Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Celebrate with us as we reach 200,000 comments!

Just eight months ago, on March 21st, 2009, we celebrate reaching 100,000 comments.  Sometime today, we’ll reach the crazy-insane mark of 200,000 comments.  It’s amazing how the time flies, and thank you all so much for your comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions.  Your participation is such a vital necessity to this blog and making it a success!

So congratulations to all of you, for making 200,000 a possibility!

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43 thoughts on “Happy 200,000 Comments!

  1. Yay! Congrats!!! How awesome if the 200,000th comment was for this post!

  2. claudia

    Congrats, Christine !!
    Thanks for Temptalia, the best beauty blog on the web !!

  3. Roxanne

    Good thing I’m in my commenting mood today :) Just think Christine, 200,000 people have already commented but I’m sure there are five times more people who check your site every day! (You should do a lurker post!)

    • Thanks, Roxanne 😉

      Like a, “Lurkers, come out and play” post?!

      • Roxanne

        Yes, sort of! Just a post to invite people to leave a comment (or just say ‘hi’). I think it would be interesting for you to see how many cmts you would get! I bet there would be a lot of them!! :)

  4. Lisa

    Wow, congratulations!!!!

  5. Alice

    and Congratulations to you! :) It’s well deserved!

  6. Andrea

    Wow that’s awesome!! A testament to how great your blog really is!!

  7. kpenn

    Congrats, Christine! Did you ever imagine this would get so big? I’m so lucky that I stumbled upon your blog earlier this year. You’ve coaxed my MAC addiction to a whole new level!

  8. CRiSTaL


    I now check the website everyday…its awesome! =)
    You do such a great job! =D

  9. Erica

    Congratulations! Lots of hard work and effort paid off :)

  10. sandra

    Wow that is sooooooooo awesome!!! Congrats!!!!

  11. Congrats! Heres another comment, haha

  12. Heatherette

    Congratulations Christine! Way to Go!!

  13. Amanda

    What an awesome accomplishment!

  14. Andrea

    congrats! this is the best blog!

  15. Wow! That’s great christine, congrats! And like roxanne said; i bet there are wáy more people checking your blog every day, your definitely the best out there if you really want to learn and know about beauty! You’re amazing, keep up the good work!

  16. This is fantastic. Congratulations on such a milestone Christine. :]

  17. A BIG WELL DONE CHRISTINE! Your an inspiration!

  18. Congrats Christine!! I’ve only found out about your site a couple months ago & I am in love. If there’s ever anything I need to know about makeup, I check out your site. You seriously have the best & most detailed reviews & you have the most amazing giveaways! hehehe. :) I wish you & your blog much more success.


  19. cinthya

    How many posts do u have right know? and congrats getting the 200,000 comments!

  20. Nicci

    Really, only 200,000??! I thought it would be a lot more than that! :) Congratulations!