Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

Has anyone come to you for makeup advice? What for? What did you tell them?

Temptalia's AnswerMy “real life” friends have come to be for advice on long-wearing foundations, shade matching, and how to wear red lipstick. For long-wearing foundation, I say it’s about layering and application as much as it is about the products. For shade matching, get samples, try them at home first. For red lipstick, wear it at home a few times to get comfortable!

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25 thoughts on “Has anyone come to you for makeup advice?

  1. katie

    there’s a girl who’s friends w/ some of my friends, but i don’t personally like very much who always asks me for makeup advice. it’s very difficult for me to be grown-up about it and not give her bad advice. but maybe if i did, she’d stop asking.

    no one else asks for advice, per se, they just always want me to beat their faces for events. flattering but actually kind of gets old after a while.

  2. Safyre

    Well, since I work at Sephora… It’s kind of my job to advise people. Lol, even before I started working people would ask what products I liked best or how to use certain things or how to keep eyeshadow from creasing because I’d always wear these crazy bold looks. I remember the joy when I told people about primer, brought them samples. That’s kind of what spurred me to apply for the job. I love to tell and teach people about the fun magical world of makeups. Of course though, when I don’t have the answers I refer them to Temptalia and Youtube and I’m not too proud to do it either ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Oh, yes. My friends are mostly the type who wear make-up for practical purposes, and growing up, most of them didn’t really have any role model for the subject except for TV and magazines — Which, if you’re Indonesian, you’d know are not what you want to follow for “practical” make-up. (If you like the drag look sans glitter, then maybe)

    So far, the hardest is to convince people to use the correct shade of foundation, not to cake powder on their face, and to properly remove their make-up! I enjoy recommending products though, I feel that all the time doing research pays off when I can recommend something that works well for someone else. :)

  4. Not too often, but one of my flatmates did ask me to go shopping with her once to look for colour cosmetics, I pointed her in the direction of theBalm. She got a blush, think it was Cabana Boy, and she also got the Balmbini Vol 2 palette as a gift with purchase! She seemed pretty happy with it :)

  5. Jax

    Yes, general things, tips and Colour suggestions mostly.

    I’ve also done three weddings so far, mainly I think because they trust that I’ll listen and we’ll take as long as necessary to get the look they want. and not necessarily stick to ‘traditional’ looks

  6. I’m a make-up artist, so yep :-)

  7. It’s depend on occasion,self-confidence and whom they want to be look like.

  8. Yes. Both the readers and friends in real life ask, especially those with monolids. I tell them to start off simple. Don’t try to “work it into your crease” with a pencil brush or anything like that. Just start off with a lighter shade on the inner half, darker on the outer half, highlight your inner corners, learn to work with a gel liner, and the rest will come! At some point you’ll be more at ease with doing your outer v, but in the beginning I found it frustrating too (how heavy and how far could I go without closing my eyes instead?)!

  9. chris

    Yes, in fact on Friday. My neighboor’s daughter heard on Dr. OZ that toothpaste is good to “dry out” blemishes. Well, she put it on her entire face and let it sit. Needlesss to say, it burned her cheeks and forhead. At 6:00 a.m., I applied some BB Concealer in Golden and used a MAC powder to set. She is fine now. To be 13 again :)

  10. Yes! :)
    My friends (and their friends)
    comes for make up advice.
    Iยดm well known for being a hardcore nerd, haha!

  11. I’m always having people come to me for eyeshadow and primer recommendations. When people ask me about shade matching, I’ve been able to help in store, when I can swatch on their skin.

  12. I get asked about eye shadows (application and brand recommendations) a lot and alternatives to MAC foundation that don’t make you orange since I have been very vocal about the many fails I’ve experienced through the years with MAC foundations and their insistence of grouping me as NC 45 when clearly I’m not.

    • xamyx

      I know what you mean; MAC associates like to group me as NC30. Even after I tried NC15, it was too dark, although it goes on fine, after a while, it gets darker.

      • Ugh, I get that too. I’m an NC/NW20-25 at most, and an associate tried to match me with NC45! Sometimes I wonder if I’d do a better job matching than them. x_X

  13. Anna

    I get asked about how to make a winged eyeliner. To be honest I don’t think I do it that well but apparently people think I do.

  14. xamyx

    My friends/inner circle consists of women who have very individual tastes & styles, which they pretty much have down, so noone has asked me for advice on technique or color. However, I’m the “go-to” if anyone has a question about a specific product and/or brand.

  15. Leticia

    My sister always asks me to choose her eyeshadows for the day and I really like that she never questions, she just goes ahead and trusts me! She says she has received flattering comments from her friends on her eyeshadow choices :) and I think she really is enjoying wearing different colors every day!
    Once, a cashier in a supermarket asked me what I did to get my eyeshadows to look natural, so I advised her to get a soft brush to blend eyeshadows after application. Other times, people have asked me for opinions on colors or whether I’ve used this or that product. As a makeup addict, I find it fun when people ask me for advice and I’m always willing to share any good tip I may know that could help.

  16. Brenda

    Yes. I’m my friends and family’s resident makeup nerd! My mother, grandmother, sister, best friends, old roommates, etc. I have tried more products and just really love helping when they ask.

    It’s most likely because I have much more interest in it (makeup art) than anyone else I actually know so I just have studied it more than anyone else (around me). It helps to have an art background as well, to understand and be interested in how colour, light and shadows work on the skin.

  17. I’ve had friends come to me with questions about skin care more often than makeup, although I have been asked to recommend good mattifying products for summer and for advice on brands that are cruelty-free or that are suitable for certain allergies. I’m always very flattered.

  18. theglitterydragon

    Two of my best girlfriends know I’m a makeup junkie. While they like makeup and they wear it – they’re more of the compact, mascara, gloss and go kinda girls (totally nothing wrong with this) But when they do want to doll up a little more – they do come and ask me for help.
    One of them is even getting married in May and she asked me to do her makeup for her.

  19. Liz

    Yes. I have a friend who told me she wants me to help her learn about makeup. She wants to look more polished. I’ve also been asked for tips by people on the train and bus.

  20. I do get asked on YT, but I really appreciate when I get calls at home and my personal friends would like for me to do a Basic Class for them in our small town. I do the makeup for a few within the surrounding communities. I live west of D.C., but in the suburbs, so it is great to get those calls. I appreciate it. Not annoying at all:)

  21. Veronica

    Heh, oddly enough, it’s started to get around in my workplace that I’m a bit of a makeup junkie, so I’ll occasionally have coworkers come up to me with questions regarding technique/brands. I’ve got introduced several to the wonders of eyeshadow primer. The gift that never stops giving. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Stephanie

    My mother asks me which powders to get (she’d stick before to translucent powders that would turn her beauty dark brown skintone into an ashy mess) so I went over and recommend MAC Mineralize Skin Finish for her. She also asks me which gel liners to get, where to buy cheap but good eyeliner brushes. She knows I know which lip color suits her, so when she has emptied hers, I get one that will look good on her lips.

    Friends ask me for some skincare tips and makeup tips. The funny thing is that I’m a biracial NC44 girl and they’re under NC/W25 and yet here I am to recommend some colors to them. A lovely friend of mine complained about her eyebrows and how she’d want them naturally filled in. I flipped out my Anastasia brow palette, picked a light ashy blond color and did hers. She was stunned at the end (and so was I, I was so nervous)!

  23. Joyce Galugbo

    Yes. My sister and my niece ask for recommendations.