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Yes because I’m a MAN and so the employees hover like I’m going to steal something. So I grab my Dior, check out, and glare them down as I leave. You better believe!

Yes! I’m 17 and I can say I’ve spent over a thousand dollars at MAC with my own money (from b-days, christmas, etc.) and everytime I go there I feel like they look at me like I’m naive and won’t buy anything. And then I spend about $200. And sometimes when I ask for a certain product and they end up being sold out, instead of telling me, they just grab something similar and think I won’t notice.

I don’t wear makeup all the time and normally not when I’m just going to the mall, so I always get people acting like either I’m trash because I’m not mortified by my natural features or like I’m an idiot and they can take advantage of me (I’ve had people blatantly lie about products to make them sound like they’d work for me, for example).

Yes, every time I go into Sephora and plan on buying something, I know the workers are thinking, “Is this little asian girl lost?” I’m 13 and I don’t think I look like a little kid, but the workers make it seem like I am. Whenever I’m at stores like Sephora and Ulta, workers always ask me if I need help, as if I don’t know anything. I know workers always ask you if you need help, but I’ve noticed that at those stores it seems like they’re watching me all the time. I’m not gonna steal anything! thats why i shop online now.

All the time! I’m a college student, so I often carry really big bags. So, when I walk into somewhere like Sephora or Ulta the employees automatically assume I’m there to steal. Little do they know I drop like $200-300 when I online shop on their site. (and I do this often) It’s so annoying!

YES! I ALWAYS get ignored at the local MAC counter in Dillards. I have stood there for over half an hour a few times, and I just get the “I’ll be right with you” and then a snobby rich-looking older woman will get there and they go with her.. Then they do it again, again, until I walk away. ALWAYS happens to me. I always end up going to the one in Macy’s. They are WAY nicer, but usually are sold out in much more stuff. It seems like at the counter in Dillard’s they only pay attention to you if you dress and look like you are rich.

It only happens to me at MAC counters. Never had a problem anywhere else. Im not sure if its an age thing.. Since I’m 25 (look 22-23) .. And I dress business casual most of the time..

I’m 17, and a couple of years ago I went in to MAC to get a foundation and she just ignored me after I actually followed her around and asked her the same question 3 times, then I gave up. I returned now, years later, and they wouldn’t even look at me – so I made it look like I was opening their drawers to get their attention πŸ™‚

Really, because my MAC counter is just the opposite here. I’m the older rich lady and they ignore me here and cater to those wearing makeup similar to their style.

This happens to me quite a lot. I’m 21, but I look younger (I’ve been told I look like I’m 16). Some people at Sephora have given me looks before and going to a MAC counter is usually an uncomfortable experience because they always think I won’t buy anything.

I don’t dress up or wear makeup if I’m planning to shop, but I’ve really only had one experience where I was completely ignored. It was an Armani counter at Nordstrom, but I made sure to let the SAs know they just lost a guaranteed sale. I don’t think it had to do with my appearance, though, as it was pretty obvious by the size of my shopping bag (I had just finished up at the NARS counter), but I think they thought they could talk another customer into an over-priced skin care regime.

Insane! During my internment at Nordstrom girls would practically set a diversional fire to steal each others customers.

All the time. I’m 23 and out of college but I still look like I could be in my mid-to-late teens, so whenever I go to makeup counters or stores, the employees there consistently ignore me since they think I don’t have my own money to spend.

No, but I didn’t buy much makeup as a teenager and while in college, so that’s probably part of it. I’ve generally had positive experiences iwth customer service in general, and I don’t know if it’s just the area in which I live or me, but I don’t usually have a problem. I had a really good experience today at both the Burberry and Guerlain counters, in fact.

I think some of it for me may be that I am in my early 30s, so I’m not assumed to have no money, and in the Seattle area no one really dresses up, so even though I’m in jeans and sandals that doesn’t mean anything. It’s also possible that we’re right next to the Nordy’s flagship store, so they put a really heavy emphasis on customer service. I don’t know which, or if it’s both, or whatever.

That’s very true about the greater Northwest. I’ve seen posh customers at the Neiman Marcus by there with jeans and Tom’s on, but still ready to drop a few grand on whatever.

Absolutely, I have. I like a simple, rocker makeup look: clean skin (just concealer,) eyeliner, dark lips. People at makeup counters (particularly MAC) treat me like I don’t know anything just because I don’t wear eyeshadow or foundation.

Definitely at my local Mac counter, they basically ignore me or seem unhappy that I’m there buying something! The ladies at my Sephora are nice, although the ones in Paris treated me like trash, not sure if it’s cause they thought I was english or because I asked for a brand (UD) and they didn’t know it???

Ugh, gosh, yes! I do stage makeup, but I don’t often wear it myself, and my appearance is rather masculine and butch. The ladies at Sephora always look down on me and think they need to show me where to put concealer or how to use highlighter, ha. Joke’s on them, I’ve made a career out of doing that!

Not really discriminated against but I work in a cosmetic store for a well known brand that’s known for its conservative customers. I will often approach them asking if they need any help and they often ignore me simply because I’m a man and after giving me a chance some admit they didn’t think I knew a thing about makeup. It’s disappointing because its not about the retail aspect of it, I just want to be able to show what I can do. Thought it was just me imagining things whenever this would happen but my co-workers even take notice and point it out. Being narrow-minded when it comes to makeup is just a bore.

in London, where I shop, Male makeup artists or sales are actually more popular then women.
my female makeup artists friends even told me it’s not fair that they don’t get as much respect as the others. πŸ˜€

Wow that’s rude! Personally i would never ignore/don’t ask for help if a male employee at a makeupstore asked if i needed help. But for these costumers that gave you a chance, and admit that you surprised them, i’m sure that you changed their point of view on, and they might accept help from a male in a makeupstore next time in th future. I personally love seeing male workers at makeup stores, i feel that theyre better to explain things. I’ve experienced that many female workers is trying too hard to sell you the things without giving enough information about the product. But that maybe could be me being unlucky when it comes to female workers( not all of course ). .I hope you’ll continue doing what you do, and also that you dont think all costumers are judgemental like that, Im sure that youre given that job because on your good makeup/beauty knowledge! and sorry for my bad english haha πŸ™‚

Yup. I’m a queer woman of color, and it obvious. Even when I’m the only one at the store they keep their distance like I’m gonna hit on them or keep a close eye on me in a weird way…like I’m gonna steal something.
Le sigh.

yep. i often go bare faced during work days (not a morning person, so i’d rather sleep… my skin is good enough now that i feel comfortable going out with nothing but an spf moisturizer on my face), and if i go to the sephora or ulta on my lunch break, or stop on the way home, i rarely get helped. the mac freestanding near to my house is the worst about this. i avoid it if at all possible.

I don’t think I’ve received any terrible treatment but I feel just because I’m Asian they automatically assume I have a really yellow/olive skin tone and incorrectly color match me. -_-

And yes, I do get better treatment if I ever bother dressing up like a lady.

Two stories always come to mind; I know one I’ve mentioned before. When I was younger (early to mid teens), I had an experience at the Estee Lauder counter in my local mall where the older woman SA just circled the counter over and over, following my every move then accused me of trying to steal. I knocked something down and put it back right in front of her face; a bit later, I took out my lip balm and put it back then she rushed over frantically shouting about how she saw me steal. I wanted to punch her, but emptying out my bag and loudly illustrating the contents making her look like a giant, stupid bitch was much more gratifying and didn’t get me sent to juvie – LOL. The worst part was she never even bothered to apologize. Just gave me a pissed off look mixed with I still think you’re a thief look then said “OH” in a snotty tone and walked away. The other story is similar – I never was accused of stealing, but one of the clerks at my closest Walgreens (another older woman, 50s-60s) would follow me and stare me down EVERY FREAKING TIME. She’d rush over and ask if I needed help, but the way she said it with the way she looked at me made it clear she did not want to help, but rather make it known my presence wasn’t appreciated and that she wanted me to know she was watching me. Even after I would politely say I didn’t need help, she would would just stand behind me and stare. I even caught her hiding in an aisle pretending to work, but she was actually continuously looking around the corner making sure I wasn’t stealing.

Those are the two main experiences. I also get irritated by chicks at makeup counters who don’t know shit about skin tone. I really hate when I hear, “That’s not for you because you’re *insert skin tone here.*” For example, I have heard SAs/MAs tell darker skinned women pink isn’t for them – Have any of the WOC, especially dark/deep skin women been told this? I have heard this a handful of times and always WTF.

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