Monday, September 20th, 2010

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Is this palette worth $84?

I know that it probably sounds funny, but after reviewing and being disappointed by Guerlain’s Rue de Francs Bourgeois Eyeshadow Palette, I felt the need to determine whether the palettes were a miss in general or perhaps just that particular combination was underwhelming. I decided to go with Guerlain’s 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette ($84.00 for 0.25 oz.), which is one variation that seemed to stand out more than the others (to me).

The palette includes six eyeshadows in varying shapes and sizes.  It’s housed in a beautiful compact with a filigree pattern on the cover that’s actually see-through.  There’s a black plastic piece that lifts open to reveal the eyeshadows themselves (and on the inside, there is a mirror).  A dual-ended miniaturized brush is also included, and while not something I’d use under regular circumstances, is nicer than many other palette applicators I’ve come across.

This is a rather cool-toned palette, which would make it most suitable for those who lean cool, but it’s still wearable on warmer skin tones, since they’re closer to neutral than very cool.  There is a pale white-beige with a satin finish, muted gray-brown with a satin finish, medium-dark ocean blue with soft sheen, antique gold with a hint of taupe base and frosted shimmer, cool-toned charcoal brown with a semi-matte finish, and darkened purple-black with flecks of violet shimmer over a semi-matte color base.

I think the pigmentation on the eyeshadows is nice overall, but it’s not rich and intense and luxe to me.  I really don’t get the luxury feel from the texture, but these shades are more impressive in their subtle nuances than in Rue de Francs Bourgeois.  I’m not keen on the level of pigmentation in the lighter brown shade, which is a little sheer; though the charcoal-brown shade appears sheer when swatched, it applies just fine with a brush on the eyes (say in the crease).

I’m still not as wow-ed as I’d like to be with these palettes, and while the palette’s case is most assuredly gorgeous, the eyeshadows don’t quite match it.  The texture could be finer, richer — I think this is what makes me go, “Hmm, I want to like you, but it’s not quite there,” because they don’t feel as buttery as Guerlain’s singles, duos, and quads’ eyeshadows do.  I do like that these have nearly no fall out, and they do apply very smoothly and evenly.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5



See more photos & swatches!

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette
Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I buy this palette? How much is it?

Retailers like Sephora, and it's $84.

What are affordable dupes?

Pale beige = MAC Dazzlelight or Vapour; soft gray-brown = MAC Era or Wedge; medium-dark blue = MAC Deep Truth; darkened antique gold = MAC Patina, Urban Decay Maui Wowie; cool-toned charcoal brown = MAC Brun or Mystery; darkened purple-black = Bobbi Brown Midnight, NARS Night Flight

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39 thoughts on “Guerlain 2 Place Vendome Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. baby in a corner

    I love the photos, really gives a good idea of the palette! I saw these in person, didn’t have time to properly swatch but the colours in general seemed quite muddy. Despite your lukewarm review my heart still wants for the pretty luxuriousness of the packaging but my head is saying that these are waaay overpriced.

  2. Kathy

    The packaging to these Guerlain palettes is so flawless and stunning, but the colors inside of this one don’t “wow” me. Even if they did, though, I wouldn’t pay over 80 bucks for it.

  3. BP

    The palette is very expensive and to be honest, the colors are underwhelming. Definitely won’t be on my list of “must haves”.

  4. Amal

    I feel you’ve never been disappointed by Guerlain before, right?
    I liked the blue color. How close is it to Sea and Sky by MAC? BTW, loving the post FAQ addition.

    • Oh, I have been disappointed by Guerlain the past. I just think when the brand goes ahead and creates such an elegant design and puts the price at $84, then I expect they really created something special.

      It’s darker than Sea & Sky. Sea & Sky would probably look a bit brighter in comparison.

  5. I totally agree! These shades do not match at all!

  6. I do like it though I’m disappointed by the browns, I just find it difficult to part with $84 dollars for something I’m not going to love using.

  7. I think that the blue eyeshadow is beautiful.

  8. -L

    The packaging & the bright blue are gorgeous but not for $84!! Thanks for the review!

  9. Liliana

    I was very curious about those palettes, but did not like the high price tag. Then I swatched it in store and I liked very much the antique gold shade, but overall is not what I would expect for $84… there are much better things out there at more reasonable prices.

  10. Heather

    You can buy a lot more products at mac for that price. I don’t care to buy in to the luxury lines anymore. I have been very disappointed with them in the past. But I do enjoy the more information you give about similar shades, etc. Very handy

  11. Kat

    Oh mah gah….$84?! That totally blows my mind. For the cost, I would have expected some amazing pigmentation with exceptional staying power. The colors are weak! Wow, I just can’t believe that palette costs so much for what apparently looks so ordinary. Maybe I’m just a cheapo, but I just can’t justify to myself a makeup product that costs over 20 bucks. Heh.

  12. Christine, Pretty swatches! Do you think you might do a post with a look using this palette? I just ordered this one but haven’t received it yet (although I agree it is waaay overpriced). The antique gold shade is very nice. I love Guerlain but really think they could have done a better job with the range of shades in these palettes. Some seem to be just too similar to one another. A sales associate suggested using the container as a business/note card holder once the shadows are used up. It’s too pretty to discard and for $84 I know I’ll find some way to use it!

  13. Kat

    Ok I know their packaging is beautiful but $84 is insane. I would never feel like I got enough use out of this palette even if I used it every day. Even if this make up is why I meet my future husband it’s not worth $84. I absolutely love their packaging but the actual product is not worth it.

  14. Dini

    I’ve been dreaming of this palette and had saved up for it. Thanks for the swatches and the opinions on the shadow textures and qualities. Much appreciated. You’ve saved me lots of money! :) I still love the rich blue color, the gold-ish color and the packaging. *sigh*

  15. I did end up caving and getting this even though I said I wouldn’t and instead put the money towards something more useful. But of course, its Guerlain and its gorgeous and what really made me cave was its usefulness. I just felt that the colours are neutral but with the blue and the dark liner shade would just be great as an everyday palette with some pop. Plus the fact that I got about $100 worth of samples with my purchase isn’t bad either XD

  16. julie

    The price is mind-boggling. Thank you for posting this, as I thought I was ready to pounce on this and now you’ve saved my wallet!

  17. Jannie

    Thanks for the review! I was dying to hear hows this palette. You are a mind reader.

  18. Abril

    Pretty packaging but the colours are easy to find in other brands… not so expensive brands! IMO! :)

  19. inaya

    the taupe one can be easily substituted with Rimmel backstage pass

  20. Janet

    Darn… I have been eyeing the purple one… Champs Elysees, I think…

  21. Dariyah

    Please! Please! Please! Rue De Passy!!! Wanna see this review! )))

  22. AnaG.

    I just couldn’t live with myself after buying this!!! lolololol

  23. The packaging is soooo pretty!

  24. Miss Silver

    Pricey, so very pricey… I’m not a luxury brand make up girl because of my OCD tendencies; two of everything, and I can’t afford these!

    I love most of the colours, but the blue seems out of place.

    Was the brush that came with the palette a good quality brush? Most palettes have horrible brushes that I always end up tossing out.

  25. Hannah

    I am almost dissappointed, I LOVE place Vendome, I always stay there when I go to Paris etc etc, and although I love most of the colour sin this pallette, I cannot forsee wearing ht eblue (personal preference) and it does seem random amongst the other colours. I think I will need to see it in real life, but thankyou as per usual for the beautiful swatches nad great review!

  26. Eva

    The packaging is adorable, but $84?! I think some of the colors can be easily duped by drugstore makeup. -_-

  27. Natalie

    The only colours I like are the ones that look like MAC Deep Truth & Patina lol. Guess I don’t need to spend the $$$ 😛

  28. Federica

    What?!?!?!?!?!!?! 84 $??????????!!!!!!! are they crazy?!? Is too much even for Guerlain!

  29. I’m tempted to save up and get this palette for that antique gold shade. Unfortunately I doubt I’d get that much use from the rest of the shades, and $84 for one (admittedly gorgeous) shade is definitely too much.

    • Oh, I tried swatching it next to MAC Patina in store. It’s MUCH cooler, more like a warm gray with gold sheen. It’s like a lighter and warmer Hocus Pocus, actually. I wish there was a Shu Uemura counter near me so I could swatch it next to their ME Olive 71 eyeshadow, as I heard it was like a lighter version of Hocus Pocus. I imagine it would be much cooler/grayer though!