Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Haus of Gloi Perfume Oils for Valentine’s Day

Haus of Gloi has created five scents for Valentine’s Day. Perfume oils are available in small sample vials ($3.00) or a 5ml amber glass bottle ($15.00). The photo above shows several vials of various scents. I’m still working my way through their regular catalog of scents, but I did trial their recent seasonal ones. ┬áTheir perfume oils last six hours or so on me, with some scents tending to stay longer on the skin.

  • Come Hither is described as being inspired by herbs and roots used in Hoodoo to attract a mate. It has Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, rose oil, Queen Elizabeth root, saffron threads, and honey in it. On me, it’s feminine, soft, and rosy–there’s a subtle, sweetened rosiness that is rounded out by an earthy quality. There’s also a hint of herbaceous greens that is most noticeable in the first twenty minutes of wear but fade away shortly after.
  • Odette is described as “clean sun dried linens, tuberose, ginger lily, and white musk.” It’s a crisp, musky, and floral in the beginning. After a few hours of wear, it transitions into a more sweetened floral. The scent smells fresh and perfect for springtime, but the sweetness does pull it back a bit once it settles against my skin.
  • Who Needs Love is described as “chocolaty orbs, coated in crystallized coffee – filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling.” At first, it’s a subtle sweetness mixed with a gentle tartness; there’s the sweet-tart taste of raspberries with the earthy sweetness of chocolate. For a scent with as many food descriptors, it’s not overly foodie. As the scent wears, the raspberry really starts to prevail with the chocolate becoming a backdrop. It was my favorite of the spring scents, which is funny, because I don’t typically like dessert-based scents.
  • Spring Tonic 1 is described as “Californian lemon, Mexican lime, parsley, and dandelion greens.” There’s a tart bite of citrus initially; there’s the sourness of the lemon, the crispness of the lime, and there’s a grassy element that gives it a green note. It smells like a really fresh, crisp salad. On me, the lemon seems to pull ahead after a couple of hours of wear.
  • Spring Tonic 2 is described as “fresh cucumber, parsley, and dandelion greens.” Lots of crisp cucumber from the get-go, mixed with the green, peppery scent of parsley. The cucumber wanes a bit, and the scent turns greener, almost grassy.

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25 thoughts on “Haus of Gloi Perfume Oils for Valentine’s Day Reviews

  1. Ali Lentini

    Where are these available for purchase?

  2. Stephanie

    Haus of Gloi does nothing for me. If someone is looking to get in to perfume oils, I would suggest Carnival Wax or Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Both are slightly more expensive, and the latter has an extensive catalog, but the better ingredients and more original scents make it worth your while to try.

    • Is there something wrong with the ingredients they use? What do you mean by better?

    • Shanel

      Yes, except that BPAL uses synthetic oils in many of their blends..not a pretty smell. The only synthetic that haus uses is honey being that they are a vegan company. I own an extensive collection of oils from both companies, so I’d like to think that my opinion is an informed one.

  3. Shanible

    I want to try them all! They all sound amazing. Spring Tonic sounds a little like Privet Bloom (Hampton Sun), which smelled like rotting fruit on me. Is there anyone that has smelled both to compare?

  4. I love the fragances of Gloi! Twice is Nice is my signature fragance, also Pasticceria from One Hand Washes The Other.

  5. lily

    Do you happen to know how to pronou pace gloi?

  6. Ashley

    Your blog gets me into serious trouble! lol :) I’ve never heard of this company before. I love the fact that you can buy sample vials though!! Definitely going to order some.

  7. Beck

    Love Gloi! Does the coffe show up in Who needs love?

  8. Arianna

    mmhhh spring tonic 2 *_*

  9. lily

    How do you pronounce Gloi? Is it glow? Or gloy?

  10. breeoxd

    oh god, Im a BPAL junkie, just put in another order for 15 bottles, and now you bring me this. EEECCKK! lol cant wait to play!

    • Beck

      I used to be like that with Bpal, just go crazy. I finally stopped because most of what I ordered just never turned out right in terms of what I expected or hoped for it to be. I was getting a lot of lackluster oils that barely lasted before totally fading away, and oils that gave off a plastic synthetic scent. Also when they started charging 30.00+ for hair serum I was a bit turned off by their greediness. I think they believe the fan base is so crazy over their products that they will pay anything and practically live to fork over their money to them.
      Don’t get me wrong I have had some great oils from them, but the last few orders left me disappointed.

  11. Cimw

    Thank you for reviewing this and introducing me to Haus of Gloi. I received Depravity perfume oil today and love it! The Odette perfume oil was restocked so I ordered that today also and I have no doubt I’ll be happy with that one as well.

  12. After reading your review on their scrub, i bought the butter pumpkin moisturizer and scrub. They gave away a perfume sample which I love (though it’s too sweet for me, but everyone at my home loves it. Thanks for introducing this brand to me. I am looking forward to buy more form them. Thanks.