Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Have you ever been afraid to use your limited edition products? Share your stories! (And how you overcame any fears/concerns?)

Temptalia's AnswerOh, yes, definitely! When I first started buying makeup, anything with really pretty designs was a bit heartbreaking to use and destroy. Then there were those much-coveted limited edition products that I didn’t want to use up for fear of using it all up! Now, I’m well-versed in destroying designs and the like, and that I confronted out of necessity for reviewing 😉 After awhile, I realized that rather than wear my favorite limited edition products sometimes, I wasn’t wearing them at all, and I learned that things get re-released, dupes exist, and it’s not the end of the world if I have to find a replacement.

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47 thoughts on “Have you ever been afraid to use your limited edition products?

  1. I definitely find myself reaching for some of my LE’s less, but as you mentioned, some shadows have many dupes! I think the only time I would stop using my LE’s would be as soon as I hit pan. I don’t think I’d have the heart to use up every last bit.

  2. No, if I love things I use them, and because I will always buy more limited edition stuff!

  3. Stacey

    Limited editions and those that are not….sometimes have to get dupls.

  4. to be honest i never really have been except for this one nail polish. i’m so mad at myself for getting a sample size! but i guess if i hunt down and score a limited edition, i’m gonna use it for sure! not every day, though.. just on days when it feels special or appropriate but i’ll use it! i just figure even when it’s gone, eventually there will be something else that is LE and will entice me just as much!

  5. Nah, I figure things (especially with MAC) will get re-released eventually.

  6. Layla

    No, if the thing is good, I will use it, LE or not. I have learnt to accept that if I finish it and can never find it again (Guerlain Wulong!!), at least I have loved and lost.

    Besides, expired make-up is a waste. I would rather use it and enjoy than lose them to decay.

  7. I’m afraid to use everything, it seems. I know I have a mountain of stuff, but they’re all locked in a self-storage unit in a different continent, so I can’t even picture how much I ACTUALLY have. And since A LOT of the stuff I’m using are imported (bought by the spouse in the US then either mailed to me or brought with him when he visits, which is less than once a year), I tend to worry about using things up before I can actually replace them.

  8. julia

    I have quite a few MAC shadows that have been depotted that I don’t use, but that’s because the colours are quite wild and I simply don’t wear brights. But I also picked up the palette Chanel released for the holidays last year that has become my ‘baby'; I only wear it on days/nights that I’m wearing contacts and am a little more dressed up. Everyday glasses and hoodies I just use my UD Naked Basics as it’s permanent.

  9. Michelle Reece

    Yes! I almost never buy them for that reason–unless it’s the perfect color/shade or length of wear, of course.

  10. Definitely. I’m also afraid of using my products that aren’t available in Belgium like my Lancôme miel glacé blush or my tarte products. But I still use them beauty products are meant to be used!
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  11. Yes! My beloved NARS Strawberry Fields only gets busted out on certain occasions when I need to feel at my peak.
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  12. I never even hesitate, cause I don’t buy them to just look at them, I buy them to use. I don’t care if they’re ruined, if I want to see how they originally look, I might check their images on the net and always see how they looked before I used them lol

  13. jenni

    oh yes most definitely! i used to stock pile all my limited edition items and just look at them and never use them at all. i would only use the makeup in my collection that was permanent or easily replaceable. after a while i realize that there will always be new limited edition things that i will want just as much if not more in the future and that using something now and enjoying it is better than letting it collect dust and becoming no longer usable! with all the wonderful limited edition stuff coming out and having no place to put them, i regret not having used and enjoyed all my other stuff first. lesson learned! makeup is for using, not just hoarding and staring at

  14. Ivana

    No, because as you said, things get rereleased and there are plenty of dupes on the market. You need to keep in mind that make up can get bad, that´s what I always tell myself and so it´s better to use things up.

  15. I feel the same about my Alien Liqueur 2013 perfume. I prefer it to the normal Alien and don’t want them to discontinue it so I use it quite sparingly.

  16. astrild.r

    No, I think it takes a lifetime to use up a makeup product and by that time, I’ll have another favorites. And as you said, there are a lot of dupes for each product.

  17. When I first started buying limited edition makeup I was a little leery on using it if it had a pretty design I didn’t want to mess up lol. I’ve gotten over it now but some stuff I still won’t use completely up because I’m not ready to part with it. I’m pretty close to finishing some limited edition lipsticks but until I find a good enough dupe I refuse to hit pan just yet lol
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  18. My Anastasia Lavish palette, just because it’s so pretty to look at. I love how the packaging looks amongst my other palettes and the orange soda & sienna combo are go to crease colours. I haven’t hit pan yet, however when I do, I realize that there are dupes. Considering I rarely/never use moss and black diamond, I’ll have this palette in my collection for a long time……and I read on Anastasia’s Instagram that there’s going to be a limited relaunch of Lavish :)

  19. KaseyCannuck

    I have no problem using LE products as I doubt I will ever use anything up completely anyway. There will always be more just around the corner.

  20. Victoria

    Me, too. I always tell myself there always the next best thing and I will always buy new ones.

  21. Hmmmmm nooo not really :) but on the contrary I wear it more at times and feel proud that I have a LE stuff which I can enjoy when its still in demand :) whats the use of flaunting marine life after 4 yrs ?

    • Jenni

      LOL ditto on that!! nobody cares what Marine Life was when there r tons more new LE out there. LE is just a gimmick they use to sell!

  22. I still use mine, but there are a few things I will be sad about when I use them up. The two that really come to mind are MAC Gem of Roses lipstick and their Cream Soda blush. If Gem of Roses ever comes back I’m buying about five of them.

  23. Story of my life! So many products I love are either part of a limited collection or they get discontinued. There should be a support group for that ha. I definitely hoard that stuff.

  24. LU

    Not at all, really. I’ve always just thought of them as any other product that I love to use, it’d be a shame if I didn’t use them often because it would be a waste of money. I do get pretty annoyed when relatives ask to borrow them though, I actually say no in fear of them never returning/damaging my LE products.

  25. Every time I use my NARS Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red, and especially every time I have to sharpen it, I feel a little pang of sadness.

  26. Zainab

    Yes, specifically Illamasqua Facade, which actually seems to be permanent. So I’m going to wear it a lot more now.

  27. pAMSY

    I used to feel like that too, but now I just think “Well I spent all that money I might as well get use out of it.” And sites like yours make me feel good because I CAN find dupes easily

  28. xamyx

    If it’s a basic, everyday type of product, but it happens to be in a perfect shade, I’m hesitant to use it on a daily basis. However, if it’s more of a “fun” shade, I don’t even think twice about using it, as it’s actually rare I even opt for those shades. It’s also easy enough for me to find dupes, or at least similar enough shades, when it comes to eye products, but when I find a blush or contour/highlight product that work effortlessly, I tend to save those products for days I really want to make an impression.

  29. Eliz

    Half the time I forget which products are limited edition vs. permanent. I am a big believer in using and enjoying all of your products. I had a Chanel lipstick that I adored and wore all the time until I found out that it was limited edition. I started using it very sparingly. Fast forward 6 months and I found it had turned, so I couldn’t even use what was left. It was then I decided to use and enjoy what I love while I have it.

  30. beka

    i think the only color product i’ve ever finished is a foundation! you why not use the LE stuff? by the time it runs out (if it ever does), i’m sure there will be something i like more anyway. that being said, i will be a little sad to hit pan on my dior mitzah palette, but it doesn’t stop me from using at least one shade of it almost everyday.

  31. Nikki

    No, never! I just tell myself that I bought the product to use it. Once it’s gone, I’m.ready to find a dupe or the next new product, so to me it’s no big deal!

  32. kurohana

    no, it would be a waste of money to not use them and they will always come back in the future

  33. Oh, totally. I have a lip and cheek tint from Majolica Majorca that I almost never use because I’m afraid it will run out 😛 It’s not like I couldn’t get something similar, I’m sure. It’s just that the whole product really appeals to me, from packaging to colour to effect!
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  34. I must admit I have money just sitting in never touched LE items, while others I’ve used I’ve loved so much that I cried when either something happened to them or they were gone… I LOVED a blush from the MAC too cute collection.. Someone dropped it, I screamed, and then found one on eBay but I won’t touch it despite it being the BEST color on EVER. I’ve thought of trades at MUA but there’s just something (wrong albeit and selfish) about OWNING things. I don’t honestly know all I have… Anyone else like this?

    • I’ve also noticed that many things come out like permanent.. Then vanish.. It would have been nice to know that they were LE.

  35. Yes, absolutely, especially if I loved the stuff… would just freak me out to think it could run out, so I would just wear it on “special occasions”. However, some of my lipglosses and lipsticks spoiled because I didn´t wear them. That was so sad! Makeup is to be used and enjoyed – now I really don´t make any distinction between my LE and permanent products. The only product I confess I keep untouched and that I intend to leave that way is Marine Life – that is really my only “collectors” item :)!

  36. Jenni

    Not afraid to use them at all! Afterall, that’s why we bought them!!

  37. Daisy

    im most afraid to use my MAC Archie’s Girls face powder in Flatter Me! it is the perfect blush for my complexion

  38. Anisa

    I use most of my limited edition stuff just like I would any of my other makeup, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to use the Love, Rihanna bronzer and Pleasure Bomb lipstick from the Mac Riri holiday collection as much though! They’re so beautiful! I’m going to take them on vacation with me though so I have to use them. If I don’t use them then when else will I?! lol

  39. My first ever LE was heroine eyeshadow and it was my pride and joy for so long! I would hardly use it. But it truly is a lovely one im still obssessed with it

  40. Xero

    I used to; but now I don’t think I could finish a product even if I tried, so I just use them whenever I want to.

  41. Surprisingly, no! If I spend a lot of money on something (or even a little bit), I want to use it. I rarely hit pan on eyeshadows because I switch it up daily and I don’t wear lip color that often (most the stuff I use on my lips is permanent anyways). I’m more apprehensive to use products I fell in love with that got discontinued! I have a backup of my Too Faced Glamour To Go II palette (because the newer Glamour To Go editions just don’t do it for me, sadly), but I fear the day when that runs out, as it has been my go-to travel palette for a few years. The only exception to the limited edition rule is a limited edition Stila highlighter-blush that I use very often and love, but I’m sure I can find a dupe for it if I had to. :)

  42. For me, my first worries were in the limited edition MAC lipsticks (I know, exciting right?), so I totally get what you’re saying Christine. I am so happy to have been enlightened that it Really isn’t the end of the world if I use up my last Wild ‘Bout You lipstick. Then came Guerlain. But now I’m realizing that all the more I need to use them instead of losing to the fact that years later, they’ve expired.

  43. I´m a sucker for that! I´m a LE kinda hoarder, and end up not using the products as I should because of that. Shame on me! I hope it’s just a phase!