Friday, December 24th, 2010

Happy Holidays!

As we approach the last week of the year, I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you and your families the warmest holidays filled with happiness, delight, and wonder.  The winter holidays are one of my favorite times of the year, because I love getting together with my family and (attempting to) relax–at least for a few hours! :)  Thank you for all of the holiday wishes, and I’m sending them right back at you!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

P.S. — There is no such thing as a holiday here on Temptalia–I have lots of great products to show you over the next few days in particular!

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44 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Temptalia!

  1. Ruth

    Thank you for a all the work you do to keep a makeup junkie like me completely updated. Have a happy holiday with your family!!

  2. Rae

    Aww, Happy Holidays Christine!! <3

  3. laura

    Happy Christmas, Christine!^^ I’ll wait for the new review!!

  4. Arantzazu

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Christine; and, of course, to all the readers too =)

  5. Rita

    Happy holidays to everyone! We have about -25C (-13F) now, but that’s not really cold yet. At some places they had -35C (-31F) last night. We have obviously spent the day inside.

    • laura

      OMG!!! here we still have 10C…maybe it will be colder next days (but here temperatures don’t go under -5C!)

  6. Vijaya

    Happy Holidays Christine!

    I like to take some time around the New Year to thank everyone for things they’ve done that have helped me, made my life easier, etc. Now feels like the perfect time to thank you for your site.

    You clearly work so hard on it, and it’s helped me with SO many purchasing decisions, as well as just with plain old boredom. So thanks for all that you do, and here’s to wishing you and all of yours a happy, healthy New Year. <3

  7. Angie

    Happy Holidays Christine!! :)

  8. Sami

    merry christmas! (well, almost!

  9. DJ

    Merry Christmas, Christine! I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays!

  10. Callen

    Have a great Christmas Christine! Thank you for the awesome year. I discovered your blog this year and I’ve had a great time learning from you. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog, it’s greatly appreciated by many. Please take lots of time to relax for once! You deserve it so much :)

  11. Frances

    Merry Christmas Christine! I have been using your tutorials since 2007 and reading the blog ever since! Thank you so much for everything you do!! <3

  12. Simply Simply S

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New year in advance to Christine and rest of our friends at Temptalia.

  13. Mirna

    Happy Holidays to you too Christine! Your site has brought me great joy during this season and all year for that matter!

  14. Liron

    Happy Holidays :)))

  15. Alejandra

    Happy Holidays to you and to everyone of us here.
    Hope everyone has an amazing time with the family.

  16. vickie

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  17. Pamela

    Happy Holidays, Christine! Thank you for your daily gifts of beauty to us makeup obsessed readers! Can’t wait to see what you’ll offer in 2011!

  18. Happy Holidays to you too Christine! (And to your bf and precious puppeh!!) You give us fun stuff to look at all year round, and I can’t thank you enough!

  19. Marie

    Happy Holidays Christine, and Happy Holidays to all the readers at Temptalia. The reviews and comments have helped me become more knowledgeable about make-up and everything related.
    Thank you. :)

  20. Glosslizard

    Happy Holidays to you and Mellan and The Boy! :)

  21. Gabrielle

    Merry Christmas Christine. I’m so thankful for everything you do during the year for Temptalia readers.

  22. Evelyn

    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :)

  23. Sakura

    Merry Christmas and I wish you well also for the next year… Keep up the good work and great reviews!

  24. Dana

    Happy Holidays to you and your family! And a happy and healthy new year :)

  25. Hana

    Merry Christmas, Christine! :)

  26. Cassykins

    Merry Christmas Christine! Make sure to take some time out for yourself and the family. As much as I adore your site, you definitely deserve a day off!

  27. Jean

    Happy holiday to you too, Christine! Thanks so much for your hard work throughout the years! :-)I’m so glad to see your posts, but remember to take some time off it’s the holidays after all and you deserve a break! :-) Take care of yourself, too!

  28. ShockingBlue

    Merry Xmas Everyone! Thank you Christine for your website!!!

  29. Leenie

    Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe New year

  30. Moeko

    HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY :) – lots of love from Hong Kong

  31. Sevi

    Happy Holidays to you too!! Thanks for your hard work!:)

  32. Makavelina

    Happy Holidays Christine! :) Enjoy the christmas time and the rest of this year! :)

  33. Chau

    Have beautiful holidays Christine! HEART temptalia xoxo Keep up your amazing work :)

  34. Hélène

    Happy Holidays to you Christine, and thank you so much for the huge work your doing for us with your blog !!

  35. Merry Christmas Christine! I hope you have a relaxing time with family and friends! Being together with family is my favorite part about the holidays :)

  36. Brenda

    Happy Holidays Christine!!!

  37. Sandrine

    Happy Holidays, Christine. It’ll be one year this coming January since I first found out about Temptalia and I’d like to take this time to thank you for everything that you do for your readers. Yours is the only beauty blog that I religiously read. :)

  38. Ari

    Warm Wishes to you Christine!

  39. Cherie

    Merry Christmas!!!

  40. Leticia

    Happy Holidays,Christine!! All the best for you, your loved ones and readers!!

  41. Joanna

    Hope you have a merry Christmas with your family. Thanks for all you do, your blog is an important part of my day.

    Best wishes for 2011!

  42. Ana G.

    Happy Holidays girls!! A special thanks to all for helping so much at the hard task of keeping beautiful!!