Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Paradise Sand, Jungle Dust

Guerlain’s Terracotta Collection was an early summer sleeper collection. It consisted of products from bronzing powders to lip balms to mineral eyeshadows. Here’s a review of several of the products from the collection! :)

Paradise Sand and Jungle Dust Mineral Eyeshadows ($35.00 each) are loose, mineral eyeshadows kept in a convenient package. You twist the top off, and when you pull it out, there’s a wand attached to it, and it is the wand that picks up the color. This packaging makes it so I don’t get a big puff of mineral makeup all over my sink counter, for which I am quite happy!

I absolutely LOVED the Gloss Cashmere Velvet Matte Glosses ($28.00 each). They came in Rose Pondichery, Beige Bengali, and Rouge Sultan. These are really the stand out products from the launch. Rose Pondichery is a rosey-beige; Beige Bengali is a deeper brownish-beige shade; and Rouge Sultan is an unforgivably scarlet red.

I did also try High Shine Soothing Lip Balm ($30.00 each) in Coeur Caramel and Cocoa Love. Both shades are extremely sheer, but they are emollient and hydrating on lips. I can’t say that they’re worth $30 a pop, but they’re nice if you’ve got the money to spend. I’d much rather put my budget towards the glosses from this launch!

See more photos and swatches!

Row 1: Pearly Shell Illuminating Sun Powder, Nacre des Mers Meteorites, Couer Caramel, Cocoa Love
Row 2: Rose Pondichery, Beige Bengali, Rouge Sultan; Paradise Sand, Jungle Dust

Row 1: Pearly Shell Illuminating Sun Powder, Nacre des Mers Meteorites, Couer Caramel, Cocoa Love
Row 2: Rose Pondichery, Beige Bengali, Rouge Sultan; Paradise Sand, Jungle Dust

Rose Pondichery

Beige Bengali

Rouge Sultan

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55 thoughts on “Guerlain Terracotta Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kristina

    Beige Bengali is very flattering :)

  2. Taj

    Those lip colors look GREAT on you!

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  4. Anitacska

    I’m only interested in the new Meteorites – any chance of seeing a picture of those??? – and the new quad, but these terracotta shades don’t interest me (I’m not really into bronz(ing) stuff).

  5. Amy

    Beige Bengali is perfect for you. Honestly, that’s how a gloss should look–so much better than those sheer, thin ones with a random sparkle bit.

  6. Mmmm..rouge sultan! I want it!! ._.

  7. Teresa

    *So in LoVe with Rose Pondichery!*
    I love Paradise Sand e/s, too!

  8. Sheila

    I have Beige Bengali and I love it! Perfect coverage, long-lasting, non-drying…I could go on and on. I wish they had more colors because I love the gloss, but Beige Bengali is the only shade flattering for my complexion. I hope Guerlain makes these permanent eventually.

    • Nicole15

      Sheila – I’m so glad to hear you say non-drying. I was afraid that when I saw their name contained the word “matte” that it meant they would dry my lips out as mattes typically tend to do on me. Now I really want to try these glosses after hearing a second positive review of them.

      • Sheila

        I think you would really like them Nicole! If anything, try to swatch them in person to see which shade suits you the best. Rouge Sultan is an orange-based red so I can’t wear it and I worry Rose Pondichery might be too bright on me. I really love the formula of these matte glosses though and I would love to get more.

      • Oh yeah, definitely NOT drying!!

    • Yay! So glad to hear someone else loves the new glosses, too :)

      I wish there was a more extensive color range, too!

  9. Nicole15

    Beige Bengali is so my type of color. But that Rouge Sultan…damn, that’s some red that i would love to wear. These definitely come out looking like lipsticks as opposed to glosses. Very impressive!

  10. Just curious – everyone seems to be raving about Holy Smoke. Is there a reason you didn’t get that one? Thanks for this – I’ll be getting a lot!

  11. AbbyL

    LOVE the Rose Lipgloss!!! Christine, did you get a preview of the new Guerlain products?? I’m so so so excited to see the Summer Splash collection!!!!

  12. OMG those glosses are sooo pigmented!

  13. Sai

    wow. those glosses are amazing.

  14. Mary

    the red one reminds me of russian red lipglass.. :)

  15. liz

    those lippies are so pigmented and they look so smooth! i wonder how long wearing they are

  16. Dominique

    Those are some pigmented glosses!

  17. ohh Rose Pondichery is cute! <3

  18. I was SO dissapointed in this collection. i got 2 things and 1 thing i hate!
    I think the eyeshadows are useless.. they dont blend well at alL!!!!

  19. Victoria

    That’s really fantastic! Definetly it’s not MAC, which priducts look like cheap trash! Guerlain is Guerlain and it worth of it’s price!

  20. hi

    If they’re matte, they’re not really glosses because they’re not glossy.. I would say they’re more of a liquid lipstick formula. OMG, Rouge Sultan is HOTT..

  21. Heather

    I like Beige Bengali, and maybe Rose Pondichery (or whatever it was lol). They’re very pigmented, I might buy them when I go to the mall next time. Thanks, Christine.

  22. cmferrets

    hmmmmmmmm. doesnt these mineral eyeshadows look like the ones that urban decay came out with, b.c they also have the tube with the wand in it?

  23. Yaya

    Loving the lipglosses :)

  24. Macaddict

    Bought Red Sultan about 1-2 months ago. Definitely a lip lacquer and not a gloss! I tried it on & fell in love with the color, finish, and pigmentation. Totallt worth the splurge!

    • It’s odd that they call it a gloss, because it definitely feels like liquid lipstick. And oh yeah! It totally reminded me of old MAC lacquers.

  25. Ashley

    Thanks Christine for the swatches.
    If you had to pick one item as your favorite what would it be?