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As fun as that sounds, I have never! I don’t own enough makeup to attempt this. Or from another perspective, I guess I’m always on Project Pan, since I won’t buy another foundation/powder/concealer before I’m done with the one I’m using. Lol. Wow, talk about POV!. 🙂

I’m the same way. I don’t see the point in having 50 different products that all look the same. I have a 120 eyeshadow palette and I want a neutral palette and maybe one or two trios for travelling but I just can’t justify having more than that.

Nope – to be honest, I don’t understand the appeal of using up a product. If it’s a product I love, I don’t want to use it up, because that just means I’ll need to repurchase it! If it’s a product I don’t love, it would be great to get rid of, but frankly, I’m not going to use it often enough to use it up.
So Project 10-Pan type things just don’t make a lot of sense to me. 

[email protected] at Project Swatch
 I agree. If I don’t like something I’m not gonna want to use it up! I don’t like it so it either sits in my makeup drawer never to see the light of day again or I give it away to someone. And I hate finishing products I love, especially limited editions because I know I can’t replace them 🙁

Hmm…that’s an interesting concept and I have never heard of it.  It’s quite intriguing though.  I think I’m going to have to try it starting today!

Yes, it was my new years resolution, but once Feb rolled around and MAC S3/C3 was released that was the end of that.

I honestly don’t think I could. My main obsession is nail polish and lipstick and it would take forever to finish either of them, maybe even impossible for the nail polish.

No, but I feel like I should! I have so many lip products just sitting around. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just don’t get used because I have so much stuff!

nope. i don’t buy a crazy amount of makeup in the first place so i basically already do this in a sense. i only use one mascara i only have a couple palettes, 1 gel liner, 1 pencil eyeliner….a few lipsticks. not a lot compared to some people.

I actually just finished my first Project 20 Pan a couple days ago! It was painful, but I’m so excited to be able to shop again 😉

Nope! I’ve never done a PP. I will go on a no-buy, or if I feel some other products need to get used then I will start putting random products in a basket and only allowing myself to use those for the week, but never done a PP. I don’t feel like I have that much makeup to warrant a PP.

No way! I usually go like this “i will purchase another brown eyeshadow when I’ll have used up the one that I have” so 😀

Honestly never, I’m not going to wait to buy something that I like because I havent used up some other product that I like.

I’m sort of doing that right now, actually. I’ve decided not to buy anymore foundation, blush, or mascara until I’ve finished what I have. Well, at least until I’ve used up a significant amount. I really want to try some new things, but I have so many unopened/unused products that I need to get rid of.

I don’t think I could do that! I have way too much make-up but there is always something new and different that I want. Besides, it would take forever to finish products up because I change my look up everyday.

Yes. Three times and I was being foolish for each, haha. I gave myself some insane number like 15 so I never was able to reach my goal. 🙁

I think I flirted with the idea of it, but never actually mentally or physically committed to doing it. It was like “huh, I should try that” then POOF out of my brain.
I’m *kind of* doing something like that now: I am only interested in buying products I know I’ll use often and love! :O never thought my husband would live to see the day 😛

While it’s not exactly a project, my collection is getting to the point where I have the majority of what I want and will use, so I’m kind of reaching that point naturally where I’m just finishing up products before buying another one.  When your main preoccupation doesn’t involve cosmetics (whether it’s a personal passion/hobby or profession), I think you sort of reach a natural plateau after awhile.  In my case, in particular, my job has limitations on the makeup I can wear, so I have a lifestyle restriction to the amount that’s reasonable  to buy.

Considering that since I’ve really gotten “into” makeup,  I’ve never actually finished an eyeshadow and have almost finished one MAC blush, I’d be a pretty sad gal if I tried one of these.  The closest I’ve come is to put myself on a one month “no buy”. To be honest, I don’t really see the point. I enjoy makeup and compared to other things (electronics, golf, travel, jewelry), it’s a fairly inexpensive “indulgence” so while I might try to reign myself in from time to time, I don’t see the point of a “project 10 pan”.

no, but im seriously considering to do it. I will pick my 5-6 most favorite/used eyeshadows, 3-4 lip products and set them in a box i will use as my everyday makeup palette..

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