Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever been intimidated by a beauty product or shade? Did you end up trying it/wearing it?

Temptalia's AnswerOh, yeah – I don’t think I ever thought I’d wear blue, green, black, etc. lip colors, but I have, and once you do it a few times, it’s really not so scary or out of the box. At the very least, it’s a conversation starter!

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21 thoughts on “Have you ever been intimidated by a beauty product or shade?

  1. Nah, I’d give anything a chance. Make-up, for me, is more a form of self-expression than a tool to prettify my face, after all.

  2. I was extremely intimidated by red lipstick before I actually forced myself to wear it out, and it ended up becoming my absolute favorite staple lip color. It’s actually kind of embarrassing how many different shades of red lipstick I have in my collection at this point. Lol. After that, I kind of opened my mind to all shades of lip colors, even unnatural ones like Mint to Be and No She Didn’t by Lime Crime. Definitely not everyday shades, but I love them still and do wear them on occasion. The only other thing I’d say I really found intimidating was Tom Ford’s Narcissist blush. I wasn’t used to really wearing highly-pigmented blush, mainly just natural rosy/light pink colors, when that came out last fall and though the color is absolutely gorgeous, I was afraid it might make me look a bit too 80’s/over-the-top. But yet again, I wore it and it became one of my favorite pieces out of my collection…and it will probably last me forever as you need so little product to do the job. It’s amazing.

  3. Blush used to be intimidating to me. Nothing else really…

  4. My aunt gave me a really old Christian Dior five pan palette in the shade “Blue Explosion”. The colors are all dark and intimidating, my guess was it was produced before highlighting became in. I never dare to make a full look using that palette, only using one shade at a time.

  5. i need some help finding my mom the right foundation, she has tried so many that don’t flatter her. she wants a full coverage, but need to look, natural, long lasting, light-weight, and easy to apply. shes a women in her late 50s. she doesn’t have that many wrinkles but we still find it hard to find a good foundation. and it also needs to be able to handle long haul air flights (shes a flight attendant). do you have any recommendations. please and thank you.

    • Seems like Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear or DoubleWear Light might work!

    • CeeBee

      I second Estee Lauder DoubleWear/Light and possibly also Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – the pot is tiny, so great for traveling but it can be a bit tricky finding the best way to apply it to suit your preferences – it’s VERY pigmented and requires fairly quick blending and can easily be mixed with moisturiser, BB cream, SPF, luminzing lotion, etc to thin it out.

      Best of luck to your Mum! :-)

  6. Oh totally. I’m pretty lame. Pigmented blushes still scare me to no end! I look at them for EVER and wonder if I should try, but most of the time I end up passing! One day though!

  7. VickyM

    I´m not very extreme with makeup, but I used to be intimidated by blush until I decided to wear it and now I´m comfortable with it, also I decided to buy a true red shade and I think my first pick is Mac Ruby woo, it´s very dry but it´s the color that appealed the most to me.

  8. Anne-Laure

    So many times… The first, I believe, was an orange gloss. Not fond of gloss, and looked really orangy in the bottle, wich freaked me because I used to wear only berry pinks. The beauty consultant convinced me to give it a try and it was a hit! I’m now totally commited to corals!

    Also blues and greens on nails, I wasn’t so sure the first time I bought a green, but I really love some of these colors, especially all the paecocky and mermaidy hues…

  9. Jessi

    I never thought I’d wear brown blush, but now that there are sheer formulas out there, I love it! MAC Exotic Ember looks so sexy on – accentuates every angle of my cheeks!!

  10. I’ve been intimidated by blue eye shadow until one day I bought Wet n Wild’s “Blue Had Me At Hello” palette. It has about 5 different shades of blue and two blacks. When I applied it, I noticed that I really liked blue eye shadow. Something that was really holding me back from trying blue eye shadow was my skin colour. I’m African-American with a dark skin tone. I wasn’t exactly sure if it would look right, but it really did! (:

  11. I used to be intimidated by red lips, until my 33rd birthday. Now I have a plethora of reds in my kit.

  12. When I first started getting into blush and lipstick I was a bit afraid of some of the brighter shades. But now I will wear anything!

  13. Veronica

    It took me quite awhile to try orange lipstick, but now I find its wearable on me as long as it has stronger coral or red undertones. I still find black eyeshadow rather intimidating though – it requires a lot of work to wear it on my hooded eyes, since it can be easily overwhelming!

  14. The most intimidating would be those bright bright colors, especially neon pink or orange was a little intimidating. Though learning how to do the rest of my makeup helped tremendously. :)

  15. Elle

    Yes… I was pretty intimidated by the idea of bronzer (I’m REALLY fair.) and I’m STILL intimidated by MAC’s Salsarose. It’s such a beautiful color and I want to wear it, but every time I try… I end up taking 5 minutes to blend it out, because it’s SO pigmented. Some might say that it’s worth the effort and it is, but I’m usually rushing out the door. lol

  16. Katie F

    I’m a “go big or go home” type of makeup wearer – I either go extremely bold or wear no makeup at all most of the time. There’s no shade that intimidates me particularly. The one product that intimidates me are eyelash curlers – no way that thing is going near my eyeball! Aaaah, they’re even scary to look at!

    • Xero

      I’ve affectionately nicknamed them “godforsaken contraptions”. I still use them for special occasions though.

  17. Jenny

    Yes! I always wear subtle makeup and light coverage. So I am definitely afraid of bright lips or crazy colored eyeshadow (not so much blushes thought). But products specifically that I am afraid of are the mineralized skin finishes. My skin is oily and I just don’t understand the concept of how to apply and wear them…

  18. xamyx

    I’m not “intimidated”, but there are shades I won’t wear simply because I just don’t like them. This mainly refers to any orange & bright pink lip or cheek products. They just don’t work with my personal style, and even if they did, I don’t fall into that small demographic that these are actually flattering on (Note: There is a difference between “flattering” & “wearable”); I realize these are extremely “trendy” shades, although I can’t figure out why…