Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Summer 2011:  Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette ($59.00 for 0.32 oz.) contains “a vibrant orange, intense blue, deep brown, and lighter brown” that are “speckled with a pale golden tone.” Guerlain says that they can be used together or separately. The palette includes two sponge-tip applicators and mirror on the inside. It’s housed in a blackened bronze that shimmers in the light a bit.

I remember some readers were concerned about the feasiblity of using an eyeshadow palette like this, but in reality, the gold is really just an overspray–it disappears within the first use or two–so there are four distinct sections, each large enough to accomodate your average eyeshadow brush.

The palette includes a brightened, medium-dark orange with soft gold flecks of shimmer; dark, cool-toned brown with a pearled sheen; medium-dark, warmed-over brown with a soft gold micro-shimmer and satin finish; and a brightened medium-dark cobalt blue with a satiny sheen. Color pay off was good across the board, though the blue shade could use a little more oomph. The texture of these was soft without being powdery, so they applied smoothly and didn’t have any issues with fall out.

As a luxury brand, Guerlain’s price point isn’t for everyone, but at the least the palette contains 0.32 oz. worth of product, which is $184/oz. compared to brands like Chanel ($233/oz. for a quad), Dior ($276/oz. for a quint), MAC ($180/oz. for a pre-made quad), and NARS ($265/oz. for a trio). It’s always nice to see a boost in quantity with higher priced products, even if the total price may be a deciding factor. Despite its embellishments and designs, this eyeshadow palette retails for the same their normal quads do.

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Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

Guerlain fans who long for a little more color and oomph will appreciate this palette for its daring hues. The brand certainly didn't skimp on pigmentation so the shades touted as vibrant can actually be used that way.











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Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette

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Any dupes?

For the orange, try Make Up For Ever #18. For the brown, try MAC Smut. For the lighter brown, try MAC Romp. For the blue, try Make Up For Ever #159.

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38 thoughts on “Guerlain Terre Indigo Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. If I had bought that, I would never have dared to touch it!

  2. It looks so beautiful in the pan! And I love the orange and the blue. I don’t love enough colors in the palette to make this worth buying it, but it is still super gorgeous.

  3. anna

    would you please do a look using this quad i’m curious about combining orange and blue. thank you

  4. Eve

    The blue looks a little cheap looking to me…

  5. Alyssa

    There are definitely more worthy orange, blue, and brown shadows out there.

  6. flyavsted

    Ouch! I truly regret not buying this palette. It it is so lovely and sold out everywhere in my country. You’re A- doesn’t make me want it any less.

  7. I went to a Guerlain event on the weekend and was amazed at the look the MUA did on my eyes with this. She blended the colours and the result was a very soft, cool brown smoky look. So on top of being beautiful individually, the colours can be used in combination in ways you might not think of otherwise.

    I keep commenting every time you talk about this collection, but I’m really in love with it… The prices are on the higher side, but I find that they give you something that’s worth the money.

  8. Jen

    Ooh so pretty but too pricy. Thanks for the tip on the blue dupe because I think I want that MUFE shadow now.

  9. I hate when shadows have wonky shapes. That can’t have been easy to use! xP

    • It was easy to use – I don’t see why it wouldn’t be? Each section is more than large enough to accommodate an eyeshadow brush. I could see it being problematic if each section was tiny.

      • Quinctia

        The darker brown looks like it could be a little problematic, depending on the size and shape of the brush, since it’s longer, skinnier, and more unevenly shaped than the rest, but the others definitely are a nice enough shape.

    • Marina

      I agree, you’d have to be very careful every time using them, and when you’ve used up most of the shadows, it must be really annoying trying to pick up the colours without them getting mixed.

  10. Rachael

    I LOVE the picture of it destroyed. There’s something really beautiful about that image. Makeup porn! :) I’m tempted to buy it even though I really don’t need it.

  11. natalia

    This misses the mark for me personally…

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Ewww how did they come up with that color combo? OK separately, but blue, orange, and brown at the same time? No thanks.

  13. Shilpa

    im glad you pointed out that the sections were big enough to use w/ your brush. i keep passing this up b/c it looks impossible to use upon first glance.

  14. Anh

    Thanks for this review post! I’ve been waiting for your opinions on this one before I get my hands on it. Love your blog and appriciate all your hard work and time you put on it. Thanks again!

  15. lalice

    This palette is notorious for being not pigmented except for the orange.. I don’t know how you gave it an A-.. hm… for the price and quality, I would never buy this.

    • I had no problems with pigmentation overall – they were pretty good. Not the best of all time but good. Did you look at my swatches? I haven’t heard anything about this palette, so I’m not sure how it is notorious already!

  16. I bought this and love it! The orange really brings out the other colors in the palette!

  17. Pamela

    This palette is sooo beautiful, but I can never justify spending the cash on something that I’d likely drop. Oddly enough, the blue and orange look good together. They are opposites on the color wheel so they make each other more intense.

  18. Stephanie

    What a pretty palette. That blue really caught my eye for some reason.

  19. Nadia

    I found the pigmentation to be awful on this!!

  20. Pink

    Wow those colors are pretty.

  21. Does anybody use those sponge tipped applicators? I feel like customers that seek out and purchase luxury brand products will more than likely have at least a couple of decent brushes laying around. I think those applicators just look cheap.

    That said – I think this palette is gorgeous. The colors work beautifully together. While the gold is pretty, I’m glad it’s just an overspray because I was kind of worried how easy this would be to use.

  22. The design for this palette is definitely very unique! And there is an orange, as in true orange shade! Something to consider.

  23. meme

    I could never pull off any of these shade. Also I just cannot justify the price for Guelain for 4 shadows. I know you adore Guerlain. I guess to really get into this brand I would have to have a job like yours where a lot of stuff is sent to me for review. If I ever did buy something like this, it would be on impulse and having played with it in demo and come up with something I liked…but then got home and discovered it only really worked that day for me. It would go into my swap ASAP if I made the mistake to ever bring it home.

    • I bought and appreciated Guerlain long before I ever received anything for review, actually. Being able to receive products for review doesn’t make me like anything more or less but gives me the opportunity to show readers what products are out there without them wasting their money on something without seeing real photos and swatches.

  24. cyra

    ooh show us a look with this! It’s gorgeous!

  25. salamander

    Wow, talk about something too pretty to use! The colors all go together so well. If I magically sprout an extra $120 in the next few weeks I’ll be sure to snatch this right up…

  26. shuz4ever

    Christine this looks gorgeous. Can u please do a look with this. I’m so tempted to get this, but need to get two – one to use and one to keep that pretty pattern intact!

  27. Dela

    Is there a point in comparing the quantity provided? I only ask this, since I have never ever finished an eyeshadow quad. Doesn’t it make more sense to get a lower quantity for a lower price even if it means a higher per oz price?

    • In order to compare across brands, it is the easiest and most objective way to do so. Some are concerned with the ultimate cost, others are concerned about whether they’re getting enough for their money. There are definitely some readers who buy products with every intention of finishing it. It can show whether a brand is above or below what quantity you should expect in a product. I provide an objective measurement, because it’s quite obvious what the price is, so help people who find it useful. If you don’t find it useful, that’s fine.

  28. Grace Chin

    they look nice in packaging and all but after seeing the swatches i ‘leave it’

  29. unpractical. impractical. would be nice design on fabric or a painting… but makeup? just another marketing gimmick

  30. annie

    Not too bad but these colours are not something that unique enough to get.

  31. Oh my! That is SO pretty. ._____. I seriously want that paltte now! Thanks for the review! <3