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I believe that sleeping with make-up on isn’t good for the skin, and that’s more than enough reason to motivate myself to cleanse my face at the end of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Profile photo of Audrey

I’m really fortunate in the sense that nothing seems to break me out, so I am completely horrible at taking off my makeup. That’s definitely something I need to work on this year. I get really lazy with it because it seems to just “magically” come off over night, LOL. I’m so bad.
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I don’t really have this issue. I like taking showers before bed too, otherwise I imagine just rubbing a day’s worth of dirt from my face onto my pillow and sleeping on that gunk for the whole night. It makes me shudder. Lol

Charli, I’m just like you! I like to take showers before going to bed and I’m disgusted by even the idea of going to bed with all that gunk in my face! Really, I don’t know how people do it!! It’s just cleaning and cleaning is always good (especially when it’s cleaning your own self)!!! ;D

Exactly the same here! I always take a shower before going to bed so I can be clean and get into the clean sheets clean. It’s especially important now that I’m married. ๐Ÿ™‚

Me too. I shower before bed. Not just the dirt from my face…I picture oil from my hair on my pillow and having to sleep on that every night until I do laundry really grosses me out.

My boyfriend is a morning showerer, so even if I take a shower at night, I still feel gross if I stay at his place. Ha. He won’t change though because he likes to “wake up” with a shower in the morning.

Always keep in mind that not removing makeup is really bad for your skin; your skin will definitely become older, you may get acnes, and so on. That’s how I make myself remove it even if it’s the last thing I want to do. & I always have a hot shower after removing makeup (something I really enjoy, which is another motivation for me! :D)

Profile photo of Kenzie

I too battle with acne so it’s not really an option for me not to. Plus I’ve gotten to the point where laying my face on the pillow with makeup on feels really uncomfortable and gross. So if I’m super lazy I use a makeup wipe then toner and moisturizer. But my skin will be angry with me if I do it more than one night in a row… so I’m usually pretty diligent.
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If I don’t feel like taking it off I am either sick or exhausted so I have a shower instead which always makes me feel better and doesn’t feel like a chore.

I plain and simple just make myself do it no matter how tired I am. I hate the feeling of waking up with makeup still on, so that is a big motivation for me.

I usually shower before bed, so that takes care of makeup removal, as well. On the occasion I don’t, then I’ll slather on some coconut oil & wipe it down with a large cotton square. I also don’t wear actual foundation most days, opting for a TM, so I will sometimes just use a “baby wipe”, then rinse with warm water, swipe on some toner, then moisturize.

Profile photo of Tigerlily

I whip out my micellar water and cotton pads and be done with it. No matter how tired I am I’ll always take time to properly remove my eye makeup though.

When I clean my face I use eye makeup remover, cleansing oil, and then two quick washes. So when I’m lazy I go to the restroom and I just rub the oil on my skin, leaving me no choice but to wash it off. It’s kind of silly but it helps me to stay on track. If that fails I use wipes.

I also keep makeup wipes on hand… and some nights, I just use one of those and skip the rest of my routine. It’s better than nothing, right? But, of course, every once in a while… I skip it all together and go to bed with makeup on. Yes, I know… shame on me. Just keeping it real!

Profile photo of Daniel

I am a compulsive skin picker, and have suffered from severe acne. Now I take meds to control my acne, and it has toned down a lot. When I wear makeup, I think about the break outs that it would cause if I kept it on all night long, and the scars from picking at the acne; I was bullied because of my compulsion, from schoolmates, teachers and even my own family, so: no acne, no scars, no bullying.
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Profile photo of Ryou

For me, it’s simple: I find it highly uncomfortable to sleep with make-up on, so unless I remove my make-up properly I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep anyway.

I just do it, simple as that. Even when I am suuuper tired (or drunk, lol) I still realize it’s incredible bad for your skin to sleep in your make-up, so no matter what, I always remove my war paint before going to bed.

P.S.: Happy New Year!

Even if I’m exhausted and try to fall asleep, I simply can’t if I haven’t taken off my makeup. So – I learned long ago to simply not try to go to sleep until I remove it all.

– The thought of day-old makeup and dirt seeping into my pores overnight and not letting my skin breathe
– Having to wash my pillowcase and bedsheets because of makeup stains!

Even if I’m exhausted or inebriated, I ALWAYS wash my face before bed!

You know what I hate more than pimples? Laundry. That’s right, you heard me correctly. Reminding myself that I’ll have to wash my pillowcase more often if I don’t take my makeup off at night is a better incentive than reminding myself that I’ll clog my pores/irritate my eyes.

How bizarre is that? ๐Ÿ˜›

I usually have a short shower before bed (always if I’m wearing makeup or have cooked enough to smell of stuff) and since that’s a rare few moments of no kid time that’s all the motivation I need. Plus if I leave anything on too long my skin feels horrible so I always find the time to get it off.

I have oily skin and by the time I get home from work I’m more than ready to take it all off, usually right after I escape from my bra!
If I reapply to go out then I just think back to the days when I did I occasionally go to bed with makeup on, and how good it felt the next day to have gritty eyes full of mascara flakes.
I like the feeling of a clean face so it’s rarely the LAST thing I want to do anyway. Brushing my teeth is โ˜บ๏ธ

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