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Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain introduces the limited edition Crazy Paris Holiday Collection. Paying homage to Paris’ dazzling lights, the neon colors infused into this collection are as festive and fabulous as the city itself. In celebration of the reopening of 68 Champs Elysees, the legendary Guerlain flagship boutique reopening this winter, Crazy Paris is designed with a vibrant ―68‖ engraving. The limited-edition pieces in this collection are playful and incredibly charming, with colors that verge on exuberance. Crazy Paris celebrates all that makes the holiday season so exciting and unforgettable.

La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy! Perfumed Shimmer Powder ($89.00) (Limited Edition)

The 2013 edition of Guerlain’s holiday shimmer powder is truly stunning. Scented with the flirtatious La Petite Robe Noire, just one squeeze of the neon pink bulb fills the air with a loose light powder. As notes of black cherry, almond, Bulgarian rose and black teas unfold, the iridescent pink powder falls delicately over hair and body. Packaged in a revamped La Petite Robe Noire bottle, the powder creates a captivating glimmer, which highlights the face, shoulders and décolleté.

Crazy Paris Eye Palette ($86.00) (Limited Edition)

Guerlain’s Holiday 2013 collectors’ palette is a complete eye makeup kit for all occasions, whether an office party or a night on the town. The grey and black matte powder liners – to be used wet or dry – are perfect for defining the eyes, while the four alluring shadows in beige, copper, white and festive hot pink can be used alone or blended together to create gorgeous, sexy eyes. The Eye Palette is enclosed in a sleek black lacquered case and opens to reveal a large panoramic mirror illuminated with the letters ―P.A.R.I.S.‖ in an electric pink.

Crazy Champs Élysées Météorites Pearls ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

Guerlain’s Météorites Pearls intelligently capture light to create a more luminous and even skin tone in one sweep of the brush. For the Crazy Paris collection, Météorites Pearls offer a new combination of beige, purple white, gold and 2 pinks—all 6 shades work to create the collection’s iconic luminous finish, while the prominent pink and gold tones emphasize an energetic glow. The holiday Météorites comes encased in a sleek black metal tin.

Crazy 68 Météorites Illuminating Compact ($69.00) (Limited Edition)

Guerlain has created one more Météorites product to light up the holiday season–the Météorites Illuminating Compact. Like its Pearl counterpart, the new holiday Météorites Compact reveals energetic hues of pink which light up the face with a delicate satiny halo, discreetly perfumed with an inimitable powdery violet.

Crazy 68 Terracotta Bronzer ($69.00) (Limited Edition)

The first ever Holiday Terracotta, the Healthy Glow Compact warms the skin with a delicate wearable peach-hued harmony infused with invigorating bursts of pink. These 5 shades invigorate skin to provide a subtle, natural-looking and healthy complexion that counteracts dull winter skin.

Crazy 68 Rouge G de Guerlain ($49.50) (Limited Edition)

The always elegant Rouge G has reinvented itself for the holiday season. The sophisticated limited-edition black lacquered case opens to reveal a deep luxurious pink. As with the classic Rouge G, the holiday edition contains a discreet built-in compact mirror, allowing for easy and precise application.

  • Provocative (863) A deep and vibrant pink

Crazy 68 Rouge Automatique ($35.00) (Limited Edition)

In line with Rouge G, the 2013 Holiday Rouge Automatique shades also dare to wear a shiny black lacquered case. The signature lever of Rouge Automatique pops in a neon orange and slides down to reveal 2 beautiful collectors’ shades of bold, electric pink.

  • Illusion (660) A subtle sparkling plum
  • Reflex (661) A bold neon pink

La Laque Couleur ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

Festive all the way down to the fingertips, Crazy Paris Sulfurous is a deep black lacquer infused with pearlized crystal light to create a dazzling violet effect. Adding to the pearly intensity is the limited-edition Ultraviolet Top Coat, which provides a translucent blue finish (but under a black light it reveals a fluorescent glow!).

  • Sulfurous (861) A deep, artificial black with particles of violet
  • Ultraviolet Top Coat A glossy finish that turns fluorescent under ultraviolet light

Availability: Crazy Paris will be available beginning October in select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.

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Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013
Guerlain Crazy Paris Collection for Holiday 2013

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51 thoughts on “Guerlain Holiday 2013 Collection in Crazy Paris Launches in October

  1. Bella

    The only thing that attracts me is the bronzer—gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE THIS COLLECTION! The packaging is soooo chic

  3. Ooh! I want the Meteorites Illuminating Compact, I’m also looking forward to the new Rouge Automatiques and Rouge G. 😀

    i knowwww am going to blow a lottttttt of cash on this collection … the lipsticks and the powder 😀
    first time i think it will work for me 😀

  5. This collection looks like it is going to be really great but it is very pricey -_-

  6. Cait

    Soooo I need those nail polishes and the plum lipstick… and the eyeshadow compact. OMG everything is so fun and colourful <3
    I can't wait for the release and reviews <3

  7. Barbara

    Oh that nail polish looks gorgeous

  8. Valentine

    so un-guerlain….to me, no-aesthetic whatsoever

  9. I need that powder! Strange though, is it not special meteorites voyage packaging this year? bc the price looks unusually inexpensive, haha

  10. Ooh, this collection looks so interesting! I love the look of the meteorites & ultraviolet top coat — and I’m really curious to see what the packaging will look like in person.

    (From the promo images, at least, I feel like Guerlain + glossy black + brights = super sexy packaging.)

  11. Jenn H.

    Well, bronzer maybe. Swatch the Rogue G to see if I want it, the palette looks fine, but I still haven’t touched my Liu palette, so maybe a pass on that. Meteorites look alright.
    I like the Liu collection last year better!

  12. I have been WAITING to see what’s offered in this year’s Guerlain holiday collection. I loved last year’s so much! Guerlain usually only has one holiday collection right? So this is THE collection for this year? Or…?

  13. Oh my, look at those new météorites, so pretty!

  14. That Rouge G looks amazing. I only have Automatique. Are G’s so good that the deserve the extra price in comparision?

  15. Veronica

    Most everything here can be duped with my current collection, but I am seriously eye-ing the Meteorite compact. I am all about the Meteorites. 😀

  16. What a gorgeous bronzer!

  17. I’m usually a huge Guerlain fan but this collection really puts me off packaging-wise. That orange and black combo in these lipstick tubes just looks cheap and it reminds me of the 80’s (not in a good way). I usually drool over everything in a Guerlain collection but now I’m just dissapointed. The lipsticks have great colour and I also like the look of Crazy Champs Élysées Météorites Pearls but everything else gets just a tired reaction out of me. The two greys ruin that eyeshadow palette for me. Still, I’m keen to see swatches from these but I sure am glad I stocked up last year’s Liu palette.

  18. I’m so sad I missed last year’s holiday meteorites :( I was hoping for something as amazing, but this year’s look kind of cool toned. I’ll be waiting for your review, Christine!

  19. Sarah

    I can’t decide if I want the Météorites in pressed or pearl form! That Ultraviolet topcoat looks awesome

  20. Amanda

    Okay it’s official. I HAVE to get those meteorites! I have been eyeballing other ones for so long now, but those are just absolutely gorgeous! So exciting!

  21. The lipsticks look gorgeous! The bronzer also looks great, but I am off my bronzer kick for the time being haha.

  22. I don’t particularly care for the packaging, but that bronzer looks gorg and so do the lippies

  23. Moi, j’adore Paris! and I’d love to have some “Crazy Paris” stuff and something named for the Champs Elysees (I already bought the permanent line Champs Elysees lipstick for the name…the fact that it’s great on me is just BONUS). But I have no use for an eye palette like that with that bright pink. Even the Champs Elysees Meteorites doesn’t look like it would do much for me but I’ll wait for your review, Christine and if it’s awsome, I’ll probably buy it.

  24. It concerns me a little that I want all the lipsticks. I’ll have to get over that, because I do not need any more lipsticks ever.

    Although it’s atypical of Guerlain, I do find the “crazy” visuals quite fun. I’m sure there will be a few of these items that end up coming home…

  25. Michelle

    Wow, the meteorites compact and pearls look tempting. Will you be reviewing any of these two?

  26. Amy

    Meh. Too Miami Vice-ish for me. I’ll probably buy the Meteorites perles just because I always buy the holiday ones, but pass on the rest. Guerlain’s holiday collection is the one I look forward to most. This year, it’s been the most disappointing.

  27. Barbara

    La Petite Robe Noire So Crazy! Perfumed Shimmer Powder will be a Christmas present to myself like the Vol de Nuitand Liu from previous years!

  28. abigailod

    All oh so beautiful!!! But the price of the compact gives me the impression that it won’t be the hefty type of case like from last year’s – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’m hoping for something like that for this year’s. Either way, the pearls and compact are both calling out my name!

  29. liz

    unquestionably outside of my budget, but still exciting and totally something I think I’d like. the Meteorites products especially.

  30. Rachael

    I guess last year’s holiday collection sold really well because they’re reusing all the packaging. Guerlain is the brand I look forward to the most, no matter what season it is, and I’m totally not into the eye palette, powders, meteorities etc in this set. The lippies and nails look fun though. I have a hard time ponying up nearly $100 for meteorite powders that my boyfriend says smell like his grandma, and not in a good way.

  31. Wow! Everything is BEAUTIFUL! A tad out of my price range. Just lovely though!

  32. I really adore this concept, it’s much different than standard “holiday” collections and colors and that really draws me to it.

  33. Denise S.

    I could do a lot of looks with that eyeshadow palette. The purple polish is gorgeous. Pretty lipsticks and powders! Wow love this holiday collection!

  34. I don’t know, the colors don’t seem too “crazy” to me.

  35. This is definitely the collection I am most excited for!

  36. Megan

    Oh, this packaging just isn’t for me, and it really doesn’t look like Guerlain’s classic esthetic. I usually like to collect the shimmer sprays, but this one looks like Debbie Gibson Electric Youth or something from the drugstore in the 80s. If they had left the cartoon dress off the bottle that would have helped immensely.

  37. Zainab

    I want it all. I think that’s the first time I’ve felt that way about a collection…

  38. Ayen

    I just ordered the meteorites! I wasnt too happy with the price for the fall collection blush so i had to skip it but this collection is calling my name! I cant wait for my order to arrive!

  39. I am going to go B A N A N A S over this collection and will buy it ALL! I just called my local Nordstrom person and told them I want one of each when it hits the store! And use my triple points day please ;D as this will be Crazy!

  40. Jennifer

    Loving the nail polish and the lip stick colors are gorgeous!

  41. Jaye

    Have any idea what shade of lipstick the model in the advert is wearing? Is it the Rouge G??

  42. Christine, how would you say the pressed powder compares to the pearls version?

    Also, would you say this year’s version of the pearls is less shimmery than the releases from previous years?

    What about compared to the Hourglass holiday palette?

    I’m thinking about picking ONE of them up, but I can’t make up my mind. Food for thought? :)