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From scratch as in take all the raw ingredients and make something no but I have mixed colors to get my own shades of nail polish, lipstick/lip gloss and even foundation.

I have a handful of bottles of nail polish that I’ve mixed together to make my own shades, and I sometimes crush up eyeshadows, mix them together, and press them to make my own shades

One time I had a moisturizer that wasn’t moisturizing enough, so I added coconut oil to it. Best decision ever, because I put the coconut oil in when it was melted and mixed it all up and when the oil became solid again, the whole thing ended up with a really nice fluffy texture.

Thanks for featuring my question!

I franken occasionally, although so far I’ve only made really small batches for personal use. I do dream of buying a bunch of ingredients and making my own cosmetics from scratch, sounds like a lot of fun! (And a good excuse to don a mad scientist gear, hehe ๐Ÿ˜› )

On another note, Christine, I’ve noticed that I never got e-mail notifications when people reply to my comment, despite me selecting the option. They didn’t go to the junk folder, either.

Oh yes but always mixing cosmetics! I’ ve tried to mix a blush powder (fucsia) or an eyeshadow with a transparent gloss to obtain a colourfull gloss. The result was super! and you can add more pigment to enhance the colur! I have discovered that it works also with a pigment loose shadow and a transparent nail-laquer!

I dont know if this would be considered franken makeup – but I keep a bottle of clear eyebrow gel (uncorked) that I use to make my own eyeliner colors with. I will put a small blob on the back of my hand and mix in a pigment or cosmetic glitter and use an eyeliner brush to mix and apply it. Makes the color strong and last.
I do the same with a clear gloss I keep on hand.

Depends on that you mean by โ€œfrankenโ€ something.

I’ve made my own gloss, colored balm, mixed loosed eyeshadow, mix my own long wear blush from a Lip Tar, and pressed my own blushes & eyeshadows.

Not unless you count mixing lipstick and Aquaphor to make lip gloss for my super dry lips? ๐Ÿ˜› That’s as makeup-artist-ish as I get.

Legend has it that Wende Zomnir started UD on her bathroom sink making a nail polish, so I thought why not? the other day I got my glitters from an art crafts store, mixed them with clear polish and got a goopy useless mess that went straight to the trash bin …Oh well

I’ve mixed eye-safe loose mineral eyeshadows with clear lip balm and gloss to create tinted lip balms and glosses. So far my favourite combos are Femme Fatale Cosmetics’ Sunfire or Flare mixed with Lush’s Ultrabalm.

Sunfire is SUPER pretty on the lips. And I meant lip-safe loose eyeshadows haha, one would hope eyeshadows are eye-safe!

I do it all the time with nail polish ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m very frugal so I like to use everything to the last drop. When I have bottles of nail polish that are almost empty (you know, where it’s next to impossible to scoop out the bottom with the brush no matter which way you tilt it) I mix them together to make a new, and might I say, UNIQUE color ๐Ÿ˜‰

For a while I was really into mixing loose pigments and pressing them….I will also take nearly finished e/s pans and break them up and mix those together too. My favorite so far has been a mix of MAC Bronze and Twinks!

Nope, not really. I layer cosmetics a lot – nail polishes, eyeshadows/ pigments, lip products – to get colours that are just what I’m after, but I’ve never really tried to create something new in a pan or bottle. I also mix foundation with moisturiser or brightening primer to create tinted moisturiser, but I don’t think any of these really count!

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