Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick ($45.00 for 0.12 oz.) is the second new, limited edition shade of Rouge G from Guerlain’s Holiday Collection. (The other new, limited edition shade is Grace, which I reviewed last week.)

Gems is a beautiful shade of slight subdued pink-coral with a fiery gold shimmer laced throughout. It’s hard for me to call it a coral, because there is a very pink color base to it, yet the brightness of the rising sun shimmer makes it pop. For me, this was love at first swatch — this is a shade I could see myself wearing all the time, no matter the occasion.

It’s just one of those shades that suits me well and makes me feel great wearing it. I’ve always considered makeup more than just utility — it’s about the feeling and experience and joy I get from using it. This just makes me happy!  Even outside of my makeup haze, I really do think this is a very flattering shade that a lot of people could wear and find work well for them.

The Rouge G formula is fantastic — smooth, silky, wears and fades well, and goes on opaque overall.  The only real detractor is the wowza price tag.  When it comes to Rouge G, I really do believe you’re paying mostly for the packaging.  I just can’t deny the formula rocks — I just wish they’d make the formula available with some cheaper packaging!

By the way, Gems looks amazing with Guerlain’s Perle de Lune KissKiss Gloss (also from this collection) layered on top.

See more photos and swatches

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick

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76 thoughts on “Guerlain Gems Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Anja

    That is a gorgeous color!

  2. Anitacska

    This is so pretty too. Loved Grace as well, might even have to get both. :)

  3. Toni

    wow, this does look fantastic on you, girl!!! :)

  4. Wendelien

    I love it! Love the color, love the sparkle. Just gorgeous

  5. dani

    OOHEMMMGEEE! that is such a gorgeous color!

  6. Ok, now you got me. I want this Rouge G. Reminds me of Lollipop Loving (Sugarsweet edition, not Heatherette), but darker and more pigmented. <3!

  7. liz

    reminds me a lot of nymphette lipglass. hmmm.

    • I could see that – it’s kind of in the same shade range. My favorite lipgloss color is Cle de Peau #2, which is similar to Nymphette, but just not quite. Just like NARS Orgasm kind of is in the same family, as well. Lancome has a lipstick that reminded me of Cle de Peau #2, which I also loved… so I’m not surprised I loved this just as much.

  8. I agree with Christy–I think it resembles Lollipop Loving, a la Sugar Sweet. But when you pointed out the lack of green cast, I totally somehow decided that I need this one. I love Lollipop Loving, but the green is a bit much for daily wear.

    • Haha!

      I think the green rocks on some, and for others like me, it’s not as cute. It’s kind of fun, but at the end of the day, not as flattering as I’d like. I also find LL a little more on the frosty side, so this feels more appropriate in a sense, too. Whatever, I love it. I don’t need to justify it, do I? LOL.

  9. Elena

    Christine, that is such a pretty shade! Can you think of a dupe for it, around the MAC price range?

  10. Jennifer

    OMG Christine, that is gorgeous! I am currently obsessed with pinky-coral lipsticks/glosses.
    Is this color permanent or LE? And do you know maybe how long they would keep it around if it is LE?

    I really REALLY want to get this somehow.. lol

    • It is limited edition, unfortunately!

      I imagine they’ll keep stock until it sells out or around January. I think holiday tends to linger around til just the very end of the holiday season.

  11. hmm.. this is gorgeous! The swatches reminds me of MAC Lollipop Loving ^_^

    • A few people have been saying that! I’d have loved LL more if it looked more like this on me. That green cast which some adored just wasn’t working on me (IMO!).

  12. amy

    I like this colour, but it seem to look quite similar to a few others in the line.

  13. Paula

    This is so pretty. I might just end up caving on a Guerlain lippie one of these days!

  14. Jeye

    It looks gorgeous on you Christine! Now I have to put that on my wish list! You should put a pic up with the kiss kiss gloss layered on top! I’m very curious to see how much better it would look (not that i think a lipgloss is needed.. i’m in LOVE with the color)

  15. Karen

    Do you like Georgia better or this one? I can’t decide which one to get first, as you know this is like the most expensive lipsticks :)

  16. kae

    looks like a more pigmented lollipop loving to me! with less of the green. i want it!

  17. Lulee

    :'( i want this. but $45 is WAY too steep for a lipstick IMO. poo.

  18. Ooh, this is so pretty. Reminds me a lot of Laura Mercier’s Rosewater stickgloss which I’ve been wearing a lot… maybe just a tad redder and with more gold pearl v. metallic finish.

  19. Rachael

    I need this lipstick! Someone buy it for me!

  20. LR

    Do the Rouge G’s have a taste/scent?

  21. Adriana

    it looks like E.L.F. Royal Red
    …but… NOOO!!
    i’m so sad!

  22. ooh,so pretty! i want this color!

  23. ohmygod this is GORGEOUS.

  24. Andrea

    Oh wow that is pretty!!!!

  25. Saloni

    Wow, that is beautiful on you! I love your make up techniques and style. I love this color-how do you think it will suit olive toned skin?? Chalky or pretty?

  26. Dana

    This color is gorgeous! It’s like the perfect pinky peachy coral combination – reminds me of Nars’ orgams colors.

  27. laura

    Hi Christine! I have grace, the eyeshadow ( bal de minuit) the powder spray and the meteorite balls from this collection!! But seen this in store today and i need it!!haha! Such a gorg colour! Couldnt be more me the colour they have taken out for this collection!! Are you going to make a video on the collection? Love hearing your thoughts! Laura.xx

    • Aww!! :) Gems is gorgeous, yeah? It’s a me color, too! I wish more companies put out these types of shades!

      No video, though – I’ve found that a lot of my video watchers tend to find Guerlain completely out of their budget :( I did do reviews on several of the products though, here on the blog!

  28. Tina

    Hey Christine!
    I have to agree with majority over how absolutely gorgeous this shade is!LOVE LOVE LOVE!Price notsomuch though :(
    I was wondering how close it is in color to the NARS Orgasm lippie? Could you possibly take a pic with you wearing it (NARS), so I could compare? Im considering buying it, though Im not sure if it would look good on my NC42 skin tone. I dont like colors that go on too milky/chalky looking on me.
    Thanks girl!

  29. Angie

    Holy smokes that is gorgeous. Definitely buying it.

  30. Debbie

    ahhh! so pretty…wish i could afford this :o/ the swatch looks similar to embraceable or even love, henri? I have lollipop loving, but from heatherette

  31. Jannette

    Christine, firstly, I’m a long time reader but this is the first time I’ve commented! I love your blog and I check it every morning before leaving for work! (Time difference here in Australia!!) Just thought I said that you’ve been feeding my little make up obsession, and I went and got Gems recently. I absolutely loved it, thanks!!!

  32. Why didn’t I see it earlier? It’s impossible to find now. ;__;

  33. Kathrina

    Thank you so much for this review! It’s still helpful even though it is two years old. I only found this review a few months ago and when I read that this was released as an LE a long, long time ago I was so disappointed because I didn’t think there was a chance of getting it. Then last week I went into a store in my hometown and they had it. I bought one, fell in love with it instantly, went back to the store and got two more (the only ones they had left :D).

    My boyfriend usually complains when I’m wearing lipstick because he thinks pure lips are much more kissable *lol*. When he saw me with this on he was like “WoW”.