Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Reader Amanda shares this totally gorgeous winter look with us today. She used…

  • Revlon Colorstay foundation in 110
  • MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
  • MAC Gesso e/s
  • MAC Fascinating e/l
  • MAC Teal Pigment
  • MAC Minerlize Blush in Dainty
  • MAC Minerlize Skinfinish in Lightscapade
  • MUFE white feather eyelashes
  • Too Faced Smurf glitter eyeliner

See close-ups!

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52 thoughts on “Guest Look: Amanda is a Wintry Goddess

  1. Taj

    Fabulous! What color lips?

  2. Sash

    This is so freaking hot! I must emulate this look! I love it! You look so gorg!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sash

    I NEED step-by-step instructions. I really love this look! Do you have a blog, website, youtube channel, anything?!! LOL That’s how much I’m in love with this look.=)

  4. pretty girl

    i like this, i just think that the amount of highlighter accentuated her pores and made her face look not that great.

    i love the idea and i think the eyemakeup is gorgeous!

  5. I’m so doing this for work this week! Thank you so much for the inspiration! 😀

  6. IZzySA

    Very creative! Lovely and different look.. congrats!

  7. kate

    This is gorgeous and I LOVE the eyelashes! I love cool, icy looks.

  8. Stephanie

    i like the look, it’s different!

  9. Tanya

    WOW this is such a great look :) You did an amazing job!! I love how its not the standard same ol’ same ol’ type of look, you have a very unique look and you should be really proud of yourself for your willingness to break the mold.

    I agree with the a few of the others posted earlier – if you cant keep it cute, keep it on mute :) my new favorite saying, stolen from a recent episode of ANTM.

  10. Anitacska

    Erm, wouldn’t leave the house looking like this, esp the white eyelashes, but it’s very creative nevertheless. :)

  11. Whirl

    Too much highlighter and face skin looks bright pink.
    Maybe she could try it again with less shimmer and more cool beige skin.
    IMHO ivory beige skin with a tiny bit of white MAC pigment instead of a highlighter would do all the job.
    But the whole idea is fab.
    Eye makeup is very creative.

  12. Michelle

    this scared me a little when i first saw it lol…. i personally wouldn’t wear it but she’s very creative! Kind of reminds me of the White Witch from the movie Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

  13. Tami

    I like it…very edgy and creative

  14. Claudia

    WOW!!! I like this look very much!

  15. AbbyL

    Love it!! It makes your eyes look this amazing shade of green-grey-blue!

  16. Jenny

    I likey. I think your glowy skin makes the look very sci-fi/futuristic-like! Very creative :)

  17. gio

    wow, this is fabulous and very creative! I love it!

  18. sprut

    While I can recognize that this look isn’t for everyone or everyday…I still enjoy seeing it. I think this is a good representation of how makeup can be like artwork. Very creative!

  19. What kind of event did you wear this for? I think it’s very movie makeup-esque!

  20. Shefali

    Very pretty and unique!

  21. love

    So creative!

  22. Brenda

    I love the concept but I think there is a little too much highlight. Perhaps strobe creme or a very little amount of shimmery white pigment would have done the job. Very creative though none the less.

  23. Faiza

    Wow you did a Great job.

  24. RosieO

    Appreciate the effort, I really do, and it’s very unusual… but I subscribe to this blog because i really value the usual practical, everyday, pretty and expert (yes not professional, i know, but it is absolutely expert nonetheless) makeup info, and the advance notice on upcoming collections – this is none of the above, it’s the white witch in an amateur production of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe – surely this belongs on some extreme makeup blogs?

    • This makeup blog isn’t confined to the usual by any means — I have posted my own more extreme makeup looks on this blog from time to time, LOL! It’s about sharing our love for all things beauty, whether they’re for everyday or not :)

      • Nicole15

        Well said Christine! I love coming to your site to get ideas for looks i can replicate that are toned down for work, more exaggerated for the weekends & extremely out there for special occassions. This site is about all things beauty & it creates a forum for people like Amanda to express their artwork & I appreciate & love every minute of it. Thx to everyone for making Temptalia what it is!

  25. munazzah

    Gorgeous 😀 !!!

  26. Carla

    wow! very very cool!

  27. emilyrenae

    This reminds me of a halloween tutorial that Josh/Petrilude did on youtube

    I love your take on it

  28. Brenda

    very “futuristic” look, i love it:)

  29. Amanda

    I enjoy the constructive criticism girls… it makes me a better artist. And I am happy to say that the less than constructive criticism on this post will not deter me from submitting photos again. :) Thanks for all the feedback loves!

  30. pia

    WOW! *jaws dropping* and looks simple (I think) to replicate when the needs arise. Thanks for the inspiration, Amanda!

  31. Noel

    Holy wow!!! This is such a beautiful and stunning look on you, Amanda! I think you did a fantastic job. :) I admire your creativity and everything is just gorgeous, especially those eyelashes and lips! 😀 Keep up the great work!

  32. wow this look is gorgeous and definitely look like a ice queen kinda look. haha

  33. i really dont lile itp

  34. I don’t like it..

  35. gracieo

    My first thought was Runway model. I love the fact that the look is different and not an everday look. It’s gorgeous. Amanda you rock this look girl :o)

  36. I think this is absolutely beautiful, and you know what? Who cares if the next woman can’t wear this look or feel it’s appropriet? It’s a beauty blog, and if people want to show their skill then I’m pretty sure Christine couldn’t object at the slightest but only encourage it. I’m thinking about submitting something crazy I’ve come up with myself. This is soo beautiful I think this might inspire me for school tomorrow. Lord only knows I’m not ready for spring and I’m allergic and despise the sun and heat so why not go to school looking like a giant icicle? You don’t know how lucky you are to even have Creme d

  37. Nars

    I see there are mixed reviews on this one.. well I think it’s very pretty but goes better with models cat-walking on runways! lol Kudos Amanda for coming up with such creativity!

  38. Sash

    Some of the readers on here should really keep an open mind. We can’t all be cookie-cutters everyday.

  39. Rio

    Nifty! Very arty. I love being creative with makeup. That’s the fun of it!

    Maybe a little added sparkle would enhance the cold/wintry effect! I always love the glistening of snow.

  40. Tianna

    This look is so amazing!! I gotta try it!