Monday, April 7th, 2008

Claudine shares this colorful look with us!


  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW 20
  • Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW20
  • Mac Bronzing Powder in Golden
  • Mac Studio Fix Powder in NW20
  • Mac Sculpt and Shape Powder in Lightsweep/Shadester


  • Mac Hipness Blush (Fafi LE)
  • Mac MSF in Light Flush (LE)


  • Mac Paint Pot in Girl Friendly (Fafi LE)
  • Mac Chrome Yellow Eyeshadow
  • Mac Sushi Flower Eyeshadow
  • Mac Electric Eel Eyeshadow
  • Mac Motif Eyeshadow (Highlight)
  • Mac Fluidline Eyeliner Gel in Blacktrack
  • Mac Smolder Eye Khol (Waterline)
  • Mac Zoom Lash Mascara in Zoomblack


  • Mac Sugar Trance Lipglass (Fafi LE)

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38 thoughts on “Guest Look — Claudine Shares a Yellow, Pink, and Blue Eye

  1. Tekoa

    I’d wear this in a Brazilian dance parade. *dances* You’ve got great skin, enjoy it!

  2. Pretty girl… beautiful skin… but I don’t care for the eye make up at all. Blend!

  3. az

    Wow these comments arent really that friendly..I actually like it especially the eyes! and the people that are hating on the look, well you didnt have to comment on it if you didn’t like it..

  4. Forbidden

    I think that the edges are really strong maybe if you put the colors together in a different way it might look better! Looking forward to other ones

    • claudine

      my favourite is chrome yellow bitter and electric eel the colors match better and blend easier but i liked it for a party thanks for your comment :)

  5. tatiana

    HEY Claudine, i wanted to ask you about your foundation!
    since your nw20 im NC20 but my foundation is nw20 but i use mineralize satinfinish.

    my question is does studio fix fluid match our skintone well? and does it have good coverage? or is it buildable?

    thanks hope you answer!

    • claudine

      hi Tatiana yes it matches my natural skin tone very well if i just use the foundation without bronzing powder its totally naturally looking and the studio fix fluid got buildable coverage you can go from light till full coverage
      maybe its best you go to a mac counter and get matched for the studio fix fluid since i heard the colors run darker on some people than other mac foundations :)))

      • tatiana



  6. Quynh

    Wonderful skin!

  7. Liana

    I like the eyes, its different and loud, and since this blog is mainly about eyes, I think its a brave look and she obviously has the balls to pull it off! Love the look Claudine!

  8. Ashlee

    I think the eyes would be wonderful if the colors were blended. No need for rude-ness just keep working on it.

    Your lucky that you have such gorgeous skin.

  9. Tanya

    Gosh people are so overly silly at times :( Just because some people post that they do not care for this look does not make them a “hater”! If people on this board cannot express their thoughts or feelings about make-up what is the point of being able to post comments? This constant attack on anything that is not coated in artificial sugar is frustrating AND its so totally FAKE! The one and only thing about this site that I find really annoying is how much of a mental masturbation session some of the readers feel that it needs to be.

    “oh you are so beautiful!”
    “oh gosh no, you are so much more beautiful”
    “WOW no, you are the most beautiful ever!”
    “GOSH you are so beautiful it hurts my eyes”

    Yes, we are all beautiful in our own ways…but gimme a freakn break, once in a while make-up doesn’t look good and if no one here on this board has the balls to tell that person…whats the point?


    • az

      k well i thought that the eyes looked good..thats all..

      • Tanya

        Az, my comment was not meant to single you out directly. I used your specific word…but my comment was aimed at the larger group since everyone was saying the same thing.

    • claudia m.

      Tanya, I agree with you 3/4 of the way, of course we should feel free to speak our minds when posting comments, absolutely I hate fake people that are always “omg, you’re soooooooooo beautiful!” (you can compliment in a more natural, truthful way, can’t you?). If you don’t like a certain look, you’re not really hating on a person….UNLESS you’re saying they’re going to a drag show. I think you can perfectly get your point across without being so rude to a perfect stranger who put themselves out there to be judged by us. It’s easy to insult people when you’re on the other side of a computer screen. JUST MIND YOUR MANNERS PEOPLE!!!!

      Ok, that being said, I love the lip gloss, the skin, wish the blush was a little darker, and yes, some more blending of the shadows.
      Also, who else loves matte eyeshadows? I really like them, but cant bring myself to buy one….

      • jules

        VERY well put Claudia!!! Thumbs up! There aren’t that many people running to this website with their “look of the day” I commend her for being courageous enough to send in the pic!

        btw, I too would die for her skin so flawless!!

      • claudine

        critique is very welcome too :) thanks for the compliment on my skin and the gloss….i didnt want to blend these colors more but it might have been better lol oh my sorry for my bad english :)

    • Julie

      I really don’t think that asking people to be polite and give their criticisms in a constructive manner equals a “mental masturbation session” as you so ‘eloquently’ put. Definitely be honest with your reviews, but remember there is a big difference between honest and just plain insulting and crass.

  10. ladi

    it’s a unique look, but i can’t help but wonder

    “is this photoshopped??”

    • claudine

      no its not……i wish it was because i hate my red eyes my eye color is blue and if i use flash on my cam they turn red like the eyes of these white mice lol

  11. Please remember to keep criticism constructive, and you can give pointers without being insulting or rude.

  12. Chica

    Well, blended or not this is a fab party look :) Thanks for posting Claudine !

  13. The look isn’t quite to my taste, but wow your skin looks amazing! Beautiful!

  14. Pia

    I wouldn’t dare to mix the bold colors together so hats off to you, Claudine! What I can do is wearing bright liners. I’m guessing you’re using electric eel to line your eyes as well? I don’t have that color, but is it the same with blue peep fluidline?

    Thanks for sharing the picture!

    • claudine

      hi Pia i dont have the blue peep fluidline but yes i use electric eel as a liner its very similar if not the same like clarity matte2 eyeshadow and one of the powerpoint eypencils forgot the color

  15. Hey Cristine,

    How can i submit a guest look?


  16. Raveen

    I love this look, I think its very unique. Your skin looks flawless. My prom is coming up and I would love to dare to be different!!

  17. Kella

    First of all, you’re such a pretty girl. Thanks for posting.
    Second of all, what a fun look! I love that it’s different, bc everybody THINKS that there is some sort of “blending” rule now, and there is not…. Makeup is art, and it’s funny that most people who do makeup aren’t artistic in the least.
    Third, to some of the people who replied…. seriously, nobody would say to christine “You should do this this and this, and work on your blending (when it wasn’t meant to be blended), and change this colour, and darken that one…..”

    I hope you know they’re just jealous bc you’re so pretty! It’s a shame that people feel the need to be like that.

    BEAUUUUUUUUUTIFUL! I hope you post again.