Monday, July 18th, 2011

What’s in a brush?

Goody Jewel Shine Oval Cushion Brush ($6.49 at Walmart) is a tourmaline-infused brush designed to “smooth hair, minimize static, and enhance shine.” It has a “soft touch handle for a comfortable grip.”  When I sat down to write-up this review, I was trying to figure out how one might evaluate a brush.

For me, I use this brush each morning and evening to run through my hair.  I have long hair (about halfway down my back) that’s mostly straight, but there is some waviness from putting it up regularly.  My hair is thick and there is a lot of it–hairdressers always tell me, “You have enough hair for two people!” (That joke gets old when you’ve heard it for 15 years.)

I like that it runs through my hair easily, doesn’t catch, and there’s enough flexibility in the bristles that I can maneuver it easily through my hair.  It’s lightweight, and the grip is comfortable to hold–I haven’t had the brush fly from my hands yet. My hair doesn’t tangle much, but when I have a few loose tangles, it detangles those well without pulling painfully, because the flex and give of the bristles helps it work through the tangle steadily but surely.

Admittedly, the last brush I was using was FHI Heat’s Cushion Brush, which also used tourmaline as a selling point, so I didn’t see any dramatic difference from when I switched over, which means Goody’s doing a good job at maintaining the status quo at a third of the price!

What do you look for in a good brush?

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21 thoughts on “Goody Jewel Shine Oval Cushion Brush Review

  1. If tyhe made a paddle brush version of this then I would buy it. I need a big brush to get through volume of my hair. ^__^

  2. Sarah

    My curly hair wont allow me to use a brush.
    I use a comb with wide teeth, when my hair is wet and conditioned – that gives me the best curls :)

    • Ashley

      I use mine before my shower each night, as when I comb wet hair the curl doesn’t look nice and the hair is more prone to damage. After I detangle it prior to my shower, I wash up with water (don’t use hair products, conditioner on my ends sometimes though), towel-dry until it’s damp, then take 3 sections of hair – one in the back and one on each side of my head – and twist/twirl them tightly, then stick to the top of my head for the night. 3 twists gives me great wavy curls that are very similar to what my hair looks like if I let it air dry without touching it or doing anything to it. I can’t just leave it down though, as I shower at night and sleeping on it wet (or dry) messes up the natural curls.

  3. I don’t know that I buy the whole tourmaline in hair styling tools thing. Honestly, I think it is a load of horse feathers. However, I love a nice paddle brush with bristles that can get down through all of my hair and still have bend and give so that it doesn’t snap my tresses. I would try that brush. :)

  4. My brush is from Conair, and it’s a paddle brush. I have thick hair as well, and I like sturdy brushes that won’t fall apart when I use them (when I was a kid the bristle part would pull out and get stuck in my hair!).

  5. Whitney

    Thanks for the review! I was actually thinking about getting a new paddle brush since mine is reaching it’s 5th birthday.

  6. I like brushes that add a little extra to your hair. I’m using Macadamia’s brushes now since they are infused with macadamia oils. I really have noticed a difference with it!

    • Ashley

      You could have just bought a normal brush, sprayed oil into your hair or the brush, and then used it to get the same results.

  7. Michelle

    Doesn’t it get old, every hair dresser saying “Wow you have alot of hair.” Oh, I hadn’t noticed. Hehe…

  8. Ashley

    I think I’ll stick with my less-likely-to-cause-damage-or-headaches wide-tooth comb from The Body Shop for my medium thick wavy/curly hair :)

    Brushes shouldn’t be used to detangle, though. Combs are for that. Brushes are supposed to be used to help transfer sebum from the roots to tips for a softer look and feel, and to help with styling if you’ve already detangled with a comb.

    • I don’t really have any tangles, though – a couple of strands together, maybe twice a week, and it brushes right out in one pass, so I wouldn’t bother getting another brush just for those moments for me :)

  9. I feel so behind my times… I had no idea these things existed. 😛 hence I love temptalia!

  10. Sweeda

    I want to try this. I have fine, slightly wavy hair, and it gets frizzy a lot, especially in this humidity.

  11. L

    Even though my hair is super-straight, somehow hairbrushes always hurt my head, so I just stick to using comb. :p

  12. Rosanna

    You have same hair texture as I do, Christine!
    Very thick black hair (yes enough for two people or possibly more) that tends to get wavy from putting it up (well it also waves in at my neck naturally). Plus it’s all natural (no dye, some heat here and there).

    I got sick of having such heavy hair that I chopped it off for a long bob! Less shampoo and less weight on my head.

    • I stopped dying my hair maybe 4 or 5 years ago? It’s been awhile – long enough that it’s all grown out now!

      I chopped it off twice, and I really didn’t like it, so long hair it is for me, lol!

  13. Susy

    My hair is so thick, I get that line a lot too!
    I might give this brush a try since I’m not using any right now. Thanks for the review! :)

  14. Quinctia

    I can’t use brushes with bristles like that, they just tear my hair out. Same thing with most combs. I use boar bristle brushes (or ones with similar synthetic bristles) on my hair when it’s dry, or a pick on my hair when it’s wet. I tend to shower at night mainly because of my hair. It’s thick, prone to tangling, and absorbs so much water it’s a nightmare to blow-dry in a timely fashion.