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I don’t find neutrals boring, which I did when I just started getting into makeup (at 18), and I’m much more comfortable in my own skin, so I don’t have to have a full face of makeup just to get coffee. Being older means more experience with products overall, as well as working full-time means more disposable income than I had as a student, so I can use products that would have been out of my reach before. I have less patience and acceptance for under-performing products, so when I reach for products, I reach for ones I love and that work well.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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Well, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more comfortable in my own skin, which has meant that I feel more at ease taking chances, rather than trying to avoid standing out.

I definitely don’t go for bold looks as much. I’m more mindful of when they might be appropriate. I also experiment less with face products. I stick with the foundation/concealer/blush that works and I only change when it’s not working or is discontinued. (I have super sensitive skin)

I’m in my later 30s but without makeup, I look like a teen. So, I look for products that will enhance my looks and makes me look more mature. I don’t wear loud colors or try trends that will make me look younger than my years. I am very picky about my products and what I put on my skin. My focus had always been more on skin care than actual makeup. Before I purchase or use a product I do my research and find out all I can about it. I’m not easily influenced by trends or fads. I want the best product for my skin. Just because a product is $300 dollars doesn’t mean that it is better than a $20 product. Products come and go but I have only one skin.

When I am older I expect to wear very little shimmer. I think I’ll go matte all the way. And probably no stark pink or nude lipsticks!

Yes. I’m 63 and I stick to neutral tones for my eyes. I’d love to try that hot pink, new metallic lip tar by OCC but at my age, I won’t do it. 🙂 I’d like to, but I’ll spare everyone. Ha Ha. I did get the new Chanel L’Impatiente and I do like it on me though. That I’ll wear, but I just try to keep the color products at a minimum, whether it’s a blush, eyeshadow or lip. And, that’s not to say when I was younger, I wore bold colors — I didn’t even wear much make up when I was younger, but if I were young now, I sure would.

I think you should get the hot pink lip tar 🙂 and let it be something you wear for yourself even if it is just around the house. I think brights can look terrific on people regardless of age. A neutral eye with a bright lip is fabulous.

I didn’t really play with makeup as a teen or in college so it’s hard for me to say. Mostly these days I’m drawn to neutrals and “natural” looks with bold lips. I don’t know if that’ll change as I get older, I guess we’ll have to see 🙂

I´m better with makeup than what I was before. But not too much has changed. I have never worn a full face of makeup, have accepted myself since I was 15 the way I am, and also I haven´t changed the shades I like to use…I started using Chanel at 17 and I didn´t have a job it was my parents money. So if anything has changed, is the fact that I sometimes feel that I can´t use drugstore makeup because at 23 I´m too old for it.I used drugstore makeup when I was about 13-14 and I just feel I´m too old for it particularly when I see 14 year old teens buying it lol.

I’d say I got better at blending and priming, so I wear more colors. I also fell in love with the red lip look, something I didn’t bother doing during my teen years due because I thought it was too high maintenance.

Same! I used to find neutrals the most boring products ever. Now I love them! I have so many brown eyeshadows 🙂 Also, I didn’t use to “get” foundation. I kept asking myself “Why do people want gunk on their face all day long?” LOL. Now I’m converted. Foundation makes your skin look AMAZING! I LOVE foundation. I think it also had to do with the fact that when I was younger I had only tried drugstore foundations (which were mostly under performing at the time, not anymore since there are good foundations at the drugstore now). I don’t think I had tried a foundation that did what they are meant to and that’s why I hadn’t fallen in love with them before.

I find that I’m more comfortable taking risks now, at 23, than at 16/17. If I’m not sure that a colour looks right, I’ll wear it out anyway to see! If it doesn’t look right, that’s ok, it’s not the end of the world, and it’s my face anyway! I also find myself drawn towards true “natural” makeup – how do I look like I’m NOT wearing anything when I actually am? I also love lipstick now, whereas until about a year ago I hardly wore it.

I am the opposite from you, now that I´m 23 I´m more of a chicken when it comes to unusual or extremely bright bold colors! It is true that when I was a teen I loved some of the shades I love and use now like pink, berry, fuschia, coral in diverse intensities and shades, bold or muted, medium or bolder. But when I was 15-17 I would also wear crazy shades on my lips like a dark brown shiny copper shade I loved back then, pastel colors much worse compared to Mac Saint Germain for example, full out gold opaque lips, neon blue purple lipsticks…I´m very fair so everything makes a big contrast with my skin…to my credit I would keep the eyes neutral lol…still the fact remains that I was CRAZY to be able to have worn those lipstick shades in public lol 😀 .

Just to clarify I´m more worried now on the fact if a shade works or not than when I was 15-17 🙂 , back in the day I just didn´t care.

I’m 50 next year, and find I need to wear concealer on a daily basis (mainly to cover up those horrid dark circles under my eyes, lol). Autumn and winter colours – which I love – look better on me as they bring my face to life, whereas neutral/natural make up makes me look really washed out. I tend to confine glittery products to my nails only, otherwise they settle into my fine lines and emphasise them even more.

To some degree it has. I just turned 60 two weeks ago (it sounds scary even typing it!). I’ve always avoided frosted products, especially eye shadows, even when I was in my 20’s. I remember when I go “into” makeup again in a big way the Mac SA trying to sell me Naked Lunch. As it was a frosted finish, I said “no way”. Then I tried it and LOVED IT. I know “they” say frosts are a total no-no for women of “a certain age” but I find that many of the frosted or pearl finish shadows (and other products) are so finely milled and finely made that they’re nothing like the frosts of the 70’s. Most of my shadows have a bit of sheen to them. I’ve taken care of my skin, including the skin around my eyes, and I find that a shadow with some sheen really makes me look brighter and more awake. But I don’t overdo it. I actually find it’s matte shadows I need to be a bit more careful with as they can look dry and dull. I don’t wear a blackened red type of lipstick (that sort of Goth look) but then I never did. And while neutrals are my favourite shadows (and they were when I was younger too), I still love and use brighter shadows for a bit of “pop” on an otherwise neutral lid.

I couldn’t agree more with your observation about today’s shimmers and frosts. I’m 68 and find that a soft, finely milled shimmer brings light to my eyes and really opens them up. Satin mattes and pearls are also beautiful, but full on mattes just look dry and dull.

I definitely have more taste/knowledge than when I wore make up as a teen, but I think that’s also due to my growing interest in it. I’ve also become a lot more willing to try higher end brands, while when I was younger, I wouldn’t touch the stuff because I couldn’t afford it and what do you meaaaan £20 for foundation?

Look-wise, I think I’m the same as most people as they spend more time with make up – I begin to feel capable of doing more complex looks, experimenting with colours, etc.

I think I’ll always want to be paler though.

Some years ago I didn’t wear bold lipsticks. Now I do ! I love deep pink, red, plum colours. Even if people stare, I wear very red lipsticks ( middle end and very often high end ones ), I also try many blushes and eyeshadows. Bold nail polishes but mainly on toes ( except during summer when I love wearing fluo nail polishes, teal and other colours on the hands ). Many here don’t even know what M.A.C means, no wonder they stare when I wear Hang Up or Beauty lipsticks, a soft pale lilac or a dark lipstick here ? Oh schocking, one day I’ll try a blue Illamasqua lipstick just for fun, I haven’t tried the brand yet but I should ! I don’t reside in Paris, that’s why some people are so narrow-minded I guess, but anyway things go better and many girls/women dare to wear beautiful bold makeup, it’s great !

Lol I´m assuming by your name and your comment about not living in Paris that you are from France? lol then it makes sense for people not to know Mac, I mean that is the homeland of Chanel, Dior, Ysl, Guerlain, Lancome etc. It doesn´t surprise me that people there wouldn´t know Mac lol 😛

Yes, my age has definetely affected the type of products I use to make myself up. For many reasons: I now have more money to spend in products with large quality, I know what suits me and what doesn’t and so on.

I did a total 180. As a teen I was really into the street punk scene. smudged greasy eyes, sticky hair, infected piercings, and dirty clothes. Now i’m in my mid twenties and i’m a young professional with long natural hair, girly clothes and i LOVE me some eyeshadow palettes. I love buying the palettes or quads because then i can create a whole look very easily without having to sort through individual shadows. I also find that I do not have the patience for low performing products. I need to look put together and I can’t have spotty eyeshadow that can’t blend or fading/peeling lipstick.

Knocking on the door of 40 so I’m more aware of my skin than I was.

The result of this is I tend to use better quality items so I can use a lighter touch I never used to use primers / fixers etc which I do now.

Colour wise, if anything I’ve gone brighter and more colour, I still love neutrals but I’m more likely to use bright colours than I was.

I’m about to go on a splurge at Urban Decay to get some great strong colours
(Psychedelic Sister, Evidence, Gravity, AC/DC, Radium, Haight, Loaded are on the list to try, any other suggestions for pale NW15 skin Blue eyes and dark brown hair gratefully received :-D)

I hated neutrals when I was younger, but within the last year, I’ve really preferred them. I still love my bold shadows, but on a day to day basis I go with the neutrals. I also refused to wear lipstick in my teens because I didn’t want to look old (oh, that teen mentality haha). But I actually love lipstick and hate lipgloss now. Go figure.

I think so. While I prefer wearing color (less that I think neutrals are boring and more I’m pale enough that I like the pop that color gives my skin) I still keep in mind what’s still appropriate and work safe and tend to play with the boldest colors only on Friday when everyone is more casual.

It also extends to my nail polish. Although my office is beyond tolerant in terms what I can wear (I once had the 2nd in line tell me he loved my holographic teal polish) I still don’t think something like crackle polishes or textured manis like caviar or velvet look professional and will avoid them.

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