Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! (2011 Edition)

Hope you have some fun, festive plans for Thanksgiving this year–and hopefully somewhere nice and cozy!  I’d like to take this time to give thanks to a few things I am thankful for, and I’d love for you to do the same in the comments! :)

5 Things I’m Thankful For (Life Edition)

  1. My family — they’re a crucial part of my support system, and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
  2. Mellan — he’s always underfoot and playful and free.  He reminds me to take a break every now and again (if only to attend to one of his needs).  His optimistic attitude is no less than inspiring!
  3. My friends — whether I see them every week or once a year, they’re good people I can count on when I need them.  I didn’t always have such reliable, genuine friends, so now that I do, I feel so lucky to have them!
  4. Education — it’s painful to go through, especially graduate school and the like when you just want to be done and move on with life, but it’s so worth it in the long run.  It sets you up for success; in the area I live in, you can’t even compete without a degree.
  5. Temptalia readers — thank you for being with me!  I really appreciate all of the thoughtful comments you leave and that you even stop by :)

5 Things I’m Thankful For (Beauty Edition)

  1. Long-wearing eyeliner — it is SO nice to be able to go the day without having to constantly check the mirror to make sure your eyeliner isn’t halfway down your face.
  2. Red lipstick — nothing makes me feel more confident and sexy than a really great red lip color!
  3. Exfoliators — I really love a great scrub or mask; it’s relaxing but so, so feel-good.
  4. Duochromes — how can you hate on a color that flashes two different colors depending on how it’s positioned?
  5. Liquid foundation — flawless finish, natural appearance, and makes my skin look ten times better? Yes, yes, yes!

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32 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! (2011 Edition)

  1. How fun! I enjoyed reading yours, and here are mine.

    1. My mother just got out of surgery and she is doing well, so I am very thankful for her being well and for her doctors for taking such good care of her.

    2. My husband is so supportive, loving, and wonderful every single day, and I will never be able to thank him enough for that.

    3. I’m so thankful that I have a good job, and that I’m doing science, and that I’ve had this job through the economic hardships many countries are currently facing.

    4. Also thankful for education. This master’s degree isn’t coming easily, but it’s been so rewarding.

    5. Finally, my family and friends. I have a fairly large family, but only a few close friends, and they’ve become a part of my family. Definitely want to point out my adorable nephew, too!

    Beauty edition:
    1. Glitter nail polish, because it’s always worth the removal process.
    2. Urban Decay Naked palette, for streamlining my travel eyeshadow routine, and providing me with endless fabulous looks for work, day, and evening.
    3. Biore Ice Cleanser, for helping to keep my skin clear for the past 5 years.
    4. Mango cuticle oil, for keeping my cuticles nice and healthy despite my insistence on keeping my nails constantly polished.
    5. Shu Uemura eyelash curler, because my lashes love a little curl.

  2. Thank you for all that you do all year for us! You’ve saved me a ton of money and that’s something that I’m thankful for!

  3. I’m thankful for my family for supporting me, although they don’t do it 100% of the time. I’m thankful for my dogs, Brownie & Coffee because they’re always there next to me when I’m upset & it makes me feel better. I’m thankful to be able to attend college, even though tuition is crazy expensive. I’m thankful for my boyfriend.

    & I’m thankful for you & putting your time into this beauty blog. You give me something to look forward to every morning when I wake up so I can see what gorgeous new makeup is out! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! 😀

  4. No Christine, I’m THANKFUL for YOU for this amazing website and all the work you put into it everyday.
    Before I buy anything I always check first to see ‘what was Christine’s opinion?’, plus to keep up to date on the latest. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  5. Naomi

    Aw, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :)

  6. Michelle

    Happy Thanksgiving to you Christine, Mellan & Shaun.

    Thank you for always updating us with the latest beauty trends! You have saved me and thousands of people a lot of money!

    PS. I think one main reason why Ms. Piggy wasn’t sold out was because of your review! My motto, “If Christine says no, I say no!” LOL.

    I would love to meet you someday. I’m a big big fan!

  7. I’m thankful for Duochromes as well. 😉 My my new Yaby Pear Paint palette have three of them. :]

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Christine! :)
    I enjoy reading your blog and want to say thank you for all your great work!
    Greatings from Germany

  9. Cat

    Happy Thanksgiving Christine!

  10. sara

    Im thankful for , the BEST beauty blog in the universe !(:

  11. It’s not technically Thanksgiving here in Canada but I’ll play :)

    1. I’m grateful for my family for being there for me even when I know I’m being difficult.

    2. Grateful for my boyfriend who stuck with me through thick and thin. I’m so thankful he is in my life.

    3. Grateful for my cat Billie. She’s a total sweetheart – but even better, is entertaining.

    4. I’m thankful for my health. I realize I’m very lucky to be young and healthy. Many people do not get the health I’ve been blessed with.

    5. My job. I hate it sometimes but I’m extremely lucky to not be struggling.

    Beauty wise:

    1. TWO FACED SHADOW INSURANCE. I would be a blobby greasy mess without this on my eyelids.

    2. Blistex Repair lipbalm. My lips are so so dry in the winter. This gets slathered on every night.

    3. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy – totally grateful that I’m able to put you on without a second thought on whether it matches the rest of my face or not.

    4. MAC’s Satin Taupe – when in doubt, you are my go to.

    5. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed. You are my perfect cold weather natural flush.

    Thanks for this post Christine!!

  12. Yolanda

    I consider myself a makeup and skincare junkie although I’m still learning to put it all together. I am also thankful for the dedication that you put into your site. I often find myself searching your site while out shopping to make sure my purchases will be worthwhile. Being a WOC, I find that I can always count on you to be thorough in all that you present to your viewers.

  13. apart from my god , family and friends , i am thankful to you for making me wise and you are a true inspiration to me when it comes to work 😀
    i have had my share of good and bad times and every time i was low you and your aura saved me 😀 the most amazing smile of yours heals me and the shine in your eyes speaks volumes …
    i truly am thankful to you for being here , you are my greatest strength here in this virtual world 😀 😀 ….

  14. Carolito

    5 Things I’m Thankful For (Life Edition)

    1. My husband, and amazing man.
    2. My family, and how close we all are
    3. My career, and the rewards that it brings
    4. My friends, all of them, the ones I see daily and the ones I see twice a year
    5. My health, and that of every person that I love

    5 Things I’m Thankful For (Beauty Edition)

    1. Bobbi Brown and Mac Brushes, because they make me feel like Im putting my make up perfectly, AND theyre so soft, they feel like a treat!
    2. The Naked Palette, OMG!
    3. Gel eyeliner, an inspire invention
    4. Red lipstick, any of good quality and vibrancy picks me up, even on my less beautiful days
    5.Combination to oily skin, hey, it will keep wrinkles away!!!

  15. Veronica

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I’m sure all of us are thankful for the tremendous amount of work you put into this site. :)

  16. Joan

    5 Things I’m Thankful For (Life Edition)
    1 After a double mastectomy, being cancer-free now for 9 years. Back then, because my
    surgery was the day before Thanksgiving the surgeon said, “I guess the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t
    important to you”. I said, “It’s my favorite holiday–I’ll miss this one with the hope that I’ll get to
    enjoy many more in the years to come.”

    2 For being alive, and the perspective and appreciation for life, that coming close to death
    has given me.

    3 My family, especially my husband and our home. Besides which, this man understands
    why I insist on washing my makeup brushes every night.

    4 Great neighbors

    5 Amazing friends

    5 Things I’m Thankful For (Beauty Edition)
    1 Temptalia. I don’t even recall how I happened upon this web site, but I am so THANKFUL that I
    did. I am thankful for Christina who is beautiful inside and out. I so look forward to perusing
    this blog everyday. I feel happy and connected to a community of individuals who enjoy life and all
    things beauty.

    2 My Mia, which helps to keep my skin in great shape.

    3 Temptalia, which feeds my obsession by providing through Christine, comprehensive reviews of
    interesting beauty products, making me a well-informed consumer.

    4 All things makeup. I love it all, and I love experimenting with colors and products that exceed my
    comfort zone.

    5 Skincare products—cleansers, exfoliants, toners, moisturizers & primers