Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick ($45.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a glossy, opaque shade of plum-berry with soft gold shimmer. It applies evenly and goes on creamy without being thick. Rouge G is a really fantastic formula (though I would love it if they lasted a solid eight hours with such a hefty price tag, but I’ll take the four to six I get), because it’s rich in color and pigmentation, feels like a dream on lips with a lightweight texture, and the shimmer is subtle but still noticeable. Gracia is a lovely shade for both the fall and winter season, but it’s very wearable year-round, too – just because it’s dark enough to work in the cooler temperatures, yet not so dark it’s vampy.

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Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick

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30 thoughts on “Guerlain Gracia Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Roxanne

    This shade is beautiful but not 45$ worth of beautiful IMO.

    • Wilcoa

      Agreed… I feel like there would be a dupe out there somewhere for this one that could save a few bucks.

  2. Nadine

    That is SO pretty! Very bright but not over-the-top. I love the shimmer in it. It gives it an extra kick! If only it was reasonably priced … like MAC lipsticks even!

  3. That is really pretty! I don’t think I’ve seen another colour like this.

  4. I have this – got a little break since used Sephora Friends and Family to get it (after test drive at Neiman Marcus). It is a great every day color, creamy and with some gleam. The packaging is divine – fun to hold.

  5. Lorna

    If it weren’t $45 I would really go for it. Beautiful shade but still not worth the price.

  6. amy

    This is a nice sheer/light berry colour, but I like some of the pinks and peaches you have show earlier.

  7. Ruth

    As a devout Rouge G fan, I love #66 and it’s well worth the price in my opinion.

  8. lisa

    I have been disappointed with the website recently. First let me say that i LOVE your site, but you used to post so many looks and product swatches and info. These days i feel like the site is more filler and less substance posts. I miss seeing what looks you are wearing and extensive product swatches. I wish that instead of doing a whole post on just one lipstick color you would pick at least 5 from the line and at least swatch them if you can’t review them all. I know you do this along with grad school and i can’t imagine ever being able to keep all the balls in the air that you do, but i feel like the site is going downhill (i mean you never even mention the pink color to the left of Gracia! i would love to buy the pink color, but it’s not even mentioned).
    I’m sure i am sounding like a massive bitch, but i just adore your site and think so highly of you and feel like temptalia.com is losing a little of what makes it great.

    • Hi Lisa,

      It’s just been really bad timing lately – I was sick for about six weeks, then I did some looks, but the Lady Gaga look really messed up my eyes (they were swollen for 2-3 days, then dry and flaky for the next week and a half), then my grandfather passed away… and it’s finals. I know, no good excuse can make up for it, but I’m trying. I have 400+ looks in the archives, so I definitely invite you to check out the archives, because there is certainly a lot to look at in there. I’ve definitely been wanting to increase looks up to 2-3 a week, but something seems to always knock me down :(

      I’ve reviewed several Rouge Gs – and personally, I just feel it’s easier on me but also gives more attention to a certain lip color rather than a bunch at once. I try to do round-ups once I’ve concluded the “series” of posts, though, for your convenience. I really like seeing what people think about the specific shade, and sometimes a “boring” shade might get overshadowed by a brighter/bolder shade.

      Plus, at $45 a pop, I think it merits its own post! LOL!

      I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I’m sorry you don’t like Temptalia any more.

      BTW, you can always ask me what’s next to it – I may be reviewing it in the future or I’ve already reviewed it – if I forget to list it (which is likely). It’s Gemma Rouge G Lipstick, and I reviewed it here: http://www.temptalia.com/guerlain-gemma-le-rouge-g-de-guerlain-lipstick-review-photos-swatches-lip-swatches

      • Jenny

        Awww, I have finals too. I hope yours go well.

        For me, the site is a little slow but no one is really releasing new stuff anyways so it’s no biggie. It’s actually good for the wallet since it gives me a chance to catch up. I was wondering though, if you ever get the time, if you can put the 2010 launches up on the launch tab so I can browse through all that stuff together and cry over how broke I’ll be come next year.

        As to the lipstick – it’s nice but it’s no rouge g giovanna (which has my heart).

        • Good luck to you, Jenny! I’m sure you’ll ace those finals :)

          It’s an odd time – there’s always a slower period after the first big push of the season. Winter/holiday is winding down, and Spring is not quite here, but soon-to-be!

          It should be there, so I’m not sure why it isn’t — as soon as my boyfriend is awake, I’ll have him add it!

      • Brittany

        Hey Christine i just wanted to let you know i still think this website is amazing! It is a little slow but i go to school to and i know how ridiculous fall semesters are! sorry about your gpa, mine passed away a few weeks ago as well and im having a hard time even keeping up with my homework this sem, so i dont even know how you get on here every single day and do this! its hard to always post up new looks considering you have SO many! just wanted to let you know i still love it and anyone who has this much time and dedication should be noticed:)

        also this lipstick is gorgeous but ya, i can never afford it! Lol

        • Aww, thanks, Brittany! I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

          I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, and I’m sending strength for you and your family during this difficult time! I hope you’re able to get through the semester/quarter — hopefully you have a winter break coming up!

      • Rachael

        I personally think the site is more amazing than ever! You do an incredible job, the amount of content on this site is amazing, and to think you do it all by yourself (I know your bf helps with the technical stuff). It irks me when people complain! Personally I would love to see a new look everyday but I know thats almost impossible and I don’t expect it. I have noticed more looks lately and I am so thrilled! Keep up the great work!

  9. Kate M.

    oooh i love it!! ive been searching for a lovely berry lippie…

    looks gorgeous christine!

  10. This shade is absolutely beautiful! I hope it looks good on me as well since i have a gift card to splurge on! : )

  11. Proximity

    What a gorgeous shade. Ive never shelled out $45 for a lipstick … but if Santa wanted to drop one in my stocking …

  12. Kristina

    I have been looking for the perfect plummy brown colour and I agree with your description of dark but not vampy and that is what I was trying to achieve.

    I dont have any Rouge Gs as yet, but they appear to cling to your lip, like blistex; rather than sit on top like vaseline.

    The price doesnt deter me if it is the perfect shade if I dont have a million shades like it already

    Great swatch!

  13. Meghann

    Nice, wearable, not worth the cost.

  14. Toni

    Hi Christine, Do you know if the Rouge G’s are always supposed to come with a velvet case? I bought my first Rouge G at the Valley Fair Nordy and they gave me one. But when I picked up a Rouge G for my friend as a bday present during the Sephora F&F, I was told that it doesn’t come with one. The VF Sephora lady told me it must have been a special gift kinda thing at the Nordy counter. But if that were true, it really sucks that Guerlain does not provide it, esp. since the case is so prone to scratches.

    • None of mine came with velvet pouches!

    • Ruth

      I know, that’s crazy. I have 1o Rouge G lipsticks and only 3 velvet pouches ! It all depends on where you buy them. I don’t think the Guerlain reps give pouches to all suppliers, which they should in my opinion.

      • Toni

        Actually, the only reason I have one is I had to go back and ask for it. I don’t understand why Guerlain didn’t just box it with the lipstick already in the velvet pouch….

  15. This shade looks like a perfect everyday shade for you, Christine!

  16. mary z

    i always look at lipstick wearers and lipsticks in general with a sense of longing, as my lips don’t wear lipsticks very well. For some reason they always peel (not even chap) despite exfoliating every morning and although i use lipbalms, i don’t reapply every hour or whatever. Are there any techniques you use to make lips smoother so that lipstick colour would be more wearable?

    • Hey Mary,

      You might be overexfoliating! I’d say to try exfoliating only once every 2-3 days rather than everyday. What kind of exfoliator are you using?

  17. Angie

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for all you hard work. I’d really love to see a wrap-up of all the Rouge G’s when you are done, or if you could possible add a “Rouge G” tag so we could pull them all up at once. (When I enter “Rouge G” as a search term, it brings up all kinds of things other than Guerlain.) Thanks!