Monday, October 1st, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been another year, let alone six in total!  That also means that Shaun and I will be celebrating our seventh anniversary next week, and Mellan will turn five years old at the end of the year.   So much has happened in the past six years–it’s hard to believe it was all just a side hobby at one point.

To date, Temptalia has…

  • … received 779,358 comments
  • … published 13,104 posts
  • … written 3,775 review posts (some cover more than one product or shade)
  • … asked 1,823 questions through Temptalia Asks You.
  • … received 67.7 million visits, 202.6 million pageviews
  • … held over 430 contests.
  • … given 37 A+ ratings and 26 F ratings

Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement throughout the years!  Temptalia would not be as successful as it is today without all of you.  I am honored to be a part of Temptalia, and I am truly privileged to have been able to do this for six years.  Temptalia has such helpful, knowledgeable, and savvy readers–I could not ask for a better audience!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading.  Here’s to the next year!

P.S. — A huge personal thank you goes to resident tech guy, Shaun (also, my fiance!), my family, and my friends!  And Mellan, for being so cuddly and cute.

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310 thoughts on “Happy 6th Anniversary, Temptalia!

  1. Stephanie Carvalho

    To another wonderfull 6 years! What you do for us is, we can’t thank enough!

  2. Aida

    Congratulation, Christine! What an amazing accomplishment :). Thank you for all your help, I don’t know what I would do without you :)

  3. C029

    Happy B-Day 😉

  4. Teresa

    congratulations! i still remember i started reading this site in 2007 & it’s still as amazing as it was :)
    keep it up i love what you do!

  5. Nesita

    Congratulations Christine! =)

  6. Christine,
    Reading your column is a daily ritual. I would not buy a product without consulting your blog first. Big congrats to you! And love the Mellan photo every Friday:)

  7. Ana G.

    Oh my…..6 years already??? Congratulations on the fantastic blog and many many thanks, Christine, for your hard work and dedication! I read temptalia everyday since I know it and I feel like you are a part of my everyday. Also, you’ve helped me a lot, after my son was born, to get back and start using makeup again and to feel pretty again. Thank you and keep up the amazing work you do here!!

  8. ~ Congratulations, Christine ~

    An Impressive journey! I wish I had found you sooner. You’ve made cosmetics more interesting and fun for me and I truly appreciate your dedication and efforts. You set a high standard for young women your age and have a level of maturity far beyond your years. Here’s to more successful Temptalia years in the future!

    Hugs to you and the whole gang!

  9. Congratulations for This awesome Journey…!

  10. mirian

    CONGRATS on the huge milestone! I bet you are very happy with how this blog shaped up to be :) Thanks again for putting the time and effort into reviewing and swatching!

  11. Tatiana

    Happy Anniversary, Christine! Temptalia is one of my favorite places on the internet! Keep up the good work! Cheers from Rio! 😀

  12. Jennifer Rivera

    Aww, congrats! This site has been very helpful for all us beauty lovers. Love how you’re always honest and very detail in all your reviews. That’s why so many people love you. Happy 6th Anniversary!! And hope you and your man enjoy your anniversary next week :)

  13. Congratulations Christine! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to many!

  14. Olivia

    Wow I can’t believe you accomplished all this at the age of 24? That’s absolutely amazing! Keep up the good work!

  15. And the cupcakes look lovely!

  16. Gena

    Congratulations and BIG props to you, Shaun, and Mellan! :)

    I LOVE your blog! I check in every day! You’ve saved me $ and provided lots of good advice!

  17. THANK YOU! For your hard work.

  18. Julie M

    Yaaaay, happy 6th anniversary, Temptalia!
    You do an amazing job, Christine. And we all love you for it!

    I’ve only been a part of this community for 2 years, but I’ll be happy to stay for the years to come 😀

    Looooove from Denmark

  19. Carolina

    Congrats Christine (and Shaun)! Here’s to many more to come. 😀

  20. KayT

    Happy Birthday Temptalia (the best makeup blog in the eeeeternet)! Gosh, I feel old. I remember my first high end purchase like it was yesterday…

  21. Anne

    Awww, congratulations! And I wish you still many years of good run! Then again, you deserve it: as far as professionalism goes, I can’t even think of a beauty website that comes close to Temptalia. Your help is so appreciated; I almost never ever buy a product before reading you review first!

  22. Lily

    Happy Aniversary Christine and thank you so much for all of your great hard work! Have a good aniversary and a great week.

  23. Yay! Congrats! I don’t make any cosmetic purchases without checking out your site first. Thank you for being so trustworthy and honest!

  24. Yellowlantern

    Congratulations on six years and may there be many more!

  25. Maryanne

    Congratulations! I discovered your site a few months ago and have so enjoyed it. Thanks for your excellent reviews and hard work!

  26. Super congrats! How are you planning to celebrate?

  27. Wow! Congratulations Temptalia, Christine, Shaun and, of course, Mellan!

    Keep up the good work here! <3 <3

  28. Michelle

    Happy anniversary! I must say you have been doing an excellent job and I have been addicted to your posts ever since I found Temptalia!


  29. Sara

    Especially to Mellan!^^

  30. Laura R

    CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE! You have accomplished so much!

  31. LauraR.

    Congratulations Christine! I found your website maybe 6 months ago and I love it! You have thorough well written reviews, excellent product photography, and you update with new products often and keep me coming back. I have come to rely on your advice and reviews in making my beauty purchases. Thank you for all you do!

  32. Agata

    Congratulations Temptalia! Keep up the amazing work you have been doing!

  33. Congratulations Christine!!! Have a very happy Anniversary Day! Thank you a million times for your awesome blog! It’s a nice place to chill and cheer up browsing through the images and your inspirational stories.

  34. Helen

    Congratulations Christine! I’ve only been following you for just over two years, staring from when I was on mat leave and now my baby is almost three!

    When I was on mat leave, it was hard for me to go try make up on, so I relied so much on reading your review then purchased them online.

    Thank you Christine. You made me shop smarter!

    • Aww! There definitely seem to be several lovely readers who have found us while on maternity leave, during pregnancies, or shortly after entering motherhood.

      Thank you, Helen!

  35. Elle

    Congrats Temptalia!
    I enjoy all of the hard work you put into this site weekly Christine! Thank you!

  36. Ruthie08

    Happy 6th anniversary, temptalia. Funny how it fell on my birthday too! Now I could always remember that I have the same birthday as temptalia…

  37. Monica

    Congratulations Christine!
    I’ve been a regular reader of Temptalia for two or three years I think, and it has become part of my daily routine: 1. get to the office, 2. have some coffee, 3. check the newspaper, 4. Check Temptalia. I love how you have achieved a cuasi- cientific aproach to makeup which is totally fun!! and I really enjoy reading not only the reviews but also the comments of our fellow makeup lovers…
    All the best for you and Shaun and Mellan XOXO

  38. Happy anniversary! Thank you for all that you do, Christine. Temptalia is one of the first blogs I read every morning. I even come here before I read the NY Times. LOL.

  39. Congrats, Christine! ♥ That’s amazing. :) Keep it up!

  40. Nadia

    Congrats!! You should be proud of all your hard work Christine :)

  41. Christina

    Happy Anniversary, to Temptalia and to you and Shaun! Keep up the amazing work!

  42. Miss_Silk

    Congratulations~!!!!! Keep up the great work ^^

  43. Joanne

    congrats!! I love the website, and swear by it when new products come out, so i dont waste money! Cheers chick, and shaun, and mellan

  44. GUSnail

    Happy Birthday Temptalia! And thanks to YOU and Shaun for all the hard work you put into the site. You’re a source of entertainment and information, as well as helping to make wiser choices with my limited funds. THANK YOU!

  45. Naz

    Congrats! Happy Anniversary to my favorite makeup site :)

  46. ericka

    Congrats on six wonderful years with Temptalia, seven with your soon-to-be-hubby and five with your “fur-baby” Mellan! Your site is truly the one blog I consistently check everyday. You did a great job and continue to provide excellent reviews and product information. Such success in only six years? What an inspiration! Congrats, again.

    • Thank you so much, Ericka! :) I can’t believe how enduring everything has been. The blog, my relationship, and Mellan. Makes me feel like I’m growing up 😉

  47. Maíra


  48. Happy 6th Anniversary! I adore your reviews and know Temptalia is always the best place for reliable information and wonderful swatches. Here’s to another 6 years! 😉

  49. Congratulations! I hope there are many more years to come!

  50. Yay! Happy anniversary! *now I’m hungry for cake*

  51. Ula

    Happy Anniversary, Christine! You are wonderful.

  52. shuz4ever

    Congrats Christine on 6 terrific years…I’ve been an avid reader/follower/fellow traveller on this beauty journey since early 2008…thank you for all your hardwork n a big holla to Shaun for helping Temptalia become the success story that it is. Cheers !

  53. blueraccoon

    YAY! Happy Anniversary to you and Temptalia! This is my fave beauty site, and I’m so happy it’s been so successful. Here’s to six more years 😀

  54. lovenectarlove

    Dear Christine, happy happy anniversary! You did such a good job over the years, temptalia has become an institution. I discovered your blog two years ago, and read every single article. Thank you to write with so much passion and knowledge, for always being the first with excellent pics, extensive reviews and previews.

  55. Eee! *flails* Happy 6th anniversary, Christine! 😀

  56. Only 13,000 posts? Someone’s slacking 😉

    May you have many, many more happy years of blogging ahead of you – the word “inspirational” is thrown around like it means nothing nowadays, but what you’ve achieved and the way you conduct yourself is a true incitement to admiration.

    I hope you ate those cakes.

    • I know, right? What have I been doing?

      Charlotte, you’re a sweetheart! Thank you!

      I didn’t, but I did have an ice cream cake this past week for my birthday, LOL.

      • Leticia

        Happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a super fun BD and a lot of that ice cream cake :)!!

      • Kafka

        Awww, Happy belated Birthday, fellow Libra! I hope you had an amazing day, got to spend it relaxing a little bit (though I doubt it as it probably was in the midst of your MAC marathon,), got pampered and got lots of great presents. I hope Mellan got you something other than a squeaky steak or bone. 😉

  57. nik

    Congratulations !!

  58. AlannahRose

    Huge congrats! Thank you for all you do.

  59. Bea

    Happy anniversaries! 😀

  60. Kafka

    Congratulations to you (and to Shaun) for making Temptalia such an amazing site, such an invaluable resource, and a leader in the make-up/beauty blogging world. You put in endless hard work, spend a fortune, work long hours and really try your best to provide every insight, detail and analysis that will best help your readers. Whether it’s crazy tests like testing eye liners in the shower or making detailed PDF charts of cost per ounce, you really give it everything. And you do it for us. So THANK YOU! And here’s to many, many, many more years of success.

  61. Dana

    Thank YOU, Christine! Congratulations on the anniversary and all that you have accomplished. I almost never make purchases without checking Temptalia and have found out about some great products through the site. Keep up the excellent work! :)

  62. Andrea

    congrats you deserve it

  63. Krista

    Congratulations Christine! Your blog is an amazingly helpful resource for all the beauty buffs on the web! Thank you for all your hard work!

  64. Nicki

    Congrats Christine!
    I’ve been coming to your blog for years. You’re one of the best when it comes to upcoming collections and swatches.

  65. Jeset

    Happy 6th Anniversary, Christine and temptalia! 😀

  66. Congratulations on another year and for all you’ve managed to accomplish- those are some really enviable numbers you’ve racked up! I’ve been following pretty regularly since 2009 and I love how things have evolved even in that time. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

  67. Emily

    Congrats Christine!!! You have truly revamped the online beauty community and continue to make a difference in your readers’ lives. Thank you for all you do and will continue to do. Extra shout out to Mellan for providing you the extra snuggles and support when you have “one of those days”…. Shaun too ;0).

  68. Congratulations, I love Temptalia. I love the way you review, the effort, hard work and hours you put in. Thanks so much Christine – yours is the only beauty blog I read everyday without fail. You are an inspiration to a lot of beauty bloggers out there including me! xx

  69. Many happy returns to my favorite beauty blog!

  70. marie

    happy 6th birthday christine!!!!!

  71. Dominique

    Congratulations to you Christine ! We have no such website in France !
    You really do a great job, thank you.

  72. Daisy

    Aaaah, Happy Anniversary!!! Your blog is the very first thing I sleepily blink at each morning over my cup of coffee. This fabulous little blog of yours is part of my everyday that even the boyfriend refers to you by name when he encounters me in the middle of a YES OR NO tug of war regarding troublesome cosmetic purchases. “Well, what did Christine say about it?” LOL! Thanks so much for this daily getaway where few cosmetic goodies come home with me without first consulting your beauty bible of a blog :)

  73. Leticia

    Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations on another year of work to produce the most wonderful, informative, useful, broad and always fun website I’ve come accross (I’ll always be grateful to Pursebuzz because I found you thanks to her)! Your effort, dedication and professionalism shine through every post. Thank you for everything you do – you are simply THE BEST!! May live on for many years to come!!

    Special thank yous as well to Shaun the Tech Guy for keeping fresh and user-friendly (it’s so easy to find info in it!) and to Mellan for brightening up our Fridays and being such an adorable creature :)!

  74. san

    Happy Anniversary Everybody….a big congrats to Christine who gave birth to this site and to all the readers who keep it alive :-),its become such an integral part of my life that a day without a post wouldbe a major tragedy,so here’s wishing it a long and happy life.

  75. CJ

    Congratulations, Christine!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work – we truly appreciate it.

  76. Barbie

    that’s amazing congrats! and congrats to you and your fiance!

  77. Lisa

    Congratulations, Christine! I don’t know what I would do without you in the beauty world! XOXO I know I have said it before, but, I read your blog more than once a day, every day. :) It’s the best around.

  78. YAY!! Congrats!! :) I love your website, it is always a great reference and inspiration (and enabling my makeup hoarding and shopping addictions) oxoxo

  79. Congratulations! And happy anniversary to you and Shaun, too :)

  80. Ljana

    Congratulations, Christine, and a huge thank you! This place is so, so, much more than a blog. I, like many others, consider Temptalia an essential part of my day and one of the friendliest, best-run places on the whole web, not just in the beauty community. The amount of work, thought, time and dedication you’ve put into Temptalia over the years is truly awe-inspiring.
    Happy birthday and anniversary (well, both of them!). :)

  81. Nic

    Happy Anniversary! I love this website. It’s the first place I check for product reviews. :)

  82. Wow, 6 years, that’s amazing! Congrats! Wishing a lot more happy years to Temptalia!

  83. vanessa

    Happy Anniversary Temptalia!!! Thanks so much Christine for your amazing dedication.. Hope you have many many more years to come..

  84. Raquel

    congratulations on the excellent work Christine!!!

  85. Wenz

    I love this blog so much!!! I appreciate the time, effort,$, energy & everything you put into it.
    Many Thanks to the future Mrs. Shaun & Mr. Temptalia :)

  86. Daniela

    Congatulations Christine! Temptalia is a fantastic website (and youtube destination) and you do wonderful reviews of so many products!

  87. Daniela

    Oh I meant congratulations! Not congatulations!

  88. jen

    Christina, I am so happy for you. Congrats!

  89. Miss J

    Congrats!! Happy 6th Anniversary! Also, congrats on seven years and counting with Shaun! Give Mellan a huge early birthday smooch from me, too. :)

    I wish you many more years of success. You definitely are an inspiration, and you give hope that regular people through hard work can be successful and make their dreams come true. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s SO true. You were just a normal girl on the net with a passion and a knack for all things beauty, and you’ve taken that and really turned it into something special. I really appreciate everything you do for us here on the blog. You have really remained humble through all the years, and I appreciate that the most, probably.

    You’re flippin amazing, Christine!! :)

    • Mellan’s birthday isn’t for a bit (December 24th–Christmas Eve baby!), so I’ll give him an early hug for you… and he’ll probably request another closer to his birthday. So be prepared to give it 😉

      Thank you so much, Miss J!

  90. Happy Anniversary and THANK YOU for all that you do on this blog. It is much appreciated! Looking forward to more post! :)

  91. VickyM

    Congratulations Christine! thank you so much for this gorgeous site, the only place where I can find and read about one of my greatest passions, makeup! I love this site and everything I learn through it. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication. :)

    Best Wishes

  92. NeenaJ

    Temptalia is one of my must-reads each day. So much thanks to Christine, Tech Guy, Christine’s family & friends and everyone else who makes this amazing resource and community possible!

    Also, just wanted to say to fellow readers that it’s so nice to feel connected through the comments here. Temptalia really seems to be a positive place where folks want to build each other up (not tear them down).

  93. Congratulations! You are an inspiration :)

  94. Alexandra

    Congratulations on all your success, you deserve it!!!

  95. Congrats for all these beautiful achievements! I’ve learned so many things from your blog. Every time I want to buy a product I have my most complete guide – Temptalia. Hugs from Europe!

  96. Michelle

    congrats! and thank you for continuing to provide us these useful and invaluable reviews/informations.

  97. elsa

    Congratulations, and Thank you for all you do. Too many many more.

  98. Roza

    Congratulations!!! Super exciting, but so well deserved:)

  99. Congratulations, you have built a great and very helpful website 😀