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I haven’t seen my natural hair color completely since I was 11. I’ve been blonde and all colors in between to deep dark brown and brown with red tones. luckily I have a skin tone that can pull off lots of shades. Somehow red undertones have now mixed with my natural hair color. I’m not sure how that is possible. Ha

When I was young, I was the pale girl with long, straight and black hair. Naturally, I ended up with the nickname Wednesday (Addams). By the time I was a teenager, I had become very tired of it and I had a rampage where I bleached my hair and then tried out every bold color I could find. I eventually cut it very, very short and let my natural color return. I haven’t dyed it since. Wednesday Addams works for me. But I’m happy I took the chance to go crazy for a few years and figure that out. Purple hair could not beat my comfortable black.

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I was blonde as a kid and my hair became naturally darker as I grew older (medium brown at age 12). The last two years of junior high I colored my hair red, then I went blonde all the way through high school and then dark brown at about 23. My hair color is now two shades darker than my natural hair color.

I think I can pull off both dark and blond hair pretty well. The people who didn’t know me as a blonde say they can’t imagine me with lighter hair, but my family wants me to go back to being blonde (mostly because my skin is pale). I feel more confident with dark hair, though. It feels more “like me” and I can pull off more makeup looks and wear more colors and smokey shades with dark hair.

I have a hairdresser appointment today, actually, and I’ve been thinking about going lighter (like maybe medium brown) for a while now, but I’m way more afraid of change now than I used to be. And I’m always afraid of ending up with carrot colored or (even worse) green hair, lol.

I have black-brown hair and when I was in college and up until 5 years ago (so for about 10 years), I had dyed my hair red, blond, green, blue, plum and pitch black. I’m oriental so nothing other than the pitch black looked natural on me. But I did it for fun and really enjoyed it. I stopped because it was getting too high maintenance and expensive for me. But I did have fun and sometimes I miss it but I’m way too low maintenance now to bother dealing with all those hair issues again.

I am a blonde. When i was 15 (20 years ago, I feel so old!), I dyed it Light Purple. Then dark purple and then bright green.
I wet back to blonde and a few years back I dyed it dark brown. That was a great colour but blonde outgrow is not a nic look. So blonde again now.

My hair is usually very dark brown. I’ve gone dark red/burgundy a few times but I think brown makes me look less yellow. The entire underside of my hair is now a dark green-lime green ombre and I plan on keeping it like that for a while.

I’m naturally blonde (mid to dark very ash blonde) but didn’t know that until about 2 months ago, as I had been dyeing my hair since I was 13 when I had very light blonde hair! I’ve had light blonde, platinum, bright red, deep red, bright purple, deep purple, darkbrown, black red, cerise…. I loved every colour, but I’m now just too lazy to keep up with the maintenance, so natural it is! (Although I have a big chunk of hair that is gingery because of the black re dye which was the last colour).

Yep, I went from my natural light-medium blonde to red (Florence Welch kind of colour) a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. The red and warmer eyebrows makes my eyes look a brighter blue-green which I really like, too.

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I like the idea of going bright blond but I’ll never actually try it, colour has never worked well for me.

I accidentally died my hair bright purple when I tried to give it a subtle plum tint. Turns out the ‘family’ hair accepts dyes in a really odd way, my mothers hair went ginger when they tried to dye gently it to take out the grey.

As often as possible. I first dyed my hair when I was 10, colored it with markers and food coloring throughout middle school, and started bleaching and dyeing in high school. Right now I’m waiting for a convenient time to cut and top up the green in my hair.

Yep! This year I experimented with strawberry blonde/copper shades with my half head of highlights, a couple of months ago I took the plunge and am now a full blown Karen Elson/Florence Welch redhead! Loving it, though I still want to try ALL the different shades of red there are to find the perfect one <3

What is my natural hair colour? I can’t remember. I haven’t seen it since I was 17. What I do know, it’s mousey ashy brown and quite ugly really. I’ve been every colour imaginable and some very edgy. I love changing things up. Right now I’m uber dark brown almost black with a lot of cherry undertones. I gravitate to red though and if it weren’t so high maintenance and therefore hard on my hair, I would be red right now. Doubt I will see blonde again. Doubt I’ll see natural again for that matter.

No. I have never ever dyed my hair! It’s already an interesting color on its own (I’m Asian but there’s naturally a lot of brown in my hair), so I don’t think I will till I start getting gray! I probably wouldn’t say no to some highlights though.

All the time! My natural color is a light brown, but I did a temporary cherry red in my sophomore year of high school and haven’t looked back. I’ve done as dark as black and as light as strawberry blonde – pretty much everything but platinum. Pink and purple were fun, and my favorite was fire engine red on top and true yellow on the bottom.

But I stick to natural-looking reds now! Lighter & brighter in summer/spring and deeper in fall/winter.

I can’t really. It’s too dark and it goes orange if I try to lighten it even to dark brown. I know a colorist could do it but I don’t want to sit in the chair for hours on end. I can, however, do the black cherry/plum thing with success, but it’s not a color I want to have all the time.

Yep, I went blue hahaha! I ended up with a lot of compliments. Strangely enough now that I’m back to my normal shade I actually get customers who are sad and miss my wacky hair color.

YES. I was brunette or a reddish brown my whole life. I went blonde, then red, then dark brown (which I HATED & it lasted about three weeks), now I’m back to red again. I’m pretty sure I will stay red for the rest of my life.

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I’ve been dying my hair red, then black or aubergine at high school, then I went for blonde, ruined my hair and after several months dyed it black again which stayed for years until last fall when I bleached the grown roots and dyed them blue. Now I have blue on top and dark brown tips.

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