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Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Terracotta:  Blonde Halee

Guerlain Blondes (01) ‘Terracotta’ Light Sheer Bronzing Powder ($50.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a multi-colored bronzing powder.  There is also Brunette (02).  I actually thought these were new for this year, but after going back to the summer collection details, it’s the 4 Seasons bronzing powder that launched this year. Apparently, Guerlain launched two different types of bronzers, including the one pictured above–that are limited edition and new and different from the permanent versions.

Anyway, Blonde contains five different shades that come together to create a red-toned bronze.  It’s designed for our fairer, blonde-haired friends, but it’ll work just as nice on our warmer, brunette-haired friends, too–because I am the latter and find this lovely on my skin.  I tend to wear it more as a bronzer, but it’s subtle without being orange and the shimmer gives you a little glowiness that’s perfect for summer.   I wore it in a very natural look, and I felt like it worked incredibly well to give my cheeks a little definition, glow, and that I-just-got-back-from-vacation look (even though I went nowhere!).

It’s a very fine-milled powder, so it’s subtle and easy to use without going overboard–but you can layer it for a greater intensity.  It also has fine shimmer that goes through the compact (no overspray here!) that gives skin a healthier, more luminous look without looking like a glitter ball.  A huge bonus is that this bronzer photographs really well and natural, too!  I may have to check out the Brunette version to see how it stacks up, but Blonde totally wow-ed me (and I’m not even a bronzer person!).

The pricing is just about what I’d expect from Guerlain, but at least they don’t hold back on the quantity–they give you just a little more than the average bronzer, but it’s not significantly more.  Nevertheless, sometimes you’ll see higher prices and lesser quantities, so I always like to see the two still in line.  The packaging is also very pretty–it’s a glossy reddish-bronze with a shimmering sparkle almost!

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you’ve been searching for a light, natural bronzer that’s good on both fairer, cooler skin (aka one that doesn’t turn orange), Guerlain’s Blonde may be the answer!  It’s soft and silky with the perfect bronzing color for those with pinker or redder undertones, but it works equally well on those with warmer, yellower undertones–you’ll see the slightly reddish tinge in it, but it works!

Availability: Nordstrom

See photos & swatches!

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer

Guerlain Blonde Halee Bronzer
Blonde (left), Gold Fard (right)

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24 thoughts on “Guerlain Blonde Terracotta Bronzer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I’m really wanting this right now, saw it the other day, but didn’t pick it up, however I definitely will now. I have the older Blonde terracotta powder, not that I use bronzers much, but they’re so pretty. :) I’m a brunette btw, but my skin is fair, so this suits me better.

  2. Connie

    This is gorgeous! I’m going to check out the brunette version although blonde is just as pretty! Hopefully I dont come home with both tomorrow. =P

    BTW, I think it might have been the old version that came in 3 shades?

  3. Lauren

    This bronzer gave me one of the worst allergic reactions I have ever had in my life. My face/neck/decolletage actually swelled. I have NEVER had that happen in my life. Just a warning, I think there’s an ingredient in there that can wreak havoc on sensitive, pale skin.

    • Did you try going to a dermatologist to see what you might have been allergic to? That sounds awful!

      Skin is so different from person to person, so it’s always hard to identify what may have caused us to react and whether anyone else will, too.

      • Lauren

        I should have mentioned, I passed this on to my sister right after I started to itch. Generally, she’s fine, I’m the one with the super finnicky skin. She got a rash just like mine. I also had a friend over that night who broke out as well. We threw it out.
        Unfortunately in Canada, a trip to the dermatologist is a 3 month wait generally with a referral, so that didn’t happen. Since the compact was brand new, maybe something was wrong with it. All I know is that everytime I pass a Guerlain counter, I have to walk away. ha. I’m just too scared. I looked like Will Smith in Hitch. Remember that scene with the Benadryll. Not cute.
        The irony is that it gave me such a nice bronze glow til I turned almost purple.

    • Lisa

      I tried this in store on the tops of my cheek bones, and also broke out in a terrible welt like rash where I applied it. Hoping the meteorites and hydrating bronzers I bought that day don’t do the same thing. I didn’t know I was having the allergic reaction till I got home and looked in the mirror…. :( I’m currently breaking my primrose oil caps open and applying over the welts as it is a natural anti inflammatory. It has really done wonders.

  4. Oh Christine, what is Gold Fard? Looks gorgeous!

    • It’s their metal eyeshadow – it’s like a MAC shadestick, lol!

      Review to come soon — there are two, and I thought I was getting the other one, so I’ve been holding off the review.

  5. Claudia

    Christine, do you happen to have compared the original Blonde from the perm Terracotta line to this new revamped one “Halee”? I’m wondering if the revamped one is too shimmery for daytime. I’m running out on my Terracotta #20 bronzer and i am thinking of getting either Blonde bronzers.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hmm, this one looks like the old one, not the new one. I thought it was the new one, but it’s the permanent one I believe…

      • Claudia

        That’s funny. Either way, i don’t get why they needed to revamp the Blonde and Brunette. The could’ve just released a separate illuminating terracotta product, like they do every summer. I do like the sheen of the one you swatched though. Looks wearable for daytime and at the office.

        Gonna have to check out the range during lunch lol.

      • Yeah, actually, this is the old one I’ve now realized. I want the new one with the shimmery pink bits, so pretty!

        • Inês Mariano

          No.. This is the new one :) Look at the brown-rose parts… The older one has just gold with pale rose!

        • Delfina

          I’ve tried this one (which is definitely the new summer edition, blondes halées) on one side of my face and the old one (blondes, the permanent one) on the other. I ended up with the old Blondes because it’s significantly less shimmery and less rosy, and on me (I’m never tanned) it worked beautifully, but more like a blush. Anyway, they’re both so beautiful that I’m still considering the idea of going back and buying this one too…

      • Ebontien

        If it says summer edition on the box, it’ the newer one. Also the casing is different as the newer ones have the sparkle around the G’s like the one in the picture. I own both the original Brunette 02 and the newer one that came out. The newer “summer edition” has more sparkle parts compared to the original.

  6. Laurz

    I have this in Brunette..and it is beautiful. I want to try this in Blonde now, it might be right for fairer days. Also- be careful, these break easily..so soft and the shimmery parts come out!

  7. Helena

    I want it…ohh. I want it. Can’t have it, though…especially since I would most likely almost never wear it ha ha

  8. Thanks, Ines! :) The back of my case says just “Blonde.” It doesn’t say “Blonde Halees!” So, I’m was quite confused! The press release for the collection also said 4-bronzer (no mention of this one), so that was further confusing.

    I don’t wear bronzer very often, so I don’t think I’ll be buying Brunettes Halees.