Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever bought a non-beauty item because it was the same color as your favorite beauty product? What item and inspired by what shade?

Temptalia's AnswerI bought a headband to match China Glaze For Audrey nail lacquer!

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25 thoughts on “Have you ever bought a non-beauty item because it was the same color as your favorite beauty product?

  1. Cindy

    All the time!! The thing that comes out of my mouth the most is “I have a lipstick to match that.” Haha!

  2. breyerchic04

    Yes, I bought a top that was floral with the exact shade of UD Electric liner so that I’d have more excuses to wear Electric.

  3. nacacijin

    Honestly…no. I often look for certain shades of lipstick or eyeshadow based on a color of something I already own–like when I bought the Nars Tokyo duo because I loved the dusty purple paint that I’d picked out for my bedroom walls–but I’ve never done it the other way around.

    • Tiger

      I often buy compacts because they are pretty..Many years ago, when I was first cutting my teeth on Dept Store makeup, I loved the Clinique green marble-ish compacts.. I just loved that eco-light green, they just look ordinary to me..I would like to buy some of the new Nars/Warhol kits when they come out (hopefully I will be able to afford them easily) because they are works of art.

  4. blueraccoon

    I can’t say as I have, but mostly what I buy these days is beauty items so I guess that explains it? :)

  5. Yep. I own a lot of teal and purple.

  6. I loved the look of MAC Girl about town so much that I got several tops in the exact same shade so I could do that matchy-matchy look :)

  7. Ashley Gonzalez

    I can’t say I have ever done that, but I did buy a laptop once just because it matched the paint job on my car. *embarrassed* Lol!

  8. Mirka

    Since I dyed my hair purple I can’t resist buying purple stuff: handbag, thermos, spill proof coffee cup. So yep I got obsessed with purple. Opi grape fit or Russian navy purples. 😉

  9. Nicole

    My dad and I were discussing the color for his next car. One of the colors he prefered reminded me of Smoke & Diamonds (MAC). So, when he ordered the car and was asked what color he chose, his answer was Smoke & Diamonds. The sales person didn’t know what to say, but both laughed after he explained the similarity to my eye shadow.

    Well, he picked up his new car last week and I bougt my eyeshadow to my parents house. The colors are similar, but nox exactly the same.

  10. Esther

    I don’t do it intentionally, but I’m usually drawn to the same colors for anything, so I wouldn’t be shocked if I have some matching colors between my closet and makeup cases

  11. I do it inadvertently, almost subconsciously, but rarely intentionally.

  12. I don’t think so… I’ve definitely done the reverse though!

  13. I’m the opposite i but shades to match mu clothes. lol

  14. JDV

    Now keep in mind I didn’t set out to do this but my new car color is a non-shimmer version of my favorite nail polish: BL’s Lady Muck. My car is a grey leaning powder blue. =)

  15. Ljana

    Yes, I bought a peachy-pink scarf that I thought would match Chanel Rouge Coco in Peregrina. Turns out it’s a better match with Rouge Dior in Cinderella (more pink, less peach), but I love it all the same!
    I almost did the opposite too – I seriously considered buying Chanel Horizon blush just because the name reminded me of a mission in Mass Effect. Then I realized that I have about 5 similar blushes and that 50 euros is a bit too much to pay just for being attached to a video game, LOL.

  16. Ana

    Yes! I bought a cranberry pocketbac ’cause it reminded me of cranberry eyeshadow from MAC (I also have a nail polish that matches it)

  17. Leticia

    Yes! Once I bought a top mostly because it reminded me of MAC Shale eyeshadow.

  18. Michelle

    Anything that looks like Chanel Jade :)

  19. xamyx

    I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes (they were on clearance, LOL) that matched a bottle of Borghese nail polish that I’d just bought at the time. I don’t recall the shade name off-hand, but it’s basically a charcoal duo-chrome with teal & purple. The worst part is, although I bought both a few yers ago, I haven’t worn either…

  20. Tiger

    I wanted to buy a childs watercolor kit, so I can take out the plastic tray with the water colors in it, and glue some of my tins of my own eyeshadow (Maybelline/cover girl dupes of UD Nakeds2) so I could have a generic 12 pan -eyeshadow-kit, that doesn’t cost 55 dollars..I think I would only like about 4 of the UD colors..thank you for your postings a few months ago, of the large UDNP2, and really huge pics of the pans..its a real keeper (that page I mean)

  21. Monica

    Well, not exactly but I did do the opposite, I purchased butter LONDON nail polish in “British Racing Green” because my car is “British Racing Green.” The two colors are identical.

  22. Abbi P.

    Not yet, or at least that I can think of but I often buy beauty products because they are my favorite color or are the same color as a piece of clothing or jewelry that I love.