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I haven’t had anyone in real life say that to me, and if they did, I might later check my foundation to see if something went awry. I’d probably just say, “thanks for letting me know,” and get far, far away from that kind of a person, because people who say things to be hurtful aren’t ones I’d be around. Helpful is one thing, but snide and snarky, no thanks!

— Christine

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Yep my mom tells me that everyday. Anything that has color is too much haha.

But Christine, I don’t get what you mean by, “I’d…get far, far away from that kind of a person.” Are you saying you don’t like people who are outspoken and/or honest? I’d like to think that the person said it to help you and not be mean. Or is it because you’re embarrassed?

I personally would like someone to tell me if he/she thinks my foundation looks to fake/cakey. Just like I’d want someone to tell me if I had food in my teeth.

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Hi John,

If they did so in a hurtful way, then yes. I’ve seen more people do it in a very snide, snarky way – not helpful way. Your friend saying, “Hey, that foundation looks cakey” is different than saying “You look like a clown,” which is how I’d interpret “wearing too much makeup.”

Agreed. It’s about how it’s done and where it’s done. Telling someone she has too much makeup on with the wrong words or in the wrong way isn’t helpful, which is how it sounded from the question. It’s one thing to have a friend pull you aside and quietly tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth (Thank you, you’re a real friend!) and another to have someone just blurt out that you’re wearing too much makeup (rude!). Besides, “too much makeup” is totally subjective, isn’t it? Usually when we hear someone say this, it’s followed by something like, “you/she look(s) like a whore” or a clown and isn’t really something constructive. Constructive criticism is tricky and it’s all about the words you choose and the how/when/where you use those words. The question didn’t include any of that and left it at the statement with no other considerations, which I think sounds rude.

I remember a few years back I would wear eyeshadow to work and the girls would be like why do you put those colors on your eyes. I would say because I like it and I don’t want to look bland or boring. Fast forward to today and every cashier wears eyeshadow. I even had a coworker who is also a Facebook friend go on Facebook on a whole rant about “Why do chicks wear makeup?” I liked her status and commented “Don’t knock it til’ you buy it, oops I mean try it?” lol som people are so inconsiderate but I feel like I can wear what I want to wear because I like it and if you don’t just don’t look at me! #SIMPLE

So true! I’ve had friends who make fun of me “oh my lord..u’re all decked up.” and i’ll just be sporting an eyeliner and lipstick :-/ But I don’t really care..it makes me happy..and prettier than them 😛

Hmmmm… I’d think it’s a different situation if something is badly applied or gone awry as you say, or if the issue for the person is “there is way too much going on”. As a matter of fact I often ask people I trust “do I look like I have too much makeup on?”. I think amongst makeup fans there can be a tendency of having waaaay too much going on, ending up clownish indeed even if nothing is badly applied or melted away. I have gotten more and more into makeup, but I have not always been this way, so I keep this fear of becoming what I noticed as odd before. So now as I wear much more, I like to keep an honest eye on how I look to people who do not wear the full program. Is it ok for people to care less? Of course. Is it in the reverse ok for ppl to not like the full-blown makeup program? Obviously. I choose to care whether I have too much going on, because I agree crossing the borderline (same with too much going on accessories-wise, f.e.) is not pretty. I think it takes a lot of courage to tell someone “You’re wearing way too much makeup/blush/eye shadow”. I don’t think the reaction should be anger unless that person really, really were trying to get someone down (which I think is the minority of the cases, even if some are too snidy or harsh).

I’ve been told I wear a lot of make-up not that it looks bad but because I wear it all eyeshadow, liner, blush

People always think I wear no makeup, but I do keep my concealing at a minimum, sometimes it’s not even covered out entirely but that’s okay. This is why I’m scared of wearing foundation, because I feel lile none of them look like real skin.

I get this a lot, too. I used to hardly ever wear makeup, so when I did I didn’t feel confident and felt like it was too much. I’d wipe most of it off before I let anyone see, then ask my friend/boyfriend if I was wearing too much and the response was always, “you’re wearing makeup? I couldn’t tell.”

Now I wear it more often and I’m more confident about everything except highlighters with glitter bits (I swear I see them even when the SAs insist there isn’t any) and blush, which I still think I could use more practice with.

A friend’s 8 year old daughter told me “you wear a lot of makeup” but she didn’t say it as anything other than a factual comment … no judgment in it. She didn’t mean “you wear TOO much makeup” just “you wear a lot of it.” I was kind of offended but then I realized that kids can’t help themselves in a way.. they are super honest. (Her mom doesn’t wear any makeup, so my minimal makeup must seem like a lot to her!!!) Oh well.

I dont think being told that one wears too much makeup is being snide or snarky. I dont take it personal. Kim Kardashian wears too much makeup and people say so. Does she care? As I get older, I wear more makeup and a variety of eyeshadows…..not to coverup, but because I bought so much makeup since I started reading Temptalia. I am not heavy handed with my makeup. If anyone says that I wear too much makeup, I would say “Oh, you are so jealous….you just dont look as good as me.”

Mostly just my freakin’ mom, like everyday. But it’s just because she’s really old school, if it were up to her I would have never started threading/plucking my eyebrows or changing my hair color and cut too. I’ve even found better ways to make my face makeup look more natural but still, she always calls me out on wearing “clown” makeup. It is really annoying sometimes, especially since everyone else besides her compliments me!

I have the exact same problem with my sister.For her make-up means a tiny bit of mascara,a tiny bit of blush and maybe some lip-gloss!
She says I shoundn’t wear that much makeup whenever I go out(which I assure you I don’t and I make sure that my foundation looks like skin…She is way old school(and she is way too young ) but she’s always been like this for other stuff too…
My best friend though says I should be a makeup artist cuz I know so much stuff about makeup and I always looks great!So I stop listening to my sister!!

I get told all the time. Mostly old people I serve at work, they also nag me about my piercings and say my makeup/piercings ruin my pretty face. My mum tells me sometimes too. Mostly cause she thinks eyeliner/glitter = nighttime look. I usually just overlook it or smile, or say to “each their own”. Or explain to my mum that the “rules” of makeup have changed and you can wear glitter during the day.

Fortunately no one has ever told me that i wore too much makeup. My makeups are always natural looking and fresh. I don’t like the overdone look of foundation that don’t match the neck or the crazy smokey eye look.


I’m with you on that smokey eye look. I think women are being sold a bill of goods on that one. It just makes everyone look like a witch, tired, strung out etc. Not a pretty site.

When I was in my twenties, someone told me, you are still so young, you should not be wearing so much makeup. I was so offended then coz I was just wearing foundation with lipgloss. Anyway I wouldn’t want to be like her. She is in her 30s but look like 50s! Always sloppily dressed in shapeless pants and tee shirt that has been washed many times they were out of shape. Oh my.

I find that people say I’m wearing too much makeup when they can tell I’m wearing ANY makeup, especially guys. Girls always compliment me on my makeup, and guys just comment on my makeup, if that makes sense. I used to get bothered by it, but now I just don’t care! It’s my face, and if they don’t like it then that’s there problem.

Yes at dinner time. My parent’s friends say that I wear too much makeup compared to my sister. My sister does wear makeup but mostly just concealer and cheek stain. Whereas I do all of it. I am much more tanned in comparison to my sister as well because I go out more often. They think I put on bronzer to fake tan or something!! They think I look wayyy older than her but I am only 1 year older than my sis but it’s super hard to tell. . really depressing but I love makeup and I’m going to use it !

Not personally, but I find that it really depends on an individual’s idea of “too much makeup.” For some, more than a natural look is excessive. Personally, I only really notice it if it’s poorly done makeup. If you’re going to go big, you have to know what you’re doing.

My mom and my hubby has been told I wear too much make up
About two years ago, was popular smokey eyes and I tried on. Then my mom saw me and said were u Lady gaga or tried to be a panda ??? My mom always says some funny ways about my make up.

My assistant manager, who is also my friend, doesn’t understand my eyeshadow addiction and makes comments when I wear bright eye makeup. Nothing bad or anything, but she swears my eyelids are gonna fall off or something. haha Keep in mind she doesn’t wear a stitch of makeup and has never seen anyone do their makeup like I do. She once told me “you look like those girls in magazines” to which I said thanks! 😀

Hahaha! I always get that comment from by brother. He’s not used to girls wearing makeup, so even just a bold lippie scares him. I just laugh it off. :))

Oh I’m so glad my boyfriend is the opposite! If I wear a colourful eye look or bold lipstick, he goes “Ooooo I like your eyes/lips”. I always ask him what colours I should combine, so he kind of has a hand in my makeup process LOL

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