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Gossip Girl (specifically Blair) inspired my look for a long time! I was all into glowy polished makeup, with the hair and wardrobe to match.

I’m not sure this counts, but when I was taking a stage makeup class in college, I realized I left my kit at home, and had to scrape something together from my regular makeup bag. I had a very pale PanStik, red lipstick & liner, matte, neutral & black eyeshadows, pearl white eyeshadow, and several black eyeliners (all types) & mascara. The end result was Morticia Addams.

Writing this out made me realize just how much my habits have changed in terms of how much makeup I used to carry on me. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I have a lip balm with me…

Yes, character-wise. Allison Argent (Teen Wolf), Quinn Fabray (Glee), Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Spencer Hastings (Pretty Little Liars), and Lydia Martin (Teen Wolf) are huge inspirations for my makeup. But if we talk movie character-wise, my daily routine is normally Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy look.

Emma Stone’s makeup is the best! Her makeup always suits her and there’s usually something new going on. I’ve never seen her makeup look bad. I’m guessing she also like makeup (it’s obvious not all the actresses do) and has some input, so that also plays some part in how great she looks. I do wish she’d kept the red hair though, she pulled it of really well.

Charmed. Back then, when I never really knew about makeup (was still a little young to wear much) but was interested in it, I always admired the makeup on the show. The looks always suited the actresses perfectly and even with the more dramatic looks, they were never overdone. Colour was used delicately. Every look focused on bringing the best of each of their featuers, rather than creating a mask.

Even with the reruns now, I still like to look at the makeup, none of it really dated. Sadly, the makeup artist for the show died late last year.

More recently, watching the occasional Mad Men episode, I can’t help admiring the makeup. It’s like a lesson in makeup history. I have tried recreating some of the eye looks. Quite nice and classic.

Not any character in particular but when you post the red carpet award pics the red lips with winged liner always inspire me to wear those looks more

Not really, though I used to find myself trying to figure out the makeup applied to Hermione Norris as “Ros” in the British spy series “Spooks” (or MI-5 in the US). She and I look nothing alike – she’s blonde and blue eyed and I’m a brown eyed brunette – but in one particular episode, she looked especially amazing, although she was quite bronzed (not my thing at all). But it was her subtle but appealing eye makeup that really grabbed me. That started me checking out her eye makeup in a whole lot of episodes (no wonder I had a hard time following the plots!).

Lydia Deets in Beetljuice and the dead showgirl and beauty queen as well. Additionally Joan on Mad Men.

Archie Panjabi’s makeup on The Good Wife is gorgeous, I love the colors they use on her, smoky and berry.

Pan Am and Once Upon A Time both have inspired looks for me.

The makeup on Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter in the movie Dark Shadows is beautiful, especially the eyeshadow. Its so shimmery and iridescent, I’m guessing its something by MAC. The movie isn’t that great, but I loved the makeup!

I like seeing neutral and slightly smokey eye looks on people with brown eyes and sometimes I’ll try to find out what they used/how their makeup was applied (the brown eyes thing is important, imo it’s easy to make light colored eyes look pretty).

Not gonna lie, while the movie wasn’t great, I loved Kirsten Stewart’s neutral eye makeup look in New Moon. I tried in vain to figure out what they used in that movie but all I found were articles about how they did her make up in the first movie. But clearly they changed it up, because her makeup looks far nicer in the second movie over the first.

I am often inspired thinking – oh I will do a plum smokey eye like that – then I never get around to it… But I once created the makeup look of a judge on X Factor 🙂

BONES. Yes, this show has the best makeup artist ever, their creases are always so perfectly blended and the eyeliner is so not obvious and smoothed out. Beautiful and natural makeup really enhancing every female character beauty

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I used to be obsessed with Effie from Skins and her smokey eye look, lots of time was spent scouring the internet for tutorials haha.

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Mad Men. I worked up the courage to get some liquid eyeliner and really practice my winged liner/cat eye.

Game of Thrones because the ladies all have this flawless natural makeup look that really makes it look like nothing is on their faces. (Well Cersei might have a bolder eyeliner but Lannisters aren’t known to be shy about their good looks.) Even when they get dirty or messy (see Arya) they still look amazing.

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Not necessarily a “character” but I’ve recreated Christina Aguilera’s makeup look from basically every season of the voice – her eyes are always awesome looking, I love her makeup.

Not gonna lie; I’m always trying to get Kim Kardashian’s look which is quite difficult since I’m a totally different type. But I also tried Kristen Stewart’s wedding make up in Breaking Dawn as well as Christina Aguilera’s make up in her video of Your Body.

For some reason, I always pay attention to judge’s makeup! I always loved J Lo’s makeup when I used to watch her as a judge on Idol. Sometimes I really like Mel B’s makeup looks from America’s Got Talent, when it’s bold. Christina Aguilera on The Voice is also capable of some killer makeup looks, although often it’s a little over the top for my taste.

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