Monday, July 14th, 2008

She used…

  • Mixing Mutiny pigment with Clarity Matte2
  • Solar Bits : Black ore + sunpower
  • Evening Aura (LE) e/s
  • Magnetic Fields (LE) e/s
  • Blacktrack fluidline eyeliner
  • Gold eyeshadow from Dress Camp compact
  • Engraved powerpoint
  • Select Cover NC20
  • Dazzleglass Comet Blue lower lash line

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18 thoughts on “Guest Look – Bart Shows Her Neo Sci Fi Experimentation

  1. dee

    I can’t tell if you’re covering your face just because of the photo, but either way, I think I love it. It’s super shimmery dramatic without being intense.

    • thanks very much , Dee,
      no, not trying to cover anything…. on a bad zit day maybe, but not that day. It was a tryout for a photo shoot, and we wanted to try something like MAC’s colour story pictures,… just to take the look a step further. I should have clarified that for the guest look.

  2. Pquanda

    How clever is it to use dazzleglass below the lashes!?

  3. Kristina

    I love the gold on the highlight. It’s gorgeous! I’ll have to try it sometime and see if I can’t pull it off.

  4. Tekoa

    The gold eyeshadow matches the scarf. How mysterious!

    • thanks Tekoa,
      that’s the idea we wanted to go for.
      I like that the reviews are mixed here too.
      We had quite a lot of experimenting and discussing with the photographer before we decided to go for this approach.

  5. hil

    that is horribly unsafe to put something with sparkles near your eye.

    I’d personally try and make the colours a bit more vibrantly packed on, as when they are blended it almost looks muddily overblending.

    • Cassie

      Actually, as a makeup artist I can tell you it’s ok to put glitter around your eye. Unless a glitter product specifies that it is not made for the eye area, then it is perfectly safe. The glitter that is eye safe does not have sharp, square edges, but soft, rounded ones. Check out a website like Sephora and see how many products that are made that are eye safe glitter for the eye area.

      • hil

        I was not saying glitter period. I know some are eyesafe, such as even glitter liners. but it is far safer to use products what they are designed for–there are reasons why some blushes are not safe to use on the eyes, or certain creams like virgin isle ccb on the eye. So I was referring to Dazzleglasses due to their liquidy texture not be the smartest to put in your eye–not to mention what is IN the liquid that could also not be good in your eye.

        People use products they shouldn’t, and that is their prerogative. But as a contact wearer, I’m not going to risk ANY GLITTER even eyesafe from getting in my eyes or between my contact and eye.

    • Thanks for the comments Hil.
      We tried a look with more colours… and I completely agree with your remark. I’ll be happy to send the more vibrant look. Eventually the photographer went with the toned down look because of the colour of the scarf.

      And yes.. watch out with glitter… I only did this because it was a photo-shoot and because we had time to safely remove the makeup. Otherwise I would never recommmend this for daily use.

  6. I like this- it is very “Sci-Fi” to me… I picture desert nomads on a far off plant who wear neon robes, fabulous makeup, and ride mechanical camels. 😀
    The whole thing is too dramatic for me to try in an everyday situation, but I think it looks lovely, and really does go with the futuristic sci-fi idea.

  7. Nepenthe

    The lines of colour are a bit unusual to me, (I don’t often see a highlight wing out like that) but I like the colours.

    PS – To the scared people, since when are we judging faces? I mean, is that really supposed to be cc? I thought Temptalia was about makeup, not a rating site.

    • thanks Nepenthe… yes, we were trying to think out of the box… and the fun part of that is that you do get mixed reviews, but it’s a great way to learn.
      thanks very much for your comments.

  8. Nosh

    The whole look is kind of like an optical illusion. I didn’t even notice the natural shape of the eyebrow until I looked closer and I thought that the eyes were actually slanted upwards like cat eyes. That is VERY COOL and it surely takes more skill than I have! Are those false lashes too??

    Oh and also.. I don’t see the problem with having glitter near your eyes (I also wear contacts) unless:
    a. you are prone to rubbing your eyes
    b. you know your makeup is going to run (if you get all sweaty while clubbing, for example)
    c. you have sensitive eyes to begin with, and a lot of people do… but in that case, just avoid it. There is no such thing as invisible glitter.

    … but I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference.

  9. Just to clarify a few things:

    – the face was not hidden intentionally. I was a bit over-inspired by all the MAC product pictures and I wanted to try something more than just makeup. in the hope that it would reflect the idea behind the makeup (a bit like they do with color collections)

    (ok there could have been a huge zit somewhere, but i’m willing to prove that there wasn’t :-)

    – the look was done as a try out for a photoshoot. It was never intended for a natural look but as a creative way of combining products.

    – For that reason, I would never advice people to use unsafe glitter products around the eyes. In this case the Dazzleglass was put outside the waterline for the
    duration of the shoot, and afterwards it was immediately removed with a Q tip.

    I hope that clarifies a few things for the readers, and I really like the thank them for their reviews, I like the fact that the reviews are mixed. It ‘s a great start for dreaming up new stuff,

    have a great day,
    yours sincerely, Bart