/movies/extras for the rest of the month!” to make up the room in my budget.

  16. Esther

    I’ve come close to the point where I have to scrimp tightly at the end of the month, but it’s never been too bad. I’ve always been able to pay rent and buy necessities.

  17. Tuva

    No, I would never do that. I’ve spent too much on make-up, but I don’t spend more money than I’ve actually got. Getting in debt by buying make-up would be sinking lower than low.

  18. blueraccoon

    I don’t have any credit cards for reasons, so I can’t go into debt because if I don’t have it in my bank account, I can’t spend it. But I’ve spent more than I should on occasion, I will say that.

  19. Amanda

    I love cosmetics but I would never send myself even close to debt for the sake of buying them

  20. 18thCenturyFox

    Yes. Total addiction. I’ve lied about what I needed money for in order to purchase more cosmetics- I’ve never admitted that ugly truth about myself, so there it is. I’ve said I needed money for school but then not taken the classes so I could buy cosmetics. It’s sickening really, and is my biggest shame.

  21. Veronica

    Absolutely not. I’m very financially strict when it comes to what’s acceptable to go into debt over, and luxury items like makeup are not it. Putting bulk orders on a credit card is fine, but I always insist on paying mine off within 1-3 months.

  22. Yasmin

    Im not in debt because of makeup, but ive wasted probably thousands of pounds on stuff that i dont wear. I have hundreds of items that i buy and never use, its just sitting in the drawers wasting away, i cant even bear to part with them either, otherwise i couldve put the unused stuff into a blog sale, or sell them on ebay.

  23. I think I have a problem, I do get into debt buying makeup. I want to review stuff on my blog and it helps to have the latest stuff for traffic and stuff. But companies are no exactly sending stuff for free. I feel bad sometimes, but I hope the sacrifice soon pays off with a successful blog!

  24. Julie

    I’m sure that many people will answer “No” despite having purchased beauty products on credit cards. Isn’t that the very nature of going into debt? Paying for something without cash/debit? If you don’t pay off what you purchased on the card in full before the month is up, you have essentially gone into debt for beauty.

    • I have used CC’s for makeup purchases BUT I am somewhat paranoid about finances and I literally stress myself out if I have a balance on my CC’s so I always pay them off in full. The only exception is if I take advantage of a No Interest promotion…but then I sit down and do the monthly payment math to ensure that I pay it off by the expiration date. I’m accused of having The Great Depression Syndrome although I am definitely not that old lol. I just have a strong fear of poverty to the point of it literally being an unhealthy obsession (although it has the benefit of a good financial outcome).

      This doesn’t mean that I don’t splurge and spend what I really shouldn’t. I definitely do that…and the money I spend on makeup could really be better used or saved. I think that’s where my personal shame comes from. Knowing that as much as I stress about money I make less than smart choices when it comes to how I use some of it. I’m by no means financially wealthy nor was I always this on top of how I handle debt. I think maybe I was lucky enough to grow up during a time period that when CC’s first became really easy for most Americans to get I was too young to get one, but I was old enough to see how they affected the lives of some adults that didn’t use them wisely. I also had my slip up at 17 years old when a CC company gave me a card at a college visit (despite my age!) and I didn’t have a real grasp of what it meant when that bill came. I didn’t have a job yet ran that CC up quickly. Luckily, I had my mom to help me out after she took the card and destroyed it…she was my first debtor. I had to pay her back a set amount each month for that fiasco which meant I HAD to get a job…and it was my first lesson in personal financial responsibility. Sorry to run on for so long lol. I’m not trying to knock anyone that HAS gone in to debt for makeup…but I do think it’s something that if you have then you need to really sit down and consider what you’re doing. And if it’s a really bad case you may need to seek help. Unfortunately, debt can cause even bigger problems then just the bills piling up. A lot of jobs rate your credit worthiness higher than your skill set…and THAT’S when things get really ugly if you let the absolutely avoidable cause you to go in to debt.

    • Veronica

      It may be semantic, but for me there’s a huge difference in me willfully taking on debt that I can pay off immediately and debt in the sense of being in a financial hole without a shovel. I was fortunate to have a mother who taught me to use credit wisely and responsibly, as well as a father who showed me why it’s dangerous to abuse the privilege by going bankrupt. Not everybody is given that advantage.

  25. Stacey

    FACT The average American has 30,000 dollars in cc debt. Ive read this statistic several places. Tell me if some of that debt wasn’t created at the cosmetics counter for quite a few people. Either we aren’t being honest or the only people bothering to answer this question are very fiscally responsible.

    • I’d say the latter. It’s basically the reverse of feedback polls/forums/etc – the people who are most likely to comment with feedback are those who have something to complain about. In this case, the people who are most likely to comment are those who feel the least conscious of their spending – i.e. the people who haven’t gone into debt.

  26. Julia

    When I got out of school and had my first real job, I went to Bloomingdale’s to get some towels, and was cornered by a cosmetics saleswoman from Gayle Hayman (this was 1990, lol). I ended up buying over $100 worth of stuff that I couldn’t afford and made me sick to think of. It actually was decent makeup but pricey. At least I still have those towels I bought.

  27. EM

    Not in debt, that is my nightmare, but I certainly have had my bank account close to zero over something really stupid I didn’t really need.. Luckily when in need I’ve been able to have a dinner and a cry at mom’s but oh the shame and guilt… And what my friends say… I still sometimes over-do it, and at those times I do hate myself. It’s so destructive. I’m afraid ever getting a credit card just because I feel I would not be able to control it… And yes, I’m like 26, how sad is that.

  28. Jill

    No! But I am a sucker for palettes! And for brands I can’t purchase at my local mall! (Chantecaille).Luckily, the older I get, the pickier I get. But it isnt getting easier anytime soon… did I mention my 2 teenage girls who are just starting to love makeup as much as me?

  29. As much as I love my eye shadow obsession I can’t imagine going in to debt for makeup. I have absolutely more makeup then I can use but almost everything I have purchased in the last year or so (when my obsession really exploded) has been thanks to pro-discounts or really good sales. I have to really love something to get it and not be able to use pro discounts or some other discount method. If there is a huge haul that I am interested in doing (like I plan to do at IMATS NYC in April) then I will try to really stick to a no-buy leading up to the haul….and place myself on one afterwards. No one should intentionally go in to debt over anything…but if you have to it definitely should be something far more important than for makeup!

  30. Mel

    I don’t use my cc for anything except for emergencies, and as upset as I’ll be over not being able to buy a product because of little money in the bank account, I would never use my cc for that kind of expense (which is also why I keep my limit low, cause if it was higher, I’d probably spend more and on moronic things instead of emergencies).

    That said, I will say that spending does get me in annoying situations. Like if I want to go out with friends, but 4 days ago just had to have those 3 eyeshadows. >_> So much for going out with friends for simple dinner.

  31. h

    Well, as a young college student, I only have access to cash and debit. But I spend a majority of my money on makeup.

  32. I cant say that I have gone in debt but believe me, I know a few who are so tempted by beauty and makeup that they would kill for it (well, not literally).

    In my case, I tread cautiously and I try not to fall into temptation.

  33. 18thCenturyFox

    In my case it’s part of a shopping addiction, so for those of you who can’t imagine being so low or find it ridiculous, it must nice up there on your high horse.

    • Michelle

      Don’t feel bad. While my personal demon isn’t compulsive shopping, I’ve battled addiction. It takes courage to realize the problem and to do something about it – and feeling bad about oneself isn’t the way to start. Good luck^^

    • Maggie

      The honesty is appreciated–it was certainly the most eye-opening comment I’ve read all day. I sincerely hope things get better for you–addiction is difficult to kick.

    • Stacey

      No one wants to admit it thats all.
      I admire you for your honesty and the fact that you can be honest is indication that all is not lost and that you can improve your behavior.

      • 18thCenturyFox

        Thank you so much ladies- I’ve had many friends who have battled other addictions and my fiancé is 21 years sober( he started painfully young) but shopping is my Achilles heel. I am working on it and have seen measurable improvement but it can be so humiliating sometimes. All the magazines, sites and the consumerist culture influence me- oddly Temptalia doesn’t feed my cravings but seems to make me thankful for what I have, so I love coming here. The words of support actually have me tearing up since its been my ugly secret for so long.

    • I don’t think (or at least I hope) no one is really knocking anyone with a true addiction or looking down on anyone. The fact that you can admit you have an addiction is admirable. I hope you are actively seeking the help that you need to try and get through it. I still feel strongly that intentionally going in to debt is not a good move, but that doesn’t mean that those who do are terrible people or anything like that. There is a difference between intentionally doing something and having an addiction.

      Good luck with your situation! I can only imagine how difficult it must be…I can’t imagine seeing all of the great things reviewed on this site helping either. I’ve made a few purchases I really shouldn’t have after hanging out on here so I imagine it might be difficult for someone in your position! And I don’t say this to imply you shouldn’t be on this site.

    • Angie

      I’m sorry you’re going through that. I hope you have a strong support system and can get some help.

      I also have to agree, this whole air of ~Eaux, I couldn’t possibly~ throughout the comments is kind of ridiculous. :/

  34. Nope! I’m only 17, so I only have cash and a debit card. The majority of my paycheck does usually go to makeup, (Or clothes) but I’m very careful with spending my money and have never spent more money than I actually have.

  35. Little Red

    I love buying and collecting makeup but never so much that debt would even be a possibility. Usually, it’s a handful of items over the course of a year.

  36. Nope! I’ve had to budget very carefully for high(er) end items (Urban Decay palettes and the like), wait for major sales and pass on limited edition items I would have loved in my collection but I don’t plan on EVER going into debt for makeup. It’s not worth it.

  37. cncx

    i’ve been in situations where i had several things I wanted from LE collections come out at the same time, and needed to be careful for a few weeks after that. Not debt exactly but I had to take away from other non-mandatory things (going out to lunch at work for example) to make space in my budget if I wanted the makeup. Not that I am a product hoarder either, just that given my salary, even three things from the Chanel or Guerlain summer collex will put a big dent in my “discretionary income” budget. One of my favorite hauls ever was a “bag lunch for two weeks” Chanel RA in Troublant and two things from Guerlain summer I found at duty free late last fall. So I went without to get them but wound up using them daily.

  38. Elizabeth Cunningham

    I wouldn’t go into serious debt for cosmetics at all, but I can sure use those credit cards and then it’s off to work I go!

  39. Tanya

    I hate to admit it, but yes I have. I don’t know what happened but when I was 21 I was actually realy good with money then once I turned about 25 I just got careless. Part of it had to do with also selling makeup too. It really makes me cringe to know it wasn’t even high end stuff. But at least I’m making alot of progress paying it off today and I know I will never make that mistake again.

  40. Hanna

    Yes, sadly. It started out slowly…like buying one too many “value sets” out of curiosity…or just another eye pallet that I really didn’t need so I could get the department store gift with purchase.

    The worst part happened when I got suckered into joining Mary Kay so I could get the 50% discount and maybe earn some extra money to buy more makeup. But it’s not what they make it out to be…even though they promise there aren’t any quotas and you don’t have to buy inventory, they will do their very best to guilt you into buying a very large inventory full of things nobody wants (read: $1,800 at the very least). Then you have to buy a minimum $200 worth of inventory every 3 months, just to stay active. This kind of nonsense adds up fast, and before I knew it, I was in way over my head. Thankfully, I quit within the first year and was able to return most of the unused crap for a 90% refund. But I still lost a LOT of money and only gained heartache along the way.

    These days, I’ve put myself on a very strict makeup budget ($60 per month), and that has kept me in line. But in the back of my mind, I know there’s always the propensity to go overboard.

    • AS1929

      Wow! This is a really interesting perspective on the dangers of the direct selling business. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  41. lily

    No. I’m a college student and dont have any credit cards. I have enough makeup, but I shop smart. I go to CCO’s (I bought 3 lancome color design lipsticks for $4.30 each on my last trip), I look at sales sections at places like Sephora and ULTA, and I dont buy things just to have them. If I know that I wont use it, or if it doesnt suit me, I dont get it. I’ve been really good about not buying anything unless I run out of it for the last 6 months or so. The last thing I bought was a drugstore mascara, because I was completely out and I use it everyday. I could never IMAGINE going into debt for beauty. Even though I love it, and its my one and only hobby, its not worth paying a insane amount of interest on. If I dont have the extra cash, I dont buy it. If I want to try something new, I borrow/exchange things with my mom. Her bathroom is basically a Sephora.

  42. lily

    No. I’m a college student and dont have any credit cards. I have enough makeup but I shop smart. I go to CCO’s (I bought a lancome color design lipstick for $4.30 on my last trip) and look at sales sections. I could never imagine going into debt for beauty. That would be rock bottom for me.

  43. No, because I don’t buy anything in credit. I love to buy and play with makeup, but if I had to borrow money to pay for it – then I’d just find similar colors at the drugstore, go to the Cosmetic Company’s Outlet or wait until things get better, before I go shopping.

  44. Lisa J

    Yes, I unfortunately went into debt when I was younger (early 20s) and it was the dumbest thing I ever did. It wasn’t all makeup, but a huge chunk of it was and all the financial strain and damage to my credit due to maxed out cards was totally not worth it. I remember paying my credit card bills at one point and having hardly anything left over for other expenses. Then I realized that most of the stuff I was still paying for had long been used up and discarded!! I learned my lesson the hard way, to say the least, but I think I’m a more careful shopper now that I’m older and a bit wiser. If I can’t pay for it out right, I don’t need it. And if I really want it, I’ll save up for it. Though I do like to splurge on occasion, I now research products I’m interested in and get a feel for whether or not it is something I’ll use regularly. That’s why I’m here on this site!! I try not to give in to impulse buying anymore, which is an extremely hard habit to break, but my credit and my sanity are better for it…LOL. 😉

  45. T

    I do regret the money that I have spent over the years on products over hyped by magazines that have turned out to be useless. Blogs have really helped me spend less and more wiseley because the good blogs give honest reviews. And I now spend less money on magazines aswell because they are not as good as the blogs.

  46. Angie

    Unfortunately, this past year I definitely have. I kept charging my CC up to being pretty close to my limit, paying my monthly and charging it up to that point again. It’s not all makeup, but a lot of it has been. I’ve had a rough couple of years and felt the need to emotionally spend. It’s not that I have an extreme love for makeup in general, it’s just that it’s what I’m loving at the moment, in all honesty. Thankfully, my tax return has helped me get my CC debt MUCH lower and motivated me to knock it off (it also helps that I have more makeup than I could probably ever use in my collection). I’m excited that I only need a couple of months to pay it off if I really stay within my means. The joke is I used to be extremely responsible with my money. I always had a lot of money in savings and loved to pay my bills. I even had the means to pay for an entire semester at my community college in full each time. I’ve never had debts for school. I hope I can get back to being that way again.

  47. Erin

    I spend my tax refund every year on products i’ve been wanting to try and my non necessary beauty items. My year round staples such as skin care, foundation, eyeliner, and mascara i just buy when i need.

  48. Christine

    I’ve never spent so much on makeup that I landed myself in debt but I have spent money that I did have but could have been better off going into my savings. When I first started really getting into makeup, I was pretty gungho in buying a lot compulsively and boy, did it ever add up – but I calmed down after a few MAC collections. Buying compulsively stopped as I made use of great beauty blogs (like Temptalia :D) to weed out what interested me and being honest in whether I would actually utilize it or not – so no more buying new things just for the sake of it being new. I also limit big ticket items (like perfume) to when there are sales (hello Sephora VIB discount).