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MAC Marisheeno is permanent in Asia (I’m not sure if it still is), but I had someone buy like five of them for me, because at the time, it was perfect for me. I also had someone purchase me Giorgio Armani #14 ETK eyeshadow which is permanent elsewhere but not here, and I think it ended up nearly doubling the cost had it been available here! Worth it on both, though.

— Christine

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Oh yes.. Ive hunted down remaining blush shades of Chanel’s tempting beige and MAC ltd ed sunday best eyeshadow. Completely ridiculous but both things really work for me and dupes are hard to find. Evil bay I hate you…lol

MAC Hipness for $15 in a blog sale. The reason it was $15 was because whoever owned it depotted it into the packaging for the blush in the Venomous Villains collection…it was barely used as well! I knew I’d never see it for that cheap ever again so I snapped it up.

I also have Marine Life, but a bit more expensive obviously, though I don’t regret it. I’m glad I didn’t buy Candy Yum Yum at a blog sale for like, $35 because a week later I found out Mac was making it permanent.

not a shade but those wet n wild 8 pan palettes (drinking a glass of shine, sparkle till morning, and shimmer the night away) and i got them and didnt have to pay ridiculous prices

I spent time hunting down Mary Jane and Strip Urban Decay shadows because they essentially match my Warhammer 40K and I wanted my eyeshadow to match my army…sad but true!

Dang–that is awesome! Love it, and I _totally_ get it–I help run a tabletop game convention in New England. 🙂

A few years back, I kept stalking/calling every Sephora in my area about the MUFE Smokey palette. After nearly 2 months, it was finally determined this gem would not be coming to the US. However, a few weeks ago, I was able to find it on ebay, by chance, and it was 1/3 the original retail price, so in the end, it all worked out.

Then, there was the L’oreal Infallible in Burning Black that I finally decided to buy on ebay, from the UK (at least it totalled less than US retail!), and it took a really long time to arrive. The funny part, a few days after I ordered it, the same shade (Smoldering Plum) was released here, LOL. They are identical, and fortunately, I love the color!

I’ve been having pretty good luck finding some other items of interest on ebay, and for the most part, for less than retail, or very close. I don’t feel like I’m “hunting” them down, though; I just enter an item in the Search bar, and if something pops up, I look into it.

I’ve been trying to hunt down MAC’s Enough Said blush for awhile now. I called the Gone But Not Forgotten program thru MAC but they said it was past its shelf life and wouldn’t sell one to me. I found a seller on eBay once but was outbid. Still look every once in awhile. So sad.

Yes, If you are in the US we can swap if you wish 🙂 my user ID is roor84 ( i dont have it listed though) but you can contact me and will take it from there. RA

Hi Joanna,

I actually have the Enough Said blush around, I need to find it first!
Im looking to reduce my collection so let me know if you would like it if I find it.

I have tried and cannot find, for the life of me, estee lauder’s limited edition blush in tease. it’s this perfect shimmery pink (but not TOO shiny) and i can’t even find something very similar. i’d be willing to pay top dollar for it on ebay but alas, i think it is one product i will never have 🙁

I’ve never done it. It stresses me out too much. The most I’ve attempted is pre-ordering a limited edition item, so I could get it before it sold out. I have gone on searches to drug stores to find things but I haven’t had much luck with that. There have only been a few items that I’ve been bummed about not getting. There’s always something newer and shinier coming out every day so I don’t get hung up on specific items.

Bugged a reseller about MAC’s Betty Bright! I also asked a friend who was on a trip to Japan to pick up some of the Basquiat palettes by Addiction. Def. worth it on my part as well. 🙂

Yeah! I used the estee lauder Gone but not forgotten program to hunt down some mac liquidlast eyeliners. Those were my holy grails, but now i don’t care anymore.

Love this question and know I will enjoy the responses! So I am naturally a very nostalgic person, and in the day and age of Specktra and ACW I am given a newlease on hope of finding some MAC products I want. I worked with someone I cared deeply for at a Nordstrom when Balloonacy and Bait/ Lure came out, and so I am constantly on the hunt for products from those two LE releases. My other obsession is the MAC Snakeyes collection- oh how I regret B2Ming so many things!

Yes, I did and and I somehow regret it. A few months ago, I was so obsessed with having the “Wicked Ways” lipglass from MAC´s Venomous Villains collection. First, I was browsing some german sites (it´s where I live) but I could only find it on ebay.com, the girl who had it was located in the US. So I bought it with “not so nice” shipping costs, but it didn´t matter back then. I just wanted the gloss! When it got here, it once again confirmed that I cannot stand gloss on my lips, no matter how good it looks, but I wanted to have it so badly.
Yes, sometimes I´m very stupid… but maybe one day, I´ll learn from my mistakes 😀

And I wanted to find MAC´s Bad Fairy nail polish for a reasonable price but instead, I bought the dupe (Sally Hansen Lava). So, it´s not always necessary to hunt the LE item 🙂

I’ve actually been looking for a Bad Fairy dupe! First high-end nail polish I was actually intending to buy, then I found out it was discontinued. 🙁

Hopefully Lava will be available in the UK.

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Hi Tantan,

You can search the website for it – I’ve used it in several looks but don’t know if I’ve done a post on it. Rashmi said she’s called around for it, but it sounds like it has been discontinued!

OMGG !!!

without reading your reply , when i saw this post on FB , I thought of writing marisheeno …
and you know , i came here to see the correct spelling 😛 hahah

can i tell you one thing ? I have lost the count now , have called up every possible store in ASIA .. yeahhh not even India , I called so many stores and asked friendss for that shade you know .. its not avlb. now Christine 🙁
i wish i could get it someee day 😀 D:

my god , i still cant believe , you are struck with same answer and am glad i thought the same …
marisheeno for me for obvious reasons 😀 😀

other then that , may be CHANEL DRAGON backup .. yeahhh i would love to have one that also 😀

After seeing swatches of LMDB’s Penelope kaleidoscope on your blog, I went a little bananas looking for it. Unfortunately, all the main online dept. stores sold out. I checked eBay and found it there for $300. After a long battle in my brain, I couldn’t justify paying triple the price. After a lot of time went by, Xiao from Messy Wands featured a whole blog post dedicated to LMDB’s eye kaleidoscopes and there it was in the midst of reading where she mentioned a place in NYC that still had them. I snatched up Penelope and splendid frost. I love the colors and it was definitely worth the splurge.

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