Friday, February 6th, 2009

According to WWD, Guerlain will be launching a revolutionary new lipstick called Rouge G de Guerlain, launching April 1st worldwide. Some of the goals behind the new lipstick formula was creating a lightweight, long-lasting lipstick with plenty of color. It nicludes ruby powder that will be radiant when it interacts with ultraviolet rays as well as mother-of-pearl to smooth and even lip surfaces. You’ll also find hyaluronic acid microspheres, which will help plump your lips. Other ingredients included will be aimed at reducing the appearance of lip lines and filling them.

When the lipstick launches, Guerlain expects it to reach about 100 doors, including Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Bloomingdales and Nordstroms. They have not designed this lipstick as being affordable luxury, but they describe it as an “aspirational lipstick line.” Rouge G de Guerlain will launch with 25 shades, and each one will retail for $45 in the U.S. or 38 euros in France.

The packaging is described as…

Each generally had a hidden hinge, which is an element in Rogue G packaging. The new product’s wholly metal case that lies on its side also makes a gentle clicking sound when the tube is removed, causing the case to flip open and reveal two mirrors. A high-tech magnet holds the holder’s two parts together.

See the sleek packaging…

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61 thoughts on “Guerlain to Launch Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick

  1. Cat

    wow it sounds nice cuase I hate those lines on my lips but I really dont see myself paying $45 and by mad later because it didnt work.

  2. Frances

    This is unbelievable. 45 USD for a lipstick? Please, for that price, it should grow me Angelina Jolie’s lips. “Aspirational” my foot. If you’re aspiring to lipstick, it’s time to reassess!

      • IZzySA

        LOL @ aspirational.. I guess it just rhymes with A*S ! This industry is drinking it’s own potions — and not looking at the reality of our world economy.

        • LOL, that’s an interesting assessment.

          I’m actually a firm believer in luxury brands not dropping their prices so that more people can buy, because the very concept behind luxury is that only some (or even few) people can afford them. Bringing Guerlain down to say MAC prices would completely ruin the brand and its image, IMO.

          • Anonymous

            I feel the same way. And I’ll even go further. Last time I went into Tiffany, they had some little tags above certain displays that said “under $150′ or “under $300″. I felt like it was totally not high class. Like they had a ‘value menu’ or something!

            • LOL! Yes, offering more affordable luxury products from a more typically luxury brand can cheapen their image and even turn off regular customers. I can only imagine how annoyed LV bag lovers were when everyone had the signature LV bags.

          • Frances

            In terms of luxury goods not dropping prices, I can totally understand and agree. Part of the appeal of fancy brands is the exclusivity and yes, the price. Brands can, and will charge as much as consumers are willing to pay. So it’s not really the price that I object to as much as it is the phrase ‘aspirational lipstick line’.

            I’m not sure why, but I get so annoyed when cosmetics brands go on and on about the ‘elusive luxury’ or ‘aspirational colours’, even when they’re advertising products I like! I loved Chanel Rouge Allure, but every time I read the long, long, long advertorial, I get so mad. It’s just makeup. Beautiful, expensive, effective, luxurious makeup, but just makeup nonetheless.

          • Frances

            I knooooowwww…. Have you watched the full Rouge Allure commercial? This gorgeous, blonde model is rolling all over the bed, and some man is twirling the lipstick around. Then she grabs him and goes “I need to know: Do you like my lips?” or something like that. I never feel guilty about spending money on makeup, but commercials and advertorials like that always make me feel, I don’t know, stupider. Does anyone else feel that way?

            • I have never seen that commercial, but wow, LOL. It’s just like perfume ads. I’ve never lured any man by scent before, I swear!

            • Sarah

              tell me about it christine, i remember when provocative women by EA came out and the ‘men will melt’ slogan, did it work? hell no!!!
              i’ve since stuck to my signature ‘innocent’ scents like miracle etc.

              about this lipstick; it’s such ugly packaging!! i detest it strongly.

              i’m a fan of guerlain’s packaging usually and their kisskiss lipstick casing is stunning, but this? yuck!

            • LOL! How funny.

              It’s hard to tell how the packaging is gonna be in real life, so I gotta wait around til it arrives in store to make any opinion on it!

  3. 45$ is like a joke. The biggest price I’ll give to a lipstick is 25$ … I van buy 3 M.A.C. lipsticks and one pot of Carmex instead of buying one of this 😉

  4. Victoria

    38 euros! WOW! I hope it would not be the same as Lady Dior compact, big money for pretty accessory and nothing extraordinary inside. We’ll see!

  5. Kathleen

    I personally despise this brand overall. I rather buy MAC.

  6. Ashley

    I Love Guerlain but $45 a pop is a lot. I hope it is as described.

  7. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Just FYI that the same image is posted twice, so the image of the casing is not in the post.

  8. I’m going to have to admit that the description makes this way too hard to resist. If I remember about this then it’s worth buying. And of course I’ll have to try it and see the results for myself!

  9. Myxa

    the color looks freakin’ gorgeous on her lips… me want try… :)

    I agree with Christine – there is a point to having luxury brands. You can argue until you are blue in the face, that there is nothing in this lipstick that can possibly be worth $45. Nothing… but a name. :)

    • Pretty much! It’s very much like buying designer clothes or designer shoes… you can get cheaper items that are similar or will work well enough for you. With luxury, you pay for the name, the brand, the image. Sometimes you pay for better quality, but it’s not always far and above to make up the price difference alone.

  10. Fingerprints, fingerprints, fingerprints, fingerprints. Is anyone thinking about FINGERPRINTS when they see that packaging?!

  11. Jan

    Look at the packaging! So spacelike and the first thing that popped into my head is being OCD and cleaning the fingerprints off! The color she is wearing is gorgeous, pity I’m not as much a lip fan as compared to eyes and cheeks.

  12. hightea_xx

    i think the prices are weird because of the economy right now. it sounds counter-intuitive, since globally the economy is down, but i think especially with canada and the US, 2008/2007 saw a huge growth in the canadian dollar and resulted in the delay of price adjustments… however, such that prices rose relatively to the canadian dollar. that is why brands like guerlian and dior have been raising their prices on new or limited editions items, i think, because they were decided when the economy was better than it is now. realistically prices won’t readjust until the end of 2009 i think, from the experience anyways. it’s just a thought anyways.

    and i do agree with you about the luxury brand image and such. luckily canada has an amazing program by shoppers drugmart, the leading pharmacy chain in canada, where you can collect points relatively quickly without sending an arm and a leg and end up getting about 50% back for a future purchase. they carry brands like dior and guerlain (as well as lancome and such) and have also created specially boutiques called murale to compete with sephora that carry very high end brands like darphin (and other reknown skincare from around the world) and chanel.

    • I wish we had such an awesome rewards program here! I know our prices are a little less than yours (OK, sometimes a lot less), but no real rewards!

  13. Ruth

    I’m a huge fan of Guerlain and therefore will not pass on an opportunity to try their new lipstick. I do buy my Guerlain at Shoppers Drugmart like hightea_xx says, I get my points and save alot of money in the long run on all my cosmetic purchases. Granted, I’m probably not going to go out and buy 5 of them, if they’re $45.00 U.S. I’m sure I’m going to be looking at about $50.00 Canadian, maybe ????? Once in a while it’s nice to splurge on one item from a company that I know never disappoints me. I’m really looking forward to this new lipstick.

  14. $45 is pretty pricey for a lipstick, but… I can kind of see getting a tube of this IF I find a really, truly lovely color that I’ll wear frequently AND if the packaging is nice and heavy in my hand – basically, if it looks and feels like a luxury item. Because there’s nothing I hate more than an expensive piece of makeup (*koff*Armani*koff*) with packaging worthy of a drugstore brand. It just feels like a waste of money, you know?

    So I’ll be looking out for a list of shades and counters, I think.

    • I could totally see that! :) I am soo with you on luxury packaging meeting the luxury price. Like Guerlain/YSL use metal casing, and they’re not too much more expensive than Dior or Chanel, both brands which use more plastic casing.

  15. julia

    christine..or anyone else…do you have any dupes for this color in cheaper brands? preferably mac prices and cheaper? ITS GORGEOUS

  16. Ferarri

    I have a similar gorgeous lipstick with mirror by estee lauder. Got it at duty free airport.

    In our country, USD35 for a lipstick is common (high taxes) but personally if I am paying for luxurious packaging, I expect it to be refillable. Can we refill the lipstick?

  17. Macaddict

    I definitely will try this li/s! I am not a fan of Guerlain’s e/s but I never had their l/s before. It’s totally up my alley: the decadent “I shouldn’t buy it, therefore I will” (my kind of logic when I want some “pretties” reaaallll bad…LOL). I have paid up to $30 a lippie before and not regretted it. I bet it’s rrrreeeeaaaalllyyyy creamy and pigmented!

  18. Vivian

    Um, I would not pay for this at $45. The most I paid for is YSL rouge volupte; I have to say the texture is creamy and so on, but the color looks soo weird on me and different than my hand swatches. It feels on my lisp just as any other decent lip products after a while. I am not a lipstick fan anyway and now it’s sitting in my drawer.. But luxury brands will always have their loyal customers, just not me.

  19. Lenore

    Christine, who is that model? She looks so familiar!

  20. Janelle

    I’m a make-up junkie so I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and I bought it… and… I love it! I don’t care what it costs it’s creamy its gorgeous on my lips and they felt silky and hydrated. I’m not a big MAC fan and they’re lip products have nothing on Guerlain. I normally but Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipsticks, they’re around $30 too but the packaging isn’t as nice. If packaging is important to you buy Rouge G, if not Kiss Kiss is amazing as well.

  21. Macaddict

    I bought Guerlain’s Rouge in #02 (Gardenia). I also sampled #01/03/20/43/60/61/65.
    The formula is very creamy and it’s highly pigmented. I haven’t noticed the plumping effect. If it plumps, it does not sting (like most plumpers do. In any case, I did not buy it for its so-called plumping qualities bc my lips are not thin. I like the mirror-case that it comes in. The case also goes in a little black pouch (like Chanel & YSL products). The line of l/s has a lot of neutral colors (pinky nude, a few browner ones, a red)…
    I really wanted to try one l/s from this line anyways more out of curiosity. However, the colors are a little too conservative & safe for my taste, therefore, I will not be buying it again. It is a great formula for those who like those types of color though and, if you don’t mind paying the price, it’s worth a try. I will definitely be sticking with my MAC l/s though but, once in a while, it’s fun trying a different brand/formula! 😛

    • Thank you so much for the review, Chantale!! I can’t buy any of these sight unseen, so they’ll have to wait until I get my butt up to Neiman Marcus sometime!

  22. GC

    I’ve been wearing MAC lipsticks since MAC first came out–until today, when I could not resist the Rouge G. The case is designed by a famous jeweler named Lorenz Baumer. I bought #22 and when I put it on my lips, I could not believe the creaminess. The pigment was beautiful and just does not compare to MAC. I’d have to say I don’t think I can go back to MAC lipsticks (or any other) after this. If other lipsticks in the Guerlain line smells and feels as wonderful as this Rouge G, I’m going Guerlain all the way. I wear lipstick all the time so, for me, it’s worth it to buy something that looks THIS gorgeous. I know the price is pretty steep, but I highly recommend trying it–at least once!

  23. samir

    hi can u tell me how much the jewel lipstick compact
    thank you

      • Ursula

        I have actually also fallen recently for this lipstick. I never thought I would pay this price for a lipstick ever but if you think about it nurturing your lips and dressing them in perfect, superlong lasting and gorgeous color with that sexy ruby powder, well, it is worth its price in gold, seriously. My lips are my forte and everyone should emphasize their good points in my opinion, so why not pay a bit more for it? This lipstick is unparalleled in my opinion, longer lasting and more hdyrating than anything else and easier to apply, does not bleed at all either even when using deep colors which I prefer. To add, that compact case is just irresistable. Worth trying at least one shade. I got mine 25% off on a coupon day and going back tomorrow to get another shade. Guerlain really makes amazing makeup in my opinion.

        • Quality over quantity!! :) If there’s a shade that you fall in love with, would wear and love every time you put it on, and it wears well/feels comfortable on, it can definitely be worth it! Glad you like it!