Sunday, January 1st, 2012

My New Year’s Eve Manicure!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!! I hope your 2012 is already off to a great start :) I had a lot of readers ask me for photos of my ring, which you’ll notice above in my New Year’s Eve manicure photo (which is one coat of NYX Be Jeweled with one coat each of Zoya Opal and Zoya Maisie).

The ring was designed by jeweler L T Denny in Seattle, who came as a very high recommendation from a good friend of mine.  It was the perfect ring for me:  simple, elegant, timeless, with a subtle tapered band with a round solitaire.  I had always envisioned white gold, but we went with platinum, because white gold is rhodium-plated and requires re-dipping over time to maintain that “white” look (you can also consider palladium as a platinum alternative).  A good jeweler will spend a lot of time educating you before trying to sell you on something–Yelp! is a great place to start looking for a reputable jeweler!  If you missed it, Shaun (who is also know as “tech guy”) proposed to me here on Christmas Eve. :)

For those interested in the ring, a few more photos :) 

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288 thoughts on “Happy New Year – 2012 Edition

  1. Connie

    Beautiful manicure but a more gorgeous ring on that hand. He did good!

  2. It’s absolutely stunning C, the mani but more so the bling :) Huge congratulations x

    • Thank you CherrySue! Happy new year!

    • Agree on the manicure…I’m also over the texture nails. ^_^

      The Ring is gorgeous! I prefer white gold myself of true gold so it’s nice to hear about the alternative with platinum… I’ll be keeping that in mind.


      Starting a new name and channel for myself this year, formally Ani_BEE.

  3. Kristen

    Absolutely stunning, Christine! Just what I would expect for you – simple and elegant. Congrats again! Wishing both of you nothing but the best for 2012 and beyond.

  4. Gorgeous! Congratulations again!!

  5. Marina

    Gorgeous ring Christine! And a gorgeous manicure! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

  6. That is absolutely beautiful!!! And I love the manicure as well!

  7. Joyce

    oooh sooo pwetty! I really wouldn’t need my engagement ring to be any more fancy than that! Simple, elegant, given with lots of love, what more does a girl want :) Congratulations again

  8. Justine

    it’s so pretty! i love it. congrats!!!

  9. Samantha

    what a gorgeous ring, simple yet stunning! congratulation to the both of you :)

  10. Tuss

    Very beautiful ring!

  11. Nily

    wow *___* it’s amazing!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    (BTW the manicure too)

  12. liz

    OMG, your ring is so beautiful! Perfect and simple and certainly one to last a long time. it looks lovely and I am so happy for you!

  13. Whitney

    Ahh Christine!! It’s gorgeous! Congratulations :)

  14. Michelle

    Beautiful ring! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you : )

  15. The ring is gorgeous Christine! You are going to make a beautiful bride. You are such an incredible person, you deserve to be happy!! I think in February, it’ll be 3 years since I started following your blog, and I don’t go a day without checking it at least once. I hope you have a very happy new year

  16. Amalee

    The ring looks gorgeous! Congratulations once again on your engagement, Christine! :)

  17. E

    eep, it’s beautiful!

  18. nessa

    wow that is a beautiful ring! congratulations again Christine!! :)

  19. Fantastic, dear Christine!

    God bless you! Happy new year.



  20. Hilary♥

    Oh wow Christine, this is stunning! I love everything about it ♥ It’s definitely the best way to start the new year ^_^ so happy for you!
    I know I’ve said this before, but I’d like to say it again – CONGRATS! ♥

  21. OMG I love your ring 😮
    Would you recommend any dupe for the zoya opal?

    • A lot of the flakie polishes like Nubar 2010, Essie Shine of the Times, Sally Hansen’s Buried Treasure, etc. seem to be similar, but I’m not 100% sure.

  22. Leidy

    Beuatiful Christine. I am beyond happy for the both of you. Happy New year!

  23. Roxanne

    Wow! BEAUTIFUL! Well done, Shaun! So happy for you two! (Please make Mellan the ring bearer, arrr!! :D)

  24. Cindy

    What a beautiful ring :) Happy new year Christine!

  25. mia

    Wow Christine, i feel so privileged to see it! Congratulations again on the beautiful future before you xxxxxx

  26. Your ring is beautiful, I’m so happy for you. Thanks for all you do!

  27. Beautiful ring! Congratulations! :)

  28. LH

    The ring is stunning congrats to you two again and Happy New Year :)

  29. Hinahon

    Very simple yet absolutely gorgeous ring ! Congratulations again!! And I hope that soon, it will be my turn to find my special someone :)

  30. annemarie

    Yayayayayayaya!!!!! What a beautiful ring! So happy for you!

  31. bxboricua

    Gorgeous manicure and gorgeous ring!

  32. Dawn


    I love the ring. Mine was a solitaire too, and had such a tiny diamond in the middle that I almost needed a magnifying glass to see it

  33. Jana

    Oh Christine this ring is just gorgeous! It’s so elegant and timeless.
    The ring fits perfectly with a beauty like you.
    Best wishes from germany :)

  34. Congratulations! And a happy new year! You’ll be a really beautiful bride!

  35. Wait, so I’m, like – I’m allowed to stop and release an obscenely high-pitched, super-girly squee!!! right now, right? (Because I’m totally squee-ing, permission or not!)

    Okay, incomprehensible noises over. I love the modern feeling of the band, juxtaposed against the classic nature of a single stone. It’s lovely :) Congrats again, my dear!!

  36. Alli

    It’s gorgeous, Christine! Congratulations. I hope 2012 is wonderful for you. I had a lovely chat about you with the ladies at MAC today :)

  37. Yay for sparkly! Congratulations:D

    I’ve been searching everywhere in Melbourne for this sort of polish (opal), le sigh.

  38. Sara

    Stunning ring! That’s just my taste as well, it’s classic, timeless and elegant. I’m so happy for you, I hope you two have a great New Year :)

  39. Pawsha

    Very nice. Congratulations!

  40. VERY nice ring and gorgeous manicure, Christine!

  41. Melissa

    What a sweet proposal and a gorgeous ring, congratulations Christine! I wish you two every happiness. :)

  42. Hillary

    Being that I’m a 16 year old girl, this absolutely turns me to mush. Actually, no, this would turn me to mush any day. I think the picture of the gorgeous ring in front of the Zoya bottle is absolutely the epitome of beauty bloggers, and the way he proposed. Congrats to you both!

  43. Naomi

    Aw, congrats once again. The manicure is nice but that ring steals the show LOL

  44. OMG!! Beautiful!! I love it!! OMG!!! AH D: congratulations again!! *faints*

  45. Katie

    Congratulations, Christine!! Your ring is gorgeous. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Good luck to you guys!

  46. Cat

    Thanks for a posting a photo of the ring for us all to see, I was wondering what style you’d go for and I love seeing different types of engagement rings (even though unfortunately I’m nowhere near being engaged). I’m not surprised by how simple and elegant it is!

  47. Joanna

    Love the ring – it suits your hand perfectly! Congrats again!

  48. Rachel

    The ring is so beautiful! Congrats Christine & Shaun!

  49. Alix

    That ring is absolutely STUNNING. Congratulations!

    Happy New Year, and thanks for another year of fabulous posts!

  50. Laura R

    Oh wow. The mani is just the shade I’ve been looking for (note to self) and the ring is so classy and beautiful! Congrats! I loved seeing the proposal he thought up.

  51. virginiaisforluvrs

    Yay! Beautiful ring Christine! I also got a platinum ring. Much more durable than white gold. Are you planning to get married this year? We’re planning a 2012 wedding in Carmel. :) Congrats again!

    • I’m definitely thinking 2012! Carmel will be gorgeous – it is a very pretty area! Will it be outdoors?

      • virginiaisforluvrs

        Excellent! I can’t wait to hear more! We’re getting married on the beach but we haven’t decided where to have the reception.

  52. Yazmin

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such special moments in your life with us. Your ring is absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year!

  53. Erin

    love the ring :) congratss

  54. Alison

    Congratulations! Your ring is beautiful. I went with platinum over white gold for my engagement ring and wedding band for the same reason you mentioned, and because it is more durable and long-lasting. I think you’ll be really happy with your choice :)

  55. Barbara

    Such a lovely ring. I’ve always wanted a solitaire. I think it’s so classy and it never goes out of style or gets dated. Platinum was a good choice too, although in the first photo I thought it looked like yellow gold, probably because of the lighting.

  56. katie

    gorgeous!!! i think solitaire rings are the classiest engagement rings…. save all the extra diamonds for anniversary bands.

  57. nancy y.

    LOVE IT!!!! very beautiful! :)

  58. Christen

    they’re both so sparkly and pretty! the ring is classic and classy, congrats christine!

  59. judith

    Beautiful ring! Congratulations to you and your boyfriend! Love your blog. I always check your reviews/swatches before purchasing a new product. Didn’t know you’re a local! (You mentioned your beau bought the ring from a Seattle jeweler. I’m in Seattle too! So cool!

    • I’m actually not! I live in California, but my friend lived in Seattle for a long time (and she now lives in California) and recommended the jeweler to me when I told her we were looking for rings!

  60. Julia

    Absolutely stunning! Totally suits your personality. And you guys were smart to go with platinum. We went with white gold, and we’ve already had to have the ring re-plated twice. And I have only had the ring on my finger for 18 months.

  61. Adelita

    Classy ring, Christine! Mr. Tech Guy sure had a great taste (well as a proof, he choose you!).
    My dream ring is also a simple platinum, except with princess-cut diamond. Not too small, but definitely not too big -which in my humble opinion- it doesn’t look classic or timeless. The size of your ring is perfect! I’m 100% agree with you, the perfect ring is supposed to be simple, elegant & timeless.

  62. Congratulations! What a stunning ring & manicure!

  63. Beautiful mani and ring!!! Congratulations!! I know the excitement my bf proposed to me two weeks ago :)

  64. Diana B

    It’s beautiful, simple, and timeless just as you said.

  65. Oh my god what a perfect ring! Happy New Year!

  66. so happy for you, christine :)

  67. Congratulations again, Christine and Shaun! That is a gorgeous ring :-)

    Happy New Year!

  68. What a lovely ring! Congratulations to you both :)

  69. The ring is stunning. I didn’t know that about white gold; I thought it was just an alloy.

    • I didn’t either :( I don’t know if they do it for all white gold or just in particular for rings, but if they do it for other jewelry, a lot of that is not worn daily or coming into contact with other surfaces like a wedding band might!

    • Emily

      White gold is just yellow gold plus a white-metal, producing an off-white metal alloy (10k white gold means there’s less yellow gold in the alloy and it’ll be the whitest of all white gold alloys). This off-whiteness has to be dipped in something that is actually considered a white metal in order to drive the “white-gold” selling point. Usually, that white metal is rhodium (a platinum group metal). So, as with any other plating, it’ll wear off and you have to get it re-dipped. But personally, I love the warmth of the white gold alloy itself (sans rhodium plating).

  70. wow your ring looks beautiful!
    Happy new year!

  71. Jasmine

    The ring is beautiful. He did a great job.
    Happy new year! When I saw the proposal i told my boyfriend all excited because he knows I’m always on your website :)

  72. Jackie

    Such a stunning ring. Congrats!!! Can you please tell me if you know any dupes for Mac eyeshadow Parrot and waternymth. Thanks

  73. Stunning! I love the classic look- so timeless :) Incredibly excited for you two!

  74. Wow the ring is truly beautiful, so elegant and simple. It perfect :) congrats again and Happy New Year!

  75. divinem (Melissa)

    Your ring carries the timeless beauty that you do, Christine, and I wish you and Shaun many lovely years of daily minutiae that comes with being together over the long haul.

    We rang in our 16th New Year last night, and I love him more today than when we first met. That is a true gift that I wish for you both.

  76. Kashifa

    u got beautiful hands…
    Ring & Nail polish looks soo amazing
    I’m big fan of your website n your blogs on FaceBook
    cud you please do reviews of UK make up aswell
    it will really help many ppl including me
    n if i need to send a mail where do i send you ??
    hope to hear from you
    loads of Love n Best wishes for New Year
    Take care

  77. Amanda

    Congratulations Christine!! Such a beautiful ring. It looks like it would be pretty sparkly

  78. Fernanda

    How exciting!! When’s the wedding? :)

  79. Gabrielle

    What a gorgerous ring, I’m so happy for the two of you. Congrats.

  80. Jihae

    Congratulations! I wish you a very happy new year with your fiance.

    Be Happy!

  81. Congratulations !! What a beautiful ring! I can’t wait till you start planning – hopefully you will share all the details. I love weddings.

    • Thank you, Adelle! :) I suspect I’ll share some of the details when it comes to fruition/happens but since most of it is not beauty-related, I’ll keep it off the blog, lol!

  82. Naomi

    so lovely ! grats !!! :)

  83. Jill

    beautiful! simple & elegant! congrats again! what type of cut is it? gorgeous!

  84. Congratulations, Christine! It’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you and your new fiance!

  85. Lulee

    COngrats Christine! I remember during the first Ask temptalia session i participated in many moons ago I asked if you were going to get engaged anytime soon (because I’m nosy LOL!) and I’m so happy that you are now. Best wishes for this upcoming year. Are you planning on getting married in 2012 or not (there I go being nosy again)? Beautiful ring too, I love solitaires.

  86. Laura

    Congratulations on your engagement :) My husband proposed to me at Christmas too (three years ago now!)

    The ring is beautiful – very elegant and classic.

  87. Nancy

    CONGRATULATIONS, CHRISTINE! I’m so happy for you! :) It’s beautiful.

  88. Melina

    It’s beautiful!!! Congrats! :)

  89. Joan

    A beautiful ring for a beautiful person, inside and out. Congrats & absolute Best wishes to you and Shaun!

  90. What a fun way to start off 2012, planning a wedding!! Congrats and happy planning!

  91. Tigress

    Platinum is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. Congrats on a great ring and a great guy.

    • I never thought it would be something that would become important, but once I learned about the maintenance of white gold, I was like, no thank you!

  92. Emily

    Gorgeous manicure and gorgeous ring! Solitaires are so classic and elegant. =D

  93. Jennifer

    Your ring is so stunning, Christine! I love how timeless and elegant it is! 😀

    As a side note, I noticed that you included a link to a review of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation. Will you be reviewing it personally? Or the rest of the items from the spring collection like the glossimers?

    Happy new years and congrats again! I loved the comment about Mellan leaving a trail of hair down the isle, lol!

  94. Leticia

    Congratulations, Christine and Shaun!!! Your ring is stunning and looks gorgeous on you :)!! All the best for 2012 and always!! I’m sure you have the brightest future ahead!!

  95. Congrats, Christine! Your ring is gorgeous!

  96. Madelynn

    Dear Christine,
    You have my dream ring. :]

  97. Shaun knows the perfect way to propose! You two are perfect for each other. :)

  98. Corliss

    I’m sooo glad you’ve shown us your ring it’s beautiful. Thank God for love I hope you both have a long and happy life together.