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I work with animals, so my mom always tells me I need to start makeup for dogs. Sometimes I think she might be half serious!

While I’m sure I could somehow cross makeup and D&D (tabletop, 3.5), I haven’t tried as of yet. Nor have I written novels about makeup. I do blog about it in my every day journal, but that’s less hobby crossover and more just…life.

Not really, LOL. I’m a fan of outdoor sports (MTB, slacklining, etc.) and literature. These things have nothing to do with make-up whatsoever. Make-up is more of an unusual hobby to me.

Yes! I love business in addition to makeup. I began my career as a makeup artist but then my other hobby came into the mix and I shifted geared. Instead of just being a makeup artist, I decided to be a business and beauty consultant. I think if you want to make makeup a part of your career, you have to know some business techniques.


I’m going to go with “yes” on this one actually. All of the things I do kind of spill into one another. Makeup falls into the music work that I do because I’ve done makeup for artist who I’ve also done audio production work for… also done makeup for photo shoots for albums I’ve worked on OR for other graphic projects I’ve done (example: clothing companies that I worked on web design for I ended up doing makeup on photo shoots – then built the promo material). Music, makeup and art all kind of blend together 🙂

I like that I can never really decide if I’m a makeup artist who’s also a musician or a musician who loves makeup. I usually just tell people I’m an artist when asked what I do for a living. It’s pretentious sounding but the most accurate!

It has for me! I show horses, and how you do your makeup is a big part of showing. I just got a new outfit for the world championships in November, and I’ve been having fun trying to put together a new makeup look to go with the new outfit. 🙂

Hahaha let me see…I work, I study, I like and in some way collect makeup that inspires me….uhhh…I suppose I need a hobby!

yes! i play roller derby and putting on my makeup(warpaint!)is a huge part of my game day preparations. i love to do dramatic glittery eye looks, some girls do full on face paint. its a great way to feel extra confident on game day!

I majored in Visual Arts, with a Painting focus; and makeup has definitively influenced my work. Weird enough, it was kind of a two-way thing, as art made me interested in color, which made me interested in makeup…

It did not into other hobbies but into my profession. I’ve done several colleages’ make-up for recitals and performances. It’s interesting to have a different canvas than my own face 🙂

I have plans to make some make up looks based on some of my favourite characters from a certain video game, does that count?

The only thing I do that qualifies as a hobby is going to the gym, so no, as that’s not very makeup friendly hobby!

I have actually used nail polish in my jewelry before. For some resin pendants, I just need a quick wash of dark paint (that will be immediately sealed by waterproof resin). Nail polish works because it comes with its own easy to control brush and dries super fast.

Definitely has! I do theatre and am constantly asked to help out with makeup for shows – although, I am not a theatrical makeup person at all, so I’m only really good at doing straight makeup! And holding the boys down to put eyeliner on them, haha 🙂

My other big hobby is actually video games! And it might sound strange, but I definitely notice an overlap between my two favorite hobbies.

I prefer character and story driven games where I can create a character from the ground up, including their appearance. I have a lot of fun building my characters’ look and style, and there’s definitely an exchange of ideas going on where an unexpected look will come together for a character and then I feel compelled to try it in real life, and vice versa.

It’s also fun being able to experiment with colors I personally can’t pull off in real life. While some of my characters look very much like me, a lot of them are my polar opposite in skin tone, hair/eye color, etc.

It has crossed into my anthropology interests (that’s my major at NYU). I’ve done some research on the cosmetics ancient peoples used. The Egyptians would mix galena ore with animal fats and oils to create black kohl. For green kohl, they would use malachite ore. In Ancient China, women used to paint their faces with a yellow pigment to achieve a golden appearance. They also stained their fingernails using various ingredients (an early version of nail polish). It was pretty interesting!

Kewl! Ancient folks also used henna as a hair dye, nail color and body decoration.

I love learning how people have decorated themselves in different times and cultures! Fascinating.

Actually my hobby is what got me into make. lol I was sick of my rose face photo’s in my cosplays so I became obsessed with getting a foundation that would work for my uber pale olive skin… my addiction grew from that.

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