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Not truly, but I did try to be a on no-buy/low-buy of philosophy Shower Gels for a few months, which worked out well – I said not until we’ve cleared out one drawer of the ones we already have! And I try to limit myself to buying sets/smaller sizes (so I can try more scents).

— Christine

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I’ve tried no-buys and even Project 10-Pan at one point. The no-buys work for a couple of weeks, but P10P doesn’t work too well lol…

Yes! I successfully completed a Project 10 Pan several months ago. Since then, I have cut back to only buying new things when I have run out of something else. I love this way of doing things. It keeps my spending in control and my collection at a reasonable size!

I do no-buys on certain product types every now and again. Currently I’m on a nail polish no-buy. Though I’m lusting after Zoya Storm…

I just got Storm a couple of days ago — after putting myself on a nail polish no-buy. I put it on my toes last night. It’s worth it. πŸ™‚

I did! especiallyfor skincare, I have so many moisturizers! I have to say I’m kind of a skincar unkie, and having sensitive skin does not help, but I’m laways told I have great skin hehe. πŸ˜€

I did one for makeup too, specially when I realized I had 40 lipsticks! I’m still on a proect 3 pan lips, which consists on finishing 3 lip products before allowing myself to buy another one. It’s taking moooonths but I won’t break it.

Now I have to say, I’m quite happy with everything I have but do have a wishlist and the Holiday season sets do not help haha! so tempting! especially when your new love is called Laura Mercier ;).

I did for a few weeks last year, mostly to see if I could do it. I guess I’m on a bit of a “no buy” now, but that’s just because I am truly starting to feel overwhelmed by the amount of makeup I have and it’s almost sapping my enjoyment of the products themselves. The BalmJovi palette is available here in Canada now and I looked at it and actually put it back… I’m running out of space to store my makeup in any way that makes it easy to get at. So it’s not so much a “no buy” as an “I really don’t want to buy”.

I’ve been on a lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish no buy for a little while now. Well, I’ve been on a lipstick and lipgloss no buy and trying to force myself on a nail polish no buy without success lol.

I’m always on a no buy, lol. I try to ask myself before I buy something if I have anything like it, and when/how will I use it, just so I don’t end up with any dust collectors. Then I take a minute to think of all the other similar products I have, and usually end up putting it down.

I’m actually about to embark on a complete no buy (other than replacements of necessities). I really need NOTHING else. However, I’ve been on a nail polish no buy for about 2 months. I’m also currently on a blush no buy. But like I said, that’s expanding to all products.

I’m on a no-buy for makeup right now actually. When I ordered makeup the last time, the place I usually shop really screwed up my last order by sending me OLD, unusable products, and forgetting some. I :/ was not impressed because if I gave that to my sister as a gift as I was going to, I would have been embarassed. When places do that, I don’t shop there for a while if ever. Banning online shopping is like banning makeup, because where I live, there is no drugstores, pharmacies, or any of that kind of thing, So I buy everything online.

Yes But I’ve never been able to last more then 5 months on it. I crack every time, and by something local. I’m technically on a no buy till January again on everything but food. Buying only present for others. πŸ˜‰

Like a lot of us here, I’m sure, I have an impossible amount of makeup, including nail polish. I am currently involved in a I-refuse-to-buy-any-type-of-cosmetic-unless-it-is-absolutely-unique-or-breathtaking lifestyle. I have decided that my own collection is beautiful and all encompassing so I can just stop buying, for Pete’s sake. I will say that I’ve gotten a whole lot better than I used to be.

It’s so funny this should be heading up the site this morning — As I unpacked the contents of 5 boxes that arrived yesterday (stupid promo-codes!), I resolved then and there that my mad desire to find The Perfect Combination of Whatever has GOT to be put on absolute hold until I finish playing with what I already HAVE — such a struggle for me, as I’m always sure that the NEXT Magic Item I purchase WILL be THE ONE that changes my life. So far, hasn’t happened. Vowing to take 2013 off. I have to go cry now. Thank you for letting me share! πŸ™

Oh man, that is so me with buying cosmetics! “WELL MAYBE THIS ONE WILL BE THE HG PRODUCT… I know I rambled about how amazing that one was, but what if THIS ONE is better and I don’t buy it???”

New shiny syndrome, seriously.

I was just thinking about this last night! I have soooo much make-up, it’d take me years to finish everything. And I keep buying shades similar to stuff I already own (let’s face it, how many variations of hot pink lippies do I really need?). I’m finally feeling maybe I’ll just let my make-up addiction lie fallow for a while and concentrate on new hobbies like woodworking (power tools are expensive!).

Occasionally, I’ll go on a full no-buy if I foresee lots of financial responsibilities down the road, but right now, I’m on a lipstick-only Project Pan, forcing myself to use up at least three tubes before I buy more. It’s taking quite awhile, but I’m almost at the end of one of my Revlon Lip Butters, and the satisfaction of completely something is setting in.

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