Thursday, July 10th, 2008

I’ll be headin’ out in about an hour to check out Electroflash, Sonic Chic, and New View. I’ll be grabbing swatches (but of course), and I have a feeling I will end up with more than I intended. Here’s what I want from you before I head out: tell me what you’d like me to compare things to (obviously, permanent items would be ideal!), so I can try to do that in-store with colors I don’t own at home. :)

And… GO!

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27 thoughts on “Goin’ to get MAC Electroflash, Sonic Chic, and New View Swatches!

  1. Sandy

    hey Christine, thanks so much for doing this. I’m going in 4 hours (after work) so it’ll be good to see your swatches begore I go. Can you please compare:

    Fast Thrill l/s to Bombshell l/s
    Fresh Green MES to Chartreuse p/m and to Humid e/s
    Sea and Sky MES to anything you think it’s similar to in the perm line.

    Thanks a bunch. Can’t wait to see your awatches

  2. Kendra

    I think u should compare sea & sky with freshwater e/s!

  3. Trace

    Thank you Christine!!

    Can you Compare Fresh Green Mix with Juxt and Humid?

    You are awesome! 😀

  4. chuarmk

    Thanks. Could you compare the melange part of Odd Couple to Mercurial(FLashtronic) & Love Connection to Engaging (Antiqutease)?

  5. Tanya

    Hi Christine! i am giddy with excitement for your swatches lol!
    could you please compare hot contrast with earthly riches (if you have it…its from a muse) or anything vaguely similar.
    thanks & hope its not too busy in the store!

  6. Cassie

    Wow, you are awesome!! I have never commented but had to for this one :)

    Any of these would make my day!

    Two to Glow with Juiced
    Polar Opposites with Silver Ring and Electra
    Play on Plums with anything similar in the perm line
    Odd Couple with anything similar and purple in the perm line

    Thank you thank you!

  7. Becky

    Hi! Thanks for doing this! I’d like to see Sea and Sky compared with Freshwater and Deep truth….and any new stuff with anything you think is similar in the permanent line!!

  8. Oh, wow! I can’t wait to see swatches. I’d love to see Sea & Sky compared to any of the perm. darker blues.

  9. KyaLyn

    I’d like to see fresh green versus golden olive pigment, please.

  10. TT

    Compare major minor and mellow mood with a permanent color that is similar to these two :)

  11. DevilishDoll

    I’d like to see how Fast Thrill compares to Sweetie.

  12. I am so excited, I just got back from MAC and I have some of the new stuff. LOL And I am loving the Fast Thrill.

    The sad thing, I still have to go back because there were a couple of things I forgot that I NEEDED. LOL

  13. victoria

    can you do comparasions of the blushes? i tend to get the same colors. i would love to get dainty but i’m always attracted to colors like nars orgasm. can you tell me how the shimmers are? i’m going to the mall tomorrow but i would like to set a goal before i go gaga at the store. thanks soooo much christine. i’m so excited.

  14. karen

    Can you compare the see sky with the blue flam? I believe they are quite similar. but the electroflash is not available here. That would be very helpful if I can find out their differences before it released. Thanks a lot.