Friday, September 21st, 2012

Choose or Lose

Have you ever gone on a no-buy (freeze on beauty spending)?

  • Yes! (64%, 1,718 Votes)
  • Nope, never! (36%, 963 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,681

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81 thoughts on “Have you ever done a no-buy?

  1. … What is a “no-buy”?

  2. Ellie

    Well I feel a bit behind. What is a no-buy? lol (maybe the coffee just hasn’t kicked in yet…)

    • It means you’ve told yourself that you can’t buy any more makeup – it might be for a certain time period, until something comes out, or until you finish xyz products!

  3. Kathy S.

    Yes, and it was the worst week! I had just walked into MAC and bought tons of things. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy anything until I got paid again. Now I budget better.

  4. Jennifer

    I don’t really buy that much usually so I don’t ever have the need to go on a “no-buy”.

  5. Rafaela

    I’m on a no-buy right now.
    Brazilian prices are insane, like U$40 for a MAC lipstick from the permanent range, so I bought nothing from July 21st (when I went to a Duty Free in Argentina) and I’ll keep not buying until January, when I am going on a vacation to Europe

    Its hard and very tempting, I’m waiting for the Marilyn collection, when I’m probably going to brake my no-buy and pay a fortune for an eyeshadow. :/

  6. Nicole

    I have done several no buys. Most of them over a period of one to two month. I have also done a Project 3 lips. I am currently working on a Project 5 Lips to reduce my lip product stock. I hope to finish 3 products until Christmas.

    • Alexis J.

      Oh, that’s a great way to do it…focusing on a certain product like that. I’ll have to keep that in mind, though the things I buy the most are nail polish and eyeshadow and it takes forever to finish those!

  7. I have currently placed myself on one…well, at least that’s the plan! After a very busy beauty buying month or two I decided that it is absolutely time that I stop for awhile…after I received my The Vice palette of course lol. I had to do the same thing with handbags earlier this year (to which I have been surprisingly successful…although I have almost failed several times). Beauty will likely be a lot more difficult…since unless you’re doing a big haul it is a lot cheaper than my handbag habit, but I have a ton of unused products that I need to at least give a proper wearing before adding anything else to the stash…I hope!

  8. GUSnail

    Informally, I’ve been on a no-buy bc I haven’t purchased anything in a while. Officially, I’m on a foundation no-buy. I need to finish off a few before I let myself purchase any new ones.

  9. I haven’t but i’ve been thinking about it.
    I was planning to start a no-buy for the month of november but since it’s my birthday and my uncle will come visit me from the states and will bring a lot of stuff from sephora and nordstrom and what not i think is not fair.. dicember is harder for de holidays … so i don’t know, maybe i’ll start 2013 with a no-buy makeup in january… that would be nice now that i think about it.


  10. I constantly tell myself I will stop, but I can’t I’m a true beauty addict. The second something new comes out from a brand I love (especially like Urban Decay), I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I tried to put dollar limits on it etc, but makeup truly makes me happy! The only time I was successful was when it was for a purpose. I refused to buy UD during the China fiasco, and successfully stuck to that until they reversed their decision.

  11. xamyx

    While I’ve never done a “no buy” in the *formal* sense, I have talked myself out of buying certain items/products. I have, for example, more than enough foundation, so although there are a few I’m absolutely dying to try, I refuse (at least until I can whittle away a bit at my current stash). Also, there are items that are just too similar to what I currently own already (ie, UD Vice & Smoked palettes), that I can’t justify picking them up before other items I’ve had on my list for a while (I’m so close to finishing it, though!). However, although I want to finish my list ASAP, if I come across the OCC Lip Tars in Black Dahlia & Sybil, I’ll have to buy, even if I have other lipsticks in nearly the same shades. I have no Lip Tars, and I’ve wanted to try them for a while, so I can justify it. There are also a few L’Oreal polishes I want, but I’ll wait for a sale. Of course, if I see something while I’m out browsing for other things, and it seems like a good deal or is very unique, I may pick it up.

  12. Danielle

    I try… it lasts until the next time I go out shopping. Although with Christmas coming up I won’t be buying as much.

  13. I did once and it wasn’t a big succes haha. So for now, I’m on a ‘low-buy’.

  14. I just said I would have to stop beauty spending and doing any other sopping for myself and start focusing on getting things for other people for Christmas instead so I can start early. Still my boyfriend is giving me money for somethings from the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection and I REALLY want the new Urban Decay Vice Palette!

  15. Nancy Pineda

    Haha, every couple of weeks I tell myself I will go on a no-buy next month, but when the month starts it only lasts a week or two. It’s so hard this time of year with all the fall collections and then the holiday sets.

  16. Gretchen

    I’m an unemployed college student, so my no-buy has been forced down upon me. ;__;

  17. Clara

    I was actually considering not Tod buy an thing next Mont because I’m going to the US in November. But next month is Glamour Shopping Week in Germany and there are a lot oft Promotions and sales… in the end I decided to spend only 100€ per month for beauty and I have been successful with this limit for 3 months. Yay!

  18. Jaz

    Yep. I will be on a no buy after I buy the following: Urban Decay Vice, Urban Decay Ocho Loco, and Tarte Holiday 2012 ( the sephora version , not the ulta version). Then I figure around my birthday in February , I can buy more goodies, maybe from INGLOT. I think no buys are good because they force you to use what you have

  19. I’ve thought about it and then realized I was mistaken.. ;P

  20. Yellowlantern

    Yep, had very little money for superfluous expenses for a time so I had to do what I had to do.

  21. Raquel

    well, i’m *out of money* so i can’t really buy anything. i have a little list from things i “need” so i’m thinking to start from there and then take a little break. that includes the UD primer potion OR TF shadow insurance but since i’m on such a budget, im gonna ask at sephora to try both before i buy one. i made the mistake to purchase the ridiculous expensive benefit stay don’t stray and it still creases on me after a few hours. so yeah, when i finish this benefit thing, i’ll buy another primer and a peachy blush too.

  22. Stacie

    I’m currently on a nail polish no-buy until the OPI James Bond collection comes out. Then all bets are off. I’m also on a foundation no buy until I use up what I have. It’s working out pretty well… so far.

  23. On one right now for eyeshadow primer, mascara, and lipgloss. I have a TON of eyeshadow primer and mascara samples to use up, and about a gajillion different lipglosses. (Darn you, Philosophy sale!)

  24. Alexis J.

    Except for a really good deal on my foundation (I ended up paying $5), I have been on a no buy since the beginning of August and won’t buy again until the holiday collections are out in full force (and even then, I’ll use discretion). I’m interested to see how long I can go with spending only a little here and there.

    • Alexis J.

      I said that and then I bought a mascara at Target tonight! I justify it by saying it was on sale for $5.50 and my other mascaras are due to be tossed next month.

  25. Sarah

    I usually do a no buy after Christmas for about four months until all the awesome summer collections start coming out. It helps me use up some of my favorite products and discover new-to-me products already in my collection.

  26. nacacijin

    I’ve tried, but I always fail. I usually won’t get more than two weeks before I buy something again haha

  27. Kafka

    On a conscious, intentional basis? No. But I rotate or cycle through my passions; some interests get shelved while others come much more to the foreground and become a temporary obsession. So, in that sense, makeup has often gone to the wayside for months and months at a time (a year+ in one case), while I focused instead on other things. It’s starting to happen now, actually. I stopped buying perfume for over 18 months but, now, that passion has returned while makeup is slowly receding. But I have no doubt that Temptalia will prevent a total cessation this time round. LOL.

  28. Ljana

    I voted yes, but it’s only relatively speaking – I’ve never done a full no-buy because I don’t hoard moisturizers, cleansers and other skincare so I have to replenish those. However, I have gone on makeup no-buys. I’ll usually set a date (like my birthday, pay check at the end of a big project etc.) and spend the no-buy period planning my next haul. If I have time, I’ll even make wish lists, then narrow them down and replace/update as new collections come out. Sometimes it’s more fun than the actual buying and using of new stuff (more time consuming too).
    Currently, I haven’t bought a single high-end product since June (haven’t been that good at the drugstore though, but still bought considerably less than usual). I’ll probably make up for it next month though!

  29. Susan Nevling

    I get paid once a month and it’s much less than I used to make. Every month I tell myself that I won’t buy anything. It has worked once or twice but that’s all. I don’t buy as much as I used to and not as high end. Same with Purses and clothes. :-(

    • Susan Nevling

      Having answered the question before looking at the rest of the newsletter; I went back and found Dior Night Golds Eyeshadow Palette. I have to have it. Love Dior shadows.
      “The best laid plans of mice and men….”

  30. sophie

    I’m currently on one (aside from essentials like moisturiser & cleanser which I’m about to run out of, but I have a money off voucher for that!) I have SO MUCH stuff – not just beauty stuff, clothes and DVDs and books and all sorts – and I really do not need anymore of it! I’m going to sell a lot of it on eBay and I’m on at least a one month no-buy.

  31. Kathryn

    I started one this morning when I dropped $60 on UD’s Vice Palette! My first high-end buy!

  32. I’m going on one this very instant. Pain.

  33. I usually only do it when my husband sends me a message in big letters saying “EMBARGO” – then I know that I can’t buy anything until he lifts it lol

  34. Mariella

    I did one last year for about a month (barring skin care and hair care products that get used up). And I’ve put myself on one now. I simply have way too much makeup. I rarely finish up anything except the occasional lipstick. But having what is truly too much makeup is starting to clutter up my brain – I can’t think of what to use; I often end up using the same products because I forget about other shadows, palettes and lip products I have. It’s silly really – I should tailor down or at least use up some of my stuff because lately, the fun has been more in the acquisition than in the actual use of new makeup products.

  35. Maureen

    Not *really* a no-buy, but I’ve been trying to tell myself that I need to be holding an EMPTY bottle/pan of something before I replace it.

  36. Sanguine13

    I’m on a no-buy until January. I have too much stuff that I need to use up first!

  37. Kristin

    I fail every time. So I just go on “low-buys.” For example, I have decided that I will only buy one holiday palette each paycheck. That way, I don’t go crazy buying a ton of makeup all at once, save money, and it gives me something to look forward to twice a month! 😀 This paycheck, I bought the Urban Decay Vice palette. I’m trying what to decide to buy at the end of the month! I REALLY want Lorac’s Sweet Temptations Eye and Face Kit.

  38. Amy

    No way, why would I do that to myself?

  39. I am on one right now. Have been since August 1 and it is lifted on my birthday in November. I have used up SO many products that would have otherwise gone untouched. It’s awesome to shop your own collection!

  40. Alice

    I was on a no-buy for a year and a half with stipulations..Swapping was allowed and I could only buy items I used regularly(toothpaste, facial cleanser, deodorant, etc.)

  41. Makayla

    I will be doing one after the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection. lol

  42. Oh I cant remember when I last bought an makeup item, must’ve been mooonths ago! I just haven been feeling it really. I really finding stuff in my stash that I might have forgotten about.. But Im having a huge craving right now so Ive decided that this next paycheck Im going to update.. New foundation for winter, powder, neutral eyeshadows, body care etc… Im gonna go crazy because Ive been a good gurl and i deserve it! LOL

  43. Sasha

    Right now, and I’m dying! I have a long list of things for when we get money in, for christmas, my birthday… but hubby just got laid off and my financial aid from school hasn’t come in yet so no beauty buys for me.

  44. Tiffany

    I started a project pan 50 in June and I’ve done better than I thought I would! It really forced me to go through my collection and toss stuff that was old, didn’t work on me,etc. and to use up stuff that was almost empty. I’ve gone through about 46 products so far (mostly lip glosses) and except for UD’s Ocho Loco and Vice palette, there really isn’t anything out there right now I really want. I have found that using a whole eyeshadow takes forever! I started a Loreal quad palette and have been using it for almost a month and a half every day and there’s still a bit left, especially in the crease shade (most shades I had hit pan when I started).

  45. Bluevelvet

    I am on a nail polish one at the moment – not very successfully, I might add. Max Factor Fantasy Fire was released in New Zealand some time this month and I bought 17 bottles – 17!! But other than that, I’m trying to be really good. I don’t need to add to my 200+ collection.

  46. Lizzi

    It was my New Years resolution, and I actually doing really well on it! My resolution was no beauty buys other than my ‘basics’ that I don’t keep a back up of on hand, my concealer, powder, stuff like that. Like I’m going to need to buy a MAC Sculpt eyebrow pencil soon. I’ve been great about it! Been using up quite a bit of stuff. I’ve hit the pan on many of my daily eyeshadows, and added 8 items to the little gift box where I keep my empties for Back 2 MAC. So far my screw ups were buying the orange lipstick from MAC’s summer collection, and the four bird named lipsticks from the Iris Apfel collection. Not bad, considering in 2011 I spent a few thousand on beauty. Just in Octobet I had spent over $700 just at Sephora… :-) Better for my wallet and it just feels great to use something up.

  47. Kimberly

    Yeah for august sephora had a we <M3 VIBs thing going on all month and I was waiting until there was a free gift or double points

  48. I’m on a clothes and shoes no-buy(unless I find a nude bra that fits or a proper winter coat- which I need badly) I really think I have clothes and shoes for all other occasions!

    And I need to curtail the nail polish thing, so I’m going to cut back there, so I guess it’s a low-buy from now on.

    Also a no-buy on light green eyeshadow! Too many… perhaps they are mating in the drawer LOL

  49. Sam

    Not intentionally :) I’m very responsible with my money. I think about everything else first, and then if I still want it and have the cash flow … I buy it. My interests shuffle a lot, so I’ve never had a spending problem on one particular thing.

  50. Janeen Arias

    Well, I’m on a no eyeshadow palette purchase because I haven’t even made a dent on any of my eyeshadows. No lip gloss purchase because I have way too many and want to use them up…they take FOREVER to use up. No mascaras either… I really really really want the Ocho Loco from UD, just because it’s such an amazing deal $$ wise. But I’m broke :) So I’m holding off, for now.

  51. Yumi

    I don’t have the self control for it, even though I really should do it…

  52. aak3

    Have been for several years now. Daughters & I realized just too much makeup & money better saved. We agreed( actually they did, laugh ), that I would buy all of us our makeup only when it was a department store event of “gifts with purchase” or great offer from Sephora or Ulta. I have broken it when I see LE one of us would really want. Used to really like buying online, but even Sephora has mostly stopped describing color & texture. Now most stores wont refund your money if they send you wrong item or allergic reaction within 30 days. Thank goodness for you, Christine! Thank you for your follow up e-mails. You save my family alot of money!

  53. Eileen

    I think I’m going to do one after Christmas. I only started getting into makeup in the spring so I’m missing a lot of fall/winter essentials like vampier lip colors and lighter foundation, but I think after all the holiday sales and fall collection shopping I’ll be set for a while.

  54. Veronica

    Fairly regularly, though often it’s more about pragmatics than anything else. I’ll routinely cease spending if I have something major coming up (vacation, holiday, schooling, etcetera). Additionally, I gave it up for Lent last year, and I’m currently doing a Project Pan (Tube?) on my lipsticks. (Sooooo close to knocking down my first shade!) It’s always good to remind yourself of the significant difference between wanting and needing. 😛

  55. Lisi

    I’m actually doing it at the moment :)

  56. I started a no-buy this year, my new year resolution. Till June, I only bought necessary beauty stuffs and I allowed myself to buy 2 items a month. Managed to stick to that till I went to the US in summer, and I broke the ban. But then, I managed to restrain myself and only purchased things I can’t get in Malaysia and UK, like Wet n Wild Comfort Zone e/s palette, Milani Luminoso baked blush, Revlon Raspberry Pie, really cheap (compared to the UK ) Rimmel Union Jack e/s palettes in 2 shades not available in the UK.

  57. Anita

    Not for make-up, no. But other beauty items (skin care, hair care, the like) yes. I’ve been on a no-buy for these since the start of the year as I had (and still have) so much stuff to use up. I’m doing really well, though, haven’t caved in to temptation at all. Obviously I’m buying things I really need (toothpaste, deodorant, etc, when they run out), but all other items I just take from my huge stash. I’ll continue with this no-buy until I’ve brought my stash way down – with some categories (shower gels come to mind *ahem*) it may take years!

  58. Gena

    I’ve tried to, albeit unsuccessfully…This coming month I HAVE to go on a no-buy (and it’s my birthday month, WAAHHH!) Wish me luck ladies; i’m going to need it!
    P.S. Your stories inspire me to (start and) keep up the fight!

  59. Kate

    I just did one in August for nail polish. I was participating in a swap so I didn’t want to buy anything so I wouldn’t get duplicates. I will probably do it again because I realized how much money I have been spending on polish alone…eek

  60. Pamela

    Yes. I told myself not to buy anything from the next MAC collection not knowing it would be Styleseeker. Boo hoo! That looked like the best colors for my yellow, tan skin. But I kept my promise. Although I’m really feeling bad about not getting Camden Chic lipstick…

  61. Geneva

    Yes, I’m on one now, too much makeup. All the items that were must haves are sitting in two train cases. I need to get down to one. My collection is ridiculous.

  62. Lark

    For months now, O only buy really nessasaries like when I run out of mascara. I do mean run out! I’ll look at MAC for Marilyn, and at Holiday, but I really don’t need more make up! I need to use up. Stuff goes bad and this huge inventory needs to be reduced.

  63. Lisa J

    Well, I’ve tried…really tried. Was I successful? Nope. But can I get an A for effort?? I think so…

  64. Mietta

    Oh… =C currently I’m saving to go to New York(!!!!!!!!!!) so I’m attempting to save as much cash as I can to buy cosmetics over there! Screw clothes, I’m only interested in brands I can’t get in Australia! Here I come NYX, cheaper MAC + high-end products, Make Up Forever and urban Decay!!!

  65. Niki

    Yes, I actually try to go on a NO BUY for 3 or 6 months each year except not in 2012 for I decided that my mid-size collection is getting to big and before I have too much makeup that I can actually shop my own stash, I needed to reign in my own crazy so I am going on a specific product NO BUY for all of 2013.

    I cannot and will not buy any eye shadows (i.e. pressed, loose, mineral and pigments); lip products (i.e. lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils and lip balms); and cheek products (i.e. powder bushes, cream blushes, highlighting powders, bronzers and contour powders) for all of 2013 because I have more than enough and again before I need to buy more makeup storage, I need to reign in my crazy and love on all the makeup I currently own.

    Wish my luck for I am going to need a lot of strength and prayers to withstand this goal I have set for myself.

  66. Kim

    I am currently on a no buy for foundation, lotion and face cleanser products. I am shopping my stash and using what I have. I am on a low buy for purple, orange, teal and blue eyeshadow. My collection has not gotten out of hand with those colors. I am on a no buy for green eyeshadow, pigments and purses period, I have more than enough to last me the rest of my life. Everything has been working out so far. I don’t want my collection of beauty items to turn in to cluter and having to toss items that have expired.

  67. Mel

    Yes!!!!! For the last 2 monthes I’m only counting on my gratis for my products because there’s no need to buy when I get it for free!!! Even with my gratis I still have way to many products.